Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Review: Bunker Boy by Jordan Elizabeth

Bunker Boy


All Zara wanted to do was pass her Spanish final and graduate high school, but suddenly she’s waking up in an unknown hospital. The east coast is destroyed and she’s one of the few survivors. The government has assigned her to Outpost Eight, an abandoned Catskills resort converted into a fortress. Not only does Zara have to come to terms with the loss of everything she’s ever known, but the leader of Outpost Eight marries her to his son.

Cliff Andrews is too quiet and afraid of everything, especially his father. There’s much more to the situation than he’s telling Zara. Nothing feels right about Outpost Eight and Zara questions what really happened to Cliff’s first wife.

Everyone else might be willing to blindly follow the leader’s laws, but not Zara. She won’t stop until she knows the truth about Outpost Eight.


Wow, it's such an emotional read and so well-written. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. The story gave me the chills and also made me happy that it ended well. I really enjoyed reading it and once again I'm in awe of the characters and the their tale, so beautifully woven that it makes you feel their fears, annoyance and relief. I loved every single minute of it and would recommend it to all book lovers.

Zara is a teenager whose only concern is to graduate from high school and go to a good college. Until one day she wakes up and finds out that the world as she knows it is gone. It seems that humanity has digressed to middle ages, where women have no voice and no rights. She is grieving the loss of her family and fears for her survival. Amidst all the sadness she meet her 'Bunker Boy.' At least, he is kind to her. His name is Cliff and he is going to be her husband in this chaotic new world.

To Zara, something feels off about this world. She is not satisfied by the explanation she has received. She must find her own answers. As she begin to investigate things start to unravel and the truth is far more cruel than the fabrications she had been told. Will she be able to save herself and the others or are they all doomed in this existence?

It's a must read novel. The story and the characters are all amazing and the best thing is that it's a quick read. I love it when I can read a book in one sitting. ;)

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