Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Book Fair: Free or Discounted Books (Oct 28-31)

Do you like darker reads?
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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Review: Muffin Top (The Hartigans, #2) by Avery Flynn

Muffin Top (The Hartigans, #2)


The only thing about me that’s a size zero is the filter on my mouth. I’ve got a big personality, a big rack, and a big number on the scale. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

But when some random guy suggests I might not be eating alone if I’d ordered a salad instead of a hamburger I’m shocked silent, which is a feat, trust me.

That brings us to one sexy fireman named Frankie Hartigan. He’s hot. He’s funny… And he’s just apologized for being late for our “date” then glared at the fat-shaming jerk. Next thing I know, he’s sitting down and ordering himself dinner.

I have no problem telling him I don’t need a pity date… unless of course it’s to my high school reunion next week. Oops where did that last bit come from? And what do I do now that he’s said yes?!

Because this is no make-over story, and I think Frankie is using me for something. I just have to figure out what…


It's sweet, funny, and quite a romantic story. Lucy is an insecure woman. Although, she likes to pretend that she is happy in her skin the truth is that there are too many teenage memories that don't let her accept herself. Frankie has his own insecurities. He is the most kind-hearted man in town but he also happens to have a problem... he loves women, all of them. When one of his past conquests tells him that he is most definitely not a forever kind of guy he takes it to heart. He thinks this is the time to change his ways. That's when he decides to take an impromptu trip with Lucy. This way he would be helping her and also figuring out his next move.

Lucy on the other hands assumes that the reason Frankie is not worried about spending so much time with her is that he doesn't find her attractive. Nothing can be further from the truth though. Now on Frankie needs to do is make her understand what an amazingly attractive woman she is. The best way to do so is back in her hometown, her house, and her school reunion. Maybe Lucy will finally forget about all the bad times and move on. She is an independent and beautiful woman after all.

The more time they spend together the more they realize how much they like each other. Somehow they are a perfect couple. Their personalities compliment and they enjoy each others company. Now only if they could figure out how to remove past baggage they might be able to have a chance at HEA.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Book Fair: Discounted or Free Books (Oct 28-31)

Do you like darker reads?
-- *FREE* or *DISCOUNTED* books --
Happening NOW until October 31!

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Pre Order Now: Jasper - Taking Control (Book 4.5 of The Guardian Shifters) by KM Lowe

Sometimes in life, we need to do things that we wouldn’t necessarily want to do, but under certain circumstances, that decision is taken away from us. Sometimes, we need to think out of the box, look at our loved ones, and just act on impulse. That’s exactly what I did when I decided I was going to stand against our council and fight for my position, fight for my family, and fight for our kind.
     Let me get this straight, I don’t want to take control of the whole paranormal community, but I also don’t want our community to be corrupt any longer than it has been already. We can’t breathe. We can’t sneeze without someone breathing down our necks. Christ, I’m sure they even know when we take a shit. It’s got to that point where we’re constantly looking over our shoulders, and that shouldn’t be the case. We should be able to live a normal, happy life, regardless of us being shifters.
     I’ve worked for the council for eighteen years. I’ve fought for them. I’ve killed for them. I’ve goddamn near lost my family for them. Well, no more. Now’s the time that we move forward.  Now’s the time that we put our community first, we build our pack back up, and we take charge of what we believe in. Of course, there will always be rogue wolves; it’s a part of a wolf that sometimes snaps. It’s just one of those things. My concern is that decent wolf shifters are being confused with these rogues for the council’s own gain. They don’t care who they take out, who they leave behind, just as long as they benefit from it. That was evident when they took me and Kevin into their cells, just to prove a point that they could. It didn’t bother me that they were doing that to me, but it did bother me that a teenage kid was dragged into a mess that wasn’t his fault. None of that sat well with me, and it still doesn’t sit well with me today. That’s why I took that decision to challenge Braxton in a dual. That’s why I put everything on the line. And that’s why I plan on taking over our council and getting our community back on the straight and narrow.
    I’m crazy, I know. It’s probably going to be one of the biggest fights of my life. The council will throw everything at me, plus some, but I’ll be ready to fight for what I believe in.
     Bring it on, I say.

Pre-order now!
Can be read as a standalone
Amazon UK
Amazon .com

Friday, October 26, 2018

Cover Reveal + Excerpt: Dragon in the Blood by Juliette Cross

Dragon in the Blood
Vale of Stars
Book Two
by Juliette Cross

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Date of Publication: October 29, 2018
Cover Artist: Mirella Santana

Book Description
Valla Moonring, an assassin for the Order of the Morgon Guard, is ordered on a mission into the Wastelands of Aria—a formidable, icy wilderness fraught with all manner of dangers, including outlaws, deadly weather, and big-game predators.

