Sunday, October 06, 2019

Review: Mated To The Dragon King: Purely Paranormal Pleasures by C.D. Gorri

Mated To The Dragon King: Purely Paranormal Pleasures


Cora Tesouro is an account specialist for Merlin Banking Solutions, the most well-known supernaturally run bank in the world. When she's promoted to a job that takes her overseas, she is finally able to breathe a bit of fresh air. Not to mention, revel in her other form as an Iberian Lynx Shifter. It’s been far too long since she last stretched her paws!

Rei Dorado is a Dragon Shifter, King of the Golden Flame, to be exact. He's recently awakened from a very long nap to find the world has seriously changed. He contacts his bankers for an assistant in getting his accounts up to date and helping him through this adjustment period.

When Cora shows up at his door, Rei's Dragon pushes at his skin, demanding he get closer to the sexy Lynx Shifter. One sentiment echoes throughout his brain even as she seems determined to keep him at bay. Es Meus.

She may run, but she can't hide from her desires. Ready or not, this Dragon King has every intention of staking his claim!


It's a story of a dragon shifter who woke up after taking a long nap. Longer than he had wanted to or needed to. There is definitely hint of a foul play but he has more pressing matters at hand and finding out the truth behind his century-long nap can wait.

Cora is good at her job and she enjoys the work even with all the traveling. In fact, she considers it one of the perks of her work. Now, here she is needing to help a dragon understand all about his bank accounts. There is only one problem... The said dragon happens to be her fated mate. What is she going to do now because the truth is; she isn't ready for this.

Rei is attracted to his mate and wants to keep her with him forever. Unfortunately, she seems reluctant. What must he do to convince his mate that they belong together? She must understand that he won't be able to live without her. There is no way he is letting her go.

It's a short and quick read. The chemistry between the two main characters is great. I enjoyed the steamy story about tow shifters finding each other. The idea of fated mates has always intrigued me and I find it to be the best thing about paranormal romance. So, if you're like me then this book is a must-read for you. I recommend this.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book, for which I'd like to thank the author.

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