Monday, January 28, 2019

Review: Once Upon a Wallflower by Wendy Lyn Watson

Once Upon A Wallflower


A Perennial Wallflower…
When Mira Fitzhenry’s guardian arranges her engagement to one of the most scandalous, yet devastatingly handsome lords to ever grace the peerage, all of society is abuzz. After all, the man has left a trio of dead young women in his wake, including his first fiancĂ©e.

A Gothic Villain…

Expecting to scare the chit away within five minutes of meeting him, scarred and brooding Nicholas, the Viscount Ashfield, is intrigued by the unfashionably lovely Mira, but his family’s dark secret means he must fight his attractions. No matter what his heart wants.

As the wedding approaches, Nicholas and Mira grow ever closer, yet so does the very real danger. Will the truth bring Nicholas and Mira together or tear their love apart?


I really enjoyed this story. It's well-written and quite interesting. I loved all the characters and the mystery part of the story had me intrigued since the very beginning, all in all, it's an amazing read. It's definitely a must read for historical fiction fans.
Miss Mira is engaged to a man who is accused of, not one but three, murders. She has no choice but to marry him or else her reputation will not survive the blow. Still, she plans to convince him to cry off the engagement. She never thought about getting married anyway. It won't be a big deal for her even if this ruins her reputation. It's not like she has any prospects to speak of.
Lord Nicholas has no interest in marriage. He is a loner who likes to keep to himself. So, he is not happy with his father when he finds out about the engagement. He plans to make sure that Miss Mira cries off the wedding. That way her reputation won't suffer much. Not many people will fault her if she doesn't want to marry a murderer. Rumors about him have been circulating around society for quite some time now.
But when the two meet, things become very complicated. They liked each other and more time they spend together closer they become. Now it is too late to cry off because neither of them wants to. So, they will get married after all. Now Mira is determined to prove his innocence and make sure that scandal does not follow them as they entered marriage bliss. But will the truth set them free or end up ruining everything is yet to be determined.
A great historical romance/mystery. I loved and it would recommend to all my friends. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

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