Sunday, April 07, 2019

Review: Delta by Jordan Elizabeth



A village lost, a girl reborn.
Inspired by true events.


It is a very gripping story of magic and mystery. I loved the characters and the way it told really makes you feel everything. A story of heartache, betrayal, and intrigue. It is set in a village of Delta. It is decided that this village would be flooded to create a reservoir. Villagers were supposed to be relocated. No one is happy about it but the Madisons are acting as if nothing is wrong. Lottie Madison can't figure out her parents and elder siblings behavior. She is worried that it will be too late for them to do proper planning soon. But every time she brings up the topic, she is chastised. It seems that the Madisons are not ready to accept the reality. However, it turns out the truth is far darker and sinister. Soon, Lottie will have to make a choice; stay with her crazy family and be doomed or leave to find something better.

It is a very well-written novella. But don't consider it a light reading because it is quite emotional. It's a perfect mix of fantasy and reality and I enjoyed it a lot. It's an amazingly woven tale.

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