Thursday, June 13, 2019

Review: How to Best a Marquess (Raven Club Book 2) by Tina Gabrielle

How to Best a Marquess (Raven Club Book 2)


Lady Ellie Swift learned at an early age that men were more trouble than they’re worth. Now she’s all grown up and is the toast of society. Only she has secret ambitions to run her brother’s infamous gambling establishment—the Raven Club. Everything is progressing as planned until the man who broke her heart, Hugh Vere, the Marquess of Deveril, wants to take over the club. Dark, dominant, and strikingly handsome, Hugh’s reputation for sin precedes him, and suddenly, her dreams—and her heart—are in jeopardy.
As rakish as Hugh appears, he has a sharp mind for business. No one stands in the way of what he wants, not even the fiery-haired beauty from his past. From the moment he sees her again sparks fly, but he knows better than to fall for the lady. According to Ellie, the battle lines have been drawn and Hugh doesn’t stand a chance. But the nearly combustible chemistry between them is hard to ignore, and soon the club is not the only prize he wants…
Each book in the Raven Club series is STANDALONE:
* How to Tempt an Earl
* How to Best a Marquess


Another amazing historical romance, it's somewhat predictable but in no way boring. The story is great and I loved the characters. I think anyone who loves historical romance would also love this book.
Ellie wants to run her brother's gambling establishment now that he has decided to give it up. He is too focused on his new family and doesn't want added excitement that the establishment brings. What Ellie doesn't know is that her brother plans to sell it. Not only that but he plans to sell it to the Marquess of Deveril. A man who broke her heart many years ago. She claims she is over him but still she has hard time forgetting or forgiving him. Now he is back and wants to buy her establishment.
After some convincing her brother decides that Ellie and Hugh should compete with each other. Whoever brings new more profitable ideas to the table wins the club. They both have one month, a month they will be spending in each other's company. As both plan their strategies and work in the club. They are both good and they are both passionate about it. It won't be easy to win against each other.
The trouble is that Ellie is also involved in something else. Something more dangerous that might cause problems for her down the road. But that is the least of her worries because the more time she spends in close proximity to the Marquess the more they both realize that they aren't over each other. Not yet, maybe they never will be. But is there any way for them to have a future together?
It's a well-written story that I enjoyed reading. The little mystery and a lot of romance, I'd definitely recommend it to historical fiction fans.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

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