Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Review: The Faerie Pawn (Dark World: The Faerie Games Book 2) by Michelle Madow

The Faerie Pawn (Dark World: The Faerie Games Book 2)

I need to learn how to control my new magic—before it gets me killed.

As the first ever Faerie Games player gifted with magic from the king of the gods—Jupiter—all eyes are on me. Especially since I won the first competition of the Games. Now I need to send three other players to fight in the Coliseum until one of them is dead.

The two that survive will be gunning for me later. So I need to choose my alliances carefully. And as much as I hate to admit it, the magnetically attractive Julian is tempting me to work with him moving forward.

I should hate Julian, since he kidnapped me to the Otherworld in the first place. But he’s helping me learn how to control my new magic. And I’m drawn to him on a level I don’t understand.

One player will win the Faerie Games and survive. The rest will die.

I need to win. If that means getting close to Julian… then that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Full of magic, mythology, adventure, and romance, The Faerie Pawn is the second book in an addicting young adult fantasy series by USA Today bestselling author Michelle Madow that will keep you reading late into the night!


I enjoyed reading this continuation of Faerie Games. These games are very thrilling and I loved all the twists and turns. It was also good to see some of my favorite characters from the previous series. So far, this series is going very well and I’m looking forward to seeing how it’ll all unfold.

Selena is trying to do her best to survive the Otherworld. She doesn’t want to die and if that meant doing what needed to be done then so be it. These games are deadly and sooner or later they’re all going to die, with only one survivor. She will try to stay alive for as long as possible.

Julian feels guilty and maybe something more… He will try to help Selena as much as possible but in the end, he plans to win the games because that is the only way he can ensure his family’s safety.
Together, they will make new alliances and break some old ones. One thing is for sure Faerie Games aren’t going to be boring at all.

On Earth, Selena’s friends are trying to find a way to save her. There isn’t much they know about the Otherworld but they will stop at nothing. Selena’s safety is their top priority. Along the way, they will uncover time old secrets and realize that ‘myths’ are not just stories for bedtimes. There is much truth behind them.

All in all, it’s a great story and I think all paranormal and mythology fans will enjoy this. Just remember, it’s an ongoing series and there is much to be revealed. I can’t wait to read the next installment in this exciting new series by one of my favorite authors.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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