Monday, March 25, 2019

Review: An Unwilling Earl by Sharon Cullen

An Unwilling Earl


Jacob Ashland’s life has taken an unexpected turn. He’s now the Earl of Ashland and expected to marry. But he’s done that before and had his heart ripped from his chest. When Charlotte shows up at his door needing protection, he offers to marry her––in name-only.

Charlotte, an orphan, suspects her sinister cousin of terrorizing London. When her maid disappears, she fears for her own life and runs away. Lord Ashland offers marriage, and it’s the perfect solution. But it isn’t long before she finds herself falling for her new husband.

Unfortunately, he won’t allow himself to love anyone ever again. And she knows her dark secret could destroy everything.


This novel is perfection, I loved the story, I adored the characters and everything else about this book is amazing. It is well-written, I really enjoyed both the romance and the mystery side of the story. Although it was a little predictable still I loved it!
Jacob is comfortable in his life. He is used to being alone and lives a certain way. But now his life is going to change because of some unexpected events. He is getting used to his new life when Charlotte enters into it and turned things upside down. She is a stubborn woman who is clearly in need of his help. She might accept it but only on her own terms.
Charlotte never thought that she would be lucky enough to find someone who cares about her. She is running away from her past with little hope for the future. She only knows one thing; she must leave England if she wants to live because there is no way she can fight this evil on her own. Jacob wants to help her but she is too proud to accept it. Maybe if things were different and they were in love it might have worked but they were not. So, there was no reason for her to rely on Jacob so much.
They both have past demons and that just helps them get closer to each other. They know loneliness and that has helped them to be there for each other... Ultimately, they are perfect together. Now, only if they could stay that way forever...
I really enjoyed reading this historical fiction and would recommend it to all my friends. I think this is a must read for historical romance fans who love strong characters.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

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