To her great distaste, she’s partnered with a Nightwing Security operative, Conn Rowanflame, a Morgon with the aggravating ability to get under her skin. While she takes her mission seriously, Conn’s confident charm throws her off balance, a dangerous place to be in conditions like these. Especially when cold nights require close contact.

Sensual attraction binds them ever closer, igniting a passion of unexpected force—the soulfire. But when the hunters become the hunted, their bond could prove perilous. Even fatal…

“You know me, do you? And what exactly do you know?”

“I know you’re the kind of guy that charms his way through life and is used to getting what he wants. Especially when it comes to women.”

“You’d be surprised that’s not always the case. Though yes, I’ve been known to enjoy the company of the fairer sex. And from what I understand, they’ve enjoyed my company as well.”

Her lips tightened into a line, a flash of blue-fire despite the shield of her goggles. She poked her finger in my chest. Actually poked me. “Well, get this, Conn Rowanflame. I’m not one of these women you can charm into bed. I’m not the kind of woman you can toy with and toss out once you’re finished playing.”

“I never thought you were.”

“I don’t play those games.”

“I never thought you did.”

The sincerity in my voice must’ve stunned her silent for she simply stared, her breaths puffing out in white clouds. She removed her finger, dropping her hand to her side.

“I know what kind of woman you are, Valla. The kind I want to know better. Not simply in my bed.”

“Ha.” She crossed her arms, flaring out her wings. “But you admit you want to bed me.”

Unable to prevent the rise of one eyebrow, I smiled. “Oh, I definitely want to bed you, sweetheart. I’m only made of flesh and blood after all.”

“And beast,” she added.

“You got that right.”

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

New Release: Vampires by Esther E. Schmidt

“Vampires” Death by Reaper MC #2

Title: “Vampires”
Series: Death by Reaper MC
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover model: Scott Holliday
Release Day: October 23, 2018

Buy Links:

Add to Goodreads: 

Being kidnapped and unexpectedly thrust into the paranormal world she didn’t even know existed has overwhelmed Tessera. Even more, because her savior is the President of the Death by Reaper MC, Vampire Charter, who claimed her as his eternal mate.
Between protecting his mate from his own wrath and trying to balance his MC duties, Jagger is fighting a battle bigger than the fight between good and evil. Finding a solution for the stack of danger that keeps growing might involve teaming up with a new enemy who is reluctant to join forces. With a threat of an apocalypse in the near future, there is no option other than to surrender to the truth more paranormal lives are needed to keep the rest of the world living.
Evil hides in the inevitable to rectify redemption. Dive into book two of Death by Reaper MC and submit to the reality crawling into the darkness might be the only good this world has to offer.
Vampires can be read as a standalone.

For a greater reading experience, recommended reading order: 

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Review: Forgetting the Scot by Jennifer Trethewey

Forgetting the Scot
Virginia Whitebridge is trapped in a loveless, abusive marriage. The law says her husband can have whatever he wants from her—so he's taken her inheritance. And he tried to kill her. After a close escape, Virginia feels protected for the first time in forever, thanks to the Scottish Highlands and the Highlander Magnus Sinclair. But she must go back to England, regardless of the danger, to reclaim what's hers. Even if it means leaving her heart in Scotland.

It's just Magnus's luck that he's fallen for a woman he can't have. Virginia is rich and titled... and English. To keep her safe, he must follow her to the one place he loathes—England. Where the bowing, preening London Society has a secret language of manners unknown to him. Where he is too large, too uncivilized, too everything. 

Despite omens that death awaits him there, Magnus vows to help Virginia go to London and restore her fortune. Get in. Get out. Or die trying.

This novel is very interesting, well-written, and quite romantic. I loved it and would recommend to all historical romance fans.

Lady Virginia was abducted by someone and sold to a pirate. She was fearing the worst when luckily she was rescued by brave Scot men, along with other women who had also been abducting from their homes. Her companions and she spent some time in Scottland. Enjoying the hospitality of their rescuers. While everyone else was happy to return to their families, Virginia dreaded it. She didn't want to go back to her husband. He was abusive and she feared he might be behind her abduction. Her life would never be the same that much was for sure, but she hoped that things turned out for the best.

