Monday, April 22, 2019

Review: To Claim A Wolf: A Macconwood Pack Novel by C.D. Gorri

To Claim A Wolf: A Macconwood Pack Novel (The Macconwood Pack Novel Series Book 5)


He's an uptight attorney, she's a sexy paralegal. When things happen beyond their control, they will both learn there's more than one way to claim a wolf!

Dormant Werewolf Aleeza Marlowe isn't sure what to do when her supernatural senses begin to run overtime! Particularly around her boss, sexy Werewolf, Dib Lowell. She must learn to control her emerging beast before their big meeting with the Georgian Pack, or risk losing her job.

Dib Lowell is a Wolf Guard and head lawyer for the Macconwood Pack. After months of digging, he's finally got a lead on the whereabouts of the his Alpha's long lost mother. He can't afford any distractions. Especially not when they come in the shape of a certain sexy employee he can't stop thinking about.

They travel to a foreign Pack where circumstances force them to masquerade as a couple. But it's a little too close for comfort for the two of them.

Will Dib let Aleeza go when this is all over?


What an amazing read, I loved it and once again the best part of the story was its main characters. I am in awe of both Dib and Aleeza. They are absolutely perfect for each other and their story is just as epic as that of others in Macconwood Pack had been. This is my favorite Pack. ;)
Aleeza has a huge crush on her werewolf boss. She knows about them, of course, because her father is one too. Unfortunately, she is not and she feels that she isn't worthy of Dib's attention not that he would ever look at her as anything more than his assistant. Dib, on the other hand, admires how determined and courageous Aleeza is. But there is no way he will ever show his real feelings for her because what future can they possibly have?
Well, soon they will both realize how wrong they have been but before that happens, they must solve a  mystery and find the long lost mother of their Alpha.
It's a very well-written book. I enjoyed the story and I think all paranormal fans would love it.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book for which I'd like to thank the author.

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