Thursday, December 13, 2018

Review: Blinded by Betrayal by Lisette Kristensen

Blinded by Betrayal


Would a crime boss kill his own daughter? Would she have to pay the price for her husband breaking the code of silence?

Sloane Romano, lived a well manicured life as the daughter of a crime boss. It changed in a blink, when her husband, facing criminal charges, broke the code of silence. The family rule was simple, all must die. Sloane wasn't going to wait to find out how ruthless her father was.

She was cornered with no friends, no family but there was one person who might help her. Bettino, an old acquaintance from school. Could she trust him? Or would he give her up to her father? Sloane had little choice, and when her father's crew came for her, Bettino sent her to an unknown destination.

It was there at the Chateau, that Sloane was confronted with a different challenge. One that would test all her senses, awaken dormant desires within her and force her to confront a woman she never thought she was.

This is book one in the Silent Secrets Series.
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I never knew that so much can happen within so few pages. Well, I do now because of this novella. It has everything, a good story, an exciting beginning, mystery, drama, romance, and a somewhat happy ending. I really enjoyed it.

Sloan is a strong woman who is forced into a loveless marriage. When her husband betrays the family she has no other option but to run. Her life is now in danger and there is only one person she can think of who might be able and willing to help her out. She doesn't trust Bettino completely but for now, he is her only hope. He agrees to help her and sends her to the Chateau. It's a strange and mysterious place and soon Sloan will learn that everything is not as it seems. She faces a new set of challenges but is she up to it or is her life doomed anyway?

The ending was very unexpected but welcomed. It's a highly entertaining read and I'd recommend it to all readers who don't mind unconventional reads.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via Smashwords.

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