Magnus couldn't help but fall in love with Virginia. She was beautiful, intelligent, and everything a man could desire. Unfortunately, she was also married. But when he learned about the wrong-doings of her husband he hoped that she would choose him. But nothing in life is ever that simple as that. One thing is for sure though, he would protect her and do everything in his power to keep her safe.

I really enjoyed reading it. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

Review: The Butterfly Bride by Vanessa Riley


Frederica Burghley wants to be married by Yuletide. Or else her father will set her up with one of his friends. The bonbon-loving illegitimate daughter of the duke wants to choose her own husband. Advertising in the newspaper seems like the way to go. But a sinister response, with threats against her life, leads her to enlist the help of her very handsome, dear friend Jasper Fitzwilliam, Lord Hartwell.

A father and widower, Jasper is not only tasked with keeping Frederica safe but also with helping his vibrant friend choose a suitable husband. The more he tries to keep the ever-surprising woman alive and find her a good match, the more Jasper realizes he cares for her. The two friends risk their lives for each other, so they should be able to risk their feelings for a chance at a deep and true love together. But he's not looking for marriage and she's not looking for convenience.

All in all, it's a good read, but there were some parts that bored me while I was reading and I had to take a break before continuing with the story. I found it a little bit slower for my taste. Other than that I liked it a lot. The story is good, characters are well-developed and it's quite intriguing. I especially enjoyed the whole mystery/danger aspect of it.

Frederica Burghley is an illegitimate daughter of a Duke. All her life she has tiptoed around society, careful of not causing any scandals, she fears being compared to her mother and just wants a respectable life. That's why she must marry now because the Duke himself has a new bride and her status in his household has become precarious. She is hoping to find a husband among the candidates who responded to her newspaper advertisement. There is only one problem; one of them could be a potential psychopath bend upon hurting her. That isn't going to deter her though, she must marry soon and she will find a husband for herself at any cost. Love can wait until after marriage.

Jasper likes Frederica and hates the thought of her marrying someone else. However, he can't marry her. So, he must let her go. He can only ever be a friend to her. The kind of friend she deserves. When he finds out that she is in danger he appoints himself as her guardian. But will he be able to keep his distance, find her a husband, and keep her safe all at once? Or are they both running towards an imminent disaster?

It's an enjoyable read that I would recommend to all historical fiction fans. Although, it's a standalone novel, it is better to read the series in order if you plan to read all the books in this series because characters from previous books made an appearance in this one. And it will be more fun to know their backgrounds and history as well.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Review + Author Interview: Clockwork Dollhouse by Jordan Elizabeth

Clockwork Dollhouse

The clockwork dolls seem to be moving on their own. What are they trying to show? 

When Ainsley moves in with her uncle, the governor, it seems like a beautiful situation. An orphan is finding love in an elite household. However, she carries with her the power to reveal her uncle’s darkest secrets.

Absolutely amazing steampunk short story. It's a quick and fun read. I loved the little twist in the end. It's truly magical. It's a well-paced story that is quite entertaining. I always enjoy Jordan Elizabeth's work and this one is no exception, well-written, intriguing, and with an epic ending, I think this story is a must read for everyone.

All families have secrets and Ainsley's is no different. But someone wants to reveal the truth now after all the years. When she comes to live with her uncle it's like her mother's magic has awakened and it seeks revenge. But who knows all their secrets and why would they want to reveal them now?

You must read to find that out.
Interview With The Author

1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I’ve wanted to write since I could talk.  Its always been a dream of mine, and I hope one day that I’ll be able to do it full-time. 

2. How long does it take you to write a book?
I used to be able to write 3-4 books a year.  Now that I have a toddler running amok and a full-time day job, that’s down to 1-2 books a year.  I try to write as often as I can.

3. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
If an idea comes to me, I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to play it out in my head.  I must look crazy, standing there frozen, with a glossy expression on my face.

4. Where do you get your ideas or information for your books?
I get my ideas from dreams.  My information all comes from the Internet.  I can’t imagine having to do research the old-fashioned way.  I feel like too much might be missed.

5. When did you write your first book and how old were you?
I wrote my first book as a toddler.  My grandmother recorded it on a tape for me and then wrote it out.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
Even if you pour your heart and soul into a book, some people will be naysayers.  They’ll want it to be different.  It took a while to realize that everything is subjective.  Be true to yourself and write what you want to read.

7. How many books have you written and which is your favorite?
TIME TO LIVE, my fourteenth book, came out October 2, 2018.  My favorite, though, is ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW.  That story still makes me shiver.  I wrote it based on the woods behind my parents’ house and just being in their backyard brings back all the sensations.

8. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received from your readers?
I was told once that my story kept her awake for nights. 

9. Which is your favorite genre to write in and what do you love the most about it?
I love young adult fantasy.  I’m such a sucker for magic and teens who are learning how to be themselves.

10. What do you think makes a good story?
A setting that takes you away.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Email Marketing Platform Provider: Campaign Monitor

Guest Post
Email marketing and newsletters are very important if you want to cultivate loyal readers. It's the most effective content distribution format. A majority of adults send and receive emails on a daily basis. When done right email marketing has an amazing chance of finding its audience, keeping them engaged, and generating revenue. But for that to happen your emails must be targeted and relevant to the online users. That's the only way they will get opened.

I'm subscribed to, at least two dozen email newsletters and often receive marketing emails. But not all such marketing campaigns catch my eye, nor do all newsletters incite my interest, and many of such emails end up in my spam folder. So, it is very important to pay attention to your audience's needs if you want to generate revenue.

It can be really challenging to create messages that will suit your purpose and also get results. It is very difficult to keep readers engaged when you're sending email newsletters. Because people receive numerous emails on daily basis, most of which are usually spam. It is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and provide your audience with a unique experience that keeps them coming back for more.

That's where digital services providers like Campaign Monitor comes in handy. They provide you with expert guidance and take you through the steps that will ensure you're giving your readers exactly what they want. These sites are committed to providing their users, expert advice, resources to facilitate them, marketing tips, and any other kind of help which they might need to use their accounts with ease and efficiency.

Check out Your Guide to Cultivating Loyal Readers With Your Email Newsletter at Campaign Monitor Resources and learn everything you need to know about email newsletters and marketing.

10 Essential Elements of a Welcome Email - Infographic by Campaign Monitor
Source: 10 Essential Elements of a Welcome Email by Campaign Monitor

Monday, October 15, 2018

Review of Paperless Post Digital Services

Last year I was introduced to Paperless Post. It's a digital service provider that let you save time, money, and paper all at the same time. I have used it many times since then, mostly for sending birthday and holiday cards to friends and family. These are not the only available categories though, there is a large collection of cards for every conceivable occasion. And invitations for any event you can possibly have. I especially love their Halloween cards collections.

It's easy to use, customize, and send e-cards in a few simple steps. The fact that you can schedule sending your cards ahead of time is even better. But I've already talked about all of this in my last review, which I did last year, you can read it here if you like.

This time I want to talk about their brand new product, Flyer. It was launched recently and I've used it myself to see how it works. You choose your own vibe, what looks good to you and what suits your purpose. It's an effortless way to create and share events. You can easily keep track of your guest list. You can use it both for personal and professional get-togethers. I really enjoyed creating one just to see how it will all work and I have to say that I was quite satisfied with the result. And you know what is the best part? It's totally free.

P.S. I highly recommend using Paperless Post as your one-stop for digital services.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tour Stop + Excerpt + Review: All of My Life by Prescott Lane

All My Life by Prescott Lane
Release Date: October 10, 2018
All My Life_Amazon_KOBO_iBooks.jpg
All My Life, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by Prescott Lane.
The beginning of any love story starts with the meet.
I’ve known Garrett Hollis since before I can remember, and I’ve loved him just as long. I loved him while he loved someone else. I loved him when he had a baby with her. I loved him when she left him.
The greatest of love stories is that between a dad and his daughter. I should know. I’ve had a front-row seat. First steps, first words, all the big moments.
Garrett was just a teenager when Mia was born. I’ve watched him braid his daughter’s hair, hold her hand crossing the street, seen her asleep on his chest. I’m the best friend, the one they can count on for everything from dance lessons to motherly advice, anything they need. I’m their go-to girl.
The best part of any love story is the happily ever after.
But what if the happily ever after doesn’t include you?
All my life, that’s how long I’ve loved him.
Of course, he’s clueless.
AML NA.jpg
Download your copy today!
Amazon Worldwide:
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Blog Tour.jpg
As far as dates go, this one has been good. I like her. She’s attractive, funny, smart, seems to have her head on straight. All the boxes are checked. This should be the point where I kiss her, ask her out again. I should be devising ways to get in this woman’s panties, but instead, I’m thinking more about yanking down the tutu of one very sexy Biscuit Girl. I should be thinking about how to get this woman to fall for me, but it’s me that’s fallen. I should have one thing on my mind, and I do — Devlyn.
There’s just one big ass problem. She’s my friend. I can’t go there. There are so many reasons why I can’t go there. The town would have a field day. We’d have no privacy. Everyone would have an opinion. If we broke up, where would I get a decent cup of coffee? How would Mia react to this? Then there’s Scott, who’s actually the least of my concerns. Devlyn seemed pretty sure it was over, and if it’s not, I plan on convincing her.
I don’t want to lose Devlyn.
Staying friends guarantees her in my life. Dating her doesn’t.
Love doesn’t come with a guarantee.
Love is a risk. I used to be a risk taker, but teenage fatherhood buried that part of me. Stability became the name of the game. It had to. I look towards her diner, wondering if she’s back.

