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Books Eater: Yes! that's right I am a book eater. I devour them. Reading is my passion and the experience of finishing yet another book never fails to brighten up my day even if I didn't like it much. Here I will be sharing my reading experience. I hope my reviews will be helpful to you.

This Blog is all about books and book reviews. My name is Fizza Younis and I'm an avid reader, as well as, an aspiring writer. Reviews shared on this blog are written by me and they are my personal opinions, so feel free to agree or disagree with them. My rating criteria is simple, it depends on how much I enjoyed the book. If I loved it, read it in one sitting, didn't find anything boring about it then it's a five Finger-licking Stars. If it's an average read, some parts were interesting while others not so much then I'm going to rate it four yummy stars. If I didn't like it much but still managed to read the whole book then it's three sweet stars. However, if I hate the book then chances are that I won't be reviewing it, or it will be less than three stars book for me. Sometimes when I'm unsure about my feelings about a book I add or subtract point five from my rating.

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