Monday, May 27, 2019

Review: The Wicked Viscount by Heather McCollum

The Wicked Viscount (The Campbells Book 3)


1685, Scottish Highlands
Cat Campbell knows all about Nathaniel Worthington, fifth Viscount of Lincolnshire. The determined Englishman is never far from Finlarig Castle, where his sisters train women to do more than read and write. And thanks to the fiery kiss they shared nearly a year ago he is never far from her thoughts. No one ever trained her how to forget an irresistible man.
Nathaniel knows he should keep his distance from the fierce Scottish lass, but when an urgent letter from Queen Catherine calls Cat to London, he can’t resist volunteering to escort her. The tension between the two has simmered for months, but the long journey in close quarters creates a raging wildfire that could burn them both.
Secrets of their past and the treachery lurking at court put both their future together and their very lives at risk.
Each book in The Campbells series is STANDALONE:
* The Scottish Rogue
* The Savage Highlander
* The Wicked Viscount


I loved this historical romance. It's full of mystery and adventure. A story that starts in Scotland and takes us to the Whitehall in London and then back to Scotland. The characters are all very well-developed and it is quite a well-written story. I think it's a must read for historical fiction fans.
When the Queen asks for a Rose, Cat Campbell is selected to go to London and uncover exactly what is going on at the court. She is a Scottish woman who had suffered at the hands of English so obviously, she isn't really a fan of them. But the Queen was good to them and Cat knows that she is the best one to go to her aid. Nathaniel is going to escort her to London and then back. He will keep her safe at all costs. The two of them has a chemistry that cannot be denied. As much as they try to ignore it they cannot. Especially, now that they are spending so much time alone. Things might get out of hands before they even reach London.
In London everything seems upside down. England is nothing like Scotland and Cat misses her home. She can feel that there is danger all around her and there is much need for caution. However, her impulsive nature might not let her do that. What mystery will they uncover and will they be able to get back safe and sound or become victim of some conspiracy?
It's a very thrilling and romantic read. I enjoyed it a lot and I think any historical fiction reader will love it.

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