Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Review: Wrath (The Deadly Seven #3) by Lana Pecherczyk

Wrath (The Deadly Seven, #3)


Betrayed. Alone. Angry.

Wyatt Lazarus's ex-fiancĂ©e betrayed him in the vilest of ways, and he failed to see it coming. Now alone and ashamed, the unquenchable influence of his sin fuels his anger. Instead of redeeming sinners—he ends them. Wrath becomes his identity until a brutal mistake throws him into the path of a cheeky yoga instructor in need of a savior.

Misha Minski believes in karma, but after years of suffering blackmail from an old mafia acquaintance, it’s hard to stay strong. Soon her number is up. Rather than spend her last days wallowing in self-pity, she’s determined to enjoy one last night of pleasure with her new mysterious protector, but instead, finds something much more—a future.

But when the evil Syndicate joins forces with Misha’s psychopathic blackmailer, Wyatt must push through his bitterness and reunite with his heroic family, or the woman who gave him back his voice will be lost to him forever.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood meets The Avengers in this epic series where the heroes are as deadly as the sins they were created to fight. Full of sizzling romance, fated mates, band of warriors, alpha heroes, and strong heroines. If you like your superhero shows, but want more romance from your Lois and Clarke, then you’ll fall head over heels the Deadly Seven.


I loved it! It's absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every second of it. Wrath's story is really emotional and has so many thrilling moments that it will keep the readers on their toes. The ending is perfect and I loved little revelations at the end. It just made it all the more fun. Now, I'll be waiting for the next book in this awesome series. So far these books are turning out to be epic and giving me serious book-hangovers. ;)

To some, it may seem that Wyatt is running away from his family and his duty but the truth is that he is running away from himself. There is too much pain in his past and he just wishes to leave it all behind. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that you can't run from yourself. Soon, he is going to learn that he must accept his past because that is the only way for him to move on and live a normal life. Although, normal for him is anything but...

Misha is facing many problems but she is determined to face each and every one of them with courage. However, there is much that she keeps hidden from her family because she doesn't want them to feel bad for her or be put in danger. She believes that she can deal with it on her own...

When the two troubled souls, Wyatt and Misha, meet sparks fly but it cannot be anything other than a passing affair. Until they realize that they can't live without each other and there is no reason for them to be alone anymore. Things are not going to be easy. Both main characters are fighting their own demons and trying to sort out their chaotic lives. Perhaps, together they stand a chance to achieve some kind of peace at last.

It's a fast-paced and thrilling read. I loved the chemistry between both main characters and I enjoyed that they are absolutely perfect for each other. Wyatt and Misha's story is beautiful, exciting, emotional, and very entertaining. I'd definitely recommend this book to my fellow readers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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