Sunday, February 03, 2019

Review: Summers' Deceit (Hunters Trilogy Book 1) by Sara J. Bernhardt

Summers' Deceit (Hunters Trilogy Book 1)


Jane Callahan is a reclusive, seventeen-year-old high school student dealing with the death of her beloved brother. Her home in Southern California with her mother is a constant reminder of her loss and pain. In hopes of escaping her past she moves to North Bend Oregon to live with her father, where she meets a beautiful boy named Aidan Summers.

Jane is intrigued by his looks as well as his unusual ways of attempting to get her attention. After months of uncommon conversation and frustration, an uncertain romance brews between Jane and Aidan, but Aidan has a ghastly secret that could destroy everything.


The story started really well and I enjoyed it for a while then it just slowed down. It did took up the pace in the end but overall it was an average read for me. I liked it well enough though. I think characters are good and story is interesting.

The story revolves around a teenage girl Jane. After her brother's murder, when her mother falls apart she decides to live with her father. Her father lives alone in a different state. As she starts her life in a new place and meets new people she finds out things that should have been left hidden. Solving her brother's murder might end up destroying her peace of mind forever.

Story does sound like Twilight but I think in certain ways it is much better and with how it ended I do hope that author will take into entirely different direction from hear onward. (Just hoping because I never liked Twilight and definitely don't want to see more parallels).
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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