Monday, September 16, 2019

Review: Driving Me Wild by Mia Carter

Driving Me Wild


I never in a million years thought that finding a lost pair of keys would lead to adventure.

All my life, I’ve been perfectly average. Compared to the rest of my high-achieving, type-A family, it feels impossible to stand out. While I’d love to make my big artistic dreams happen, I’m kind of stuck, thanks to a bunch of lame things like “affordable rent” and “keeping the internet on.” Dreaming doesn’t pay the bills. Freelance design work and part-time rideshare driving does. And it’s nice, for the most part. Finding a passenger’s thumb drive usually means reporting, returning, yay-hurrah-good-job-me. Except this time.

This time, I put the thumb drive in my computer. Hey, I’m just trying to be helpful! Suddenly a chat window pops up and the owner of the drive is bribing me to fly halfway across the world. Today. Turns out he's the super hot fare I haven't been able to stop thinking about...who just so happens to be Logan Weiss—the crazy-hot 29-year-old billionaire known as "the most eligible bachelor in tech”. What the hell am I even doing? 


I loved it! It's very interesting, well-written, and has amazing characters. I especially enjoyed how the story started. That was fun and I was intrigued right from page one. Both Chloe and Logan are perfect for each other and their story is worth reading.

Chloe has a degree in arts but she mostly works as a freelancer. Logan is a self-made billionaire, who is a tech genius. They meet unexpectedly as if fate has intervened. Soon, they're spending more time together and realizing that their might be something behind their instant attraction to each other.

Honestly, I couldn't put down this book. It is one of the best billionaire romances I've read in a while. There wasn't even a single boring moment but I do think that the characters were the best part of this story. They're both the kind of people I love to read about. So, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'd recommend it to all contemporary romance readers.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

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