Thursday, March 21, 2019

Review: Twice Claimed (Crowned And Claimed #2) by Betty Shreffler

Twice Claimed


As a newly crowned Queen, I've been chased from my home, forced to turn to an unfamiliar man for protection. In my world, we thrive on what you have to offer, and in order to save my home, I must give myself to a King in exchange for victory.

I promised I would make the necessary sacrifices to end the tyranny forced on my territory, but to give my heart, and lose the man who owns it, is the one thing capable of breaking me. When the choice is stolen from me, my only option is to follow through with a marriage alliance or lose the ones I love.

With tragedy striking from every attempt to win the war, I turn to the one who swore to protect me. With his love, I find a new source of freedom, and tip the scales in my favor. So I believed...


This book is amazing! It starts right from where the last one ended and the thrilling story continues, just as entertaining as book one was. I really enjoyed reading more about Fiora and Matheas. Some new characters are introduced and they are no less interesting. All in all, it is an adventurous and thrilling read, full of romantic heat.

Fiora and Matheas have managed to run away before they could be captured by King Belore. They are going to the Free Territories and plan to strike back from there. All Fi wants is to save her home and her people and no matter what she will make sure of that. The Kind Ryker of Free Territories is a reasonable man and he agrees to help them in exchange for a price, of course.

Ryker has never met a woman like Fiona before. He respects her like a Queen and admires her as a woman. Too bad her heart belongs to another man. Perhaps there is still hope for him because she definitely responds to his touches.

Fiora is distraught at the loss of her mother and wants to know more about her family's safety. From the very beginning, this book is an emotional rollercoaster. Too much happens too fats and it will keep the readers on their toes, wanting more and never getting enough. I quite enjoyed it and would recommend it to all readers.

Although, it is a very sad story somehow the author has also made is fun and passionate tale of love and loss. I can't wait to read what happens in the next book. This series has been going quite well and I have high hopes for book three. ;)
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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