This book kept me up all night because once I started reading I just didn't want to put it down. It's a bitter-sweet story of love and loyalty. It's told from multiple points of views and is very well-written. It's funny, sad, romantic, and heartwarming all at the same time. It's a story of father-daughter love, love between friends, and romantic love all rolled up in one tale.
Mia is all grown-up and is looking forward to going off to college. However, his father's loneliness still weighs her down and she wants him to settle down with some nice lady. That's when this whole thing starts. She makes a speech and suddenly women are vying to be with Garrett. He hates it. Dating is simply not something he is good at. He has devoted all his life to Mia. Mis is the only woman who truly matters to him, no one comes before her and that is a big issue while he dates. So now that he has given up on happily-ever-after suddenly he finds himself rethinking it. Maybe the right woman is here somewhere and he just hasn't noticed her yet.
Devlyn loves Mia as much as she loves Garrett. Those two have been a big part of her life. They are both important to her and she simply can't lose them. That is why she gave up on her love. It just wasn't worth it. As long as she can be friends with Garrett and be in Mia's life she is happy. But then something changed, he changed, and now things are far more complicated than they should ever be. WIll she finally find her happiness or is she in for another heartbreak?
All the characters are great. I loved Mia, Garrett, and Devlyn. I enjoyed the story. I loved the small town setting. I loved pretty much everything about it. The only thing that I didn't like much was the unrealistic feel of it. I know that this is fiction but still it's difficult for me to digest the fact that someone can love you all their life without you loving them back. I don't think that anyone can do that. One sided love just doesn't last 30+ years (as Devlyn fell in love when they were both just kids). That's kind of hard to believe. I guess all is allowed in fiction though so who really cares. Also, let's not forget that she wasn't exactly waiting for Garrett to fall for her, she had actually moved on and was being a friend, she was still in love with him but wasn't looking for romance anymore. So, I think that's something. In any case, overall, it's a great read and I'd definitely recommend it to all sweet, sappy, romance lovers.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.
About Prescott Lane
Prescott Lane is the Amazon best-selling author of Stripped Raw. She's got seven other books under her belt including First Position, Perfectly Broken, Quiet Angel, Wrapped in Lace, Layers of Her, The Reason for Me, and The Sex Bucket List. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and holds a degree in sociology and an MSW from Tulane University. She married her college sweetheart, and they currently live in New Orleans with their two children and two crazy dogs. Prescott started writing at the age of five and sold her first story about a talking turtle to her father for a quarter. She later turned to write romance novels because there aren't enough happily ever afters in real life.
Connect with Prescott Lane:
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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Sale: The Beguiling Bachelor Series By Madison Michael

The Beguiling Bachelor Series
By Madison Michael
ALL on SALE for a LIMITED Time
FREE until October 13th!
Bedazzled  (Book 1)
A Chance Encounter Can Change Everything…
Keeli Larsen is second-guessing her decision to support herself as an independent jewelry designer. She has no money, no friends, but she knows she has talent. Leaving her job, she rides the elevator one last time with the sexy man from the penthouse office. That ride and a well placed hand are about to change her life.
Millionaire and hot hunk Wyatt Lyons Howe IV is trapped by generations of family loyalty and tradition until a moment in an elevator rocks his staid world. Wyatt is captivated by Keeli’s beauty and fiery spirit, choosing to pursue her and his dreams. He just needs to rid himself of a scheming fiancĂ©, defy his family, conquer his doubts, extricate himself from his traditional life and, of course, find the elusive Keeli again.
Is she Wyatt’s ticket to freedom or is Keeli an opportunist looking for a bankroll? Unsure of her motives, but unable to stay away, Wyatt is bedazzled.
Fans of steamy romances will fall in love with this contemporary retelling of Cinderella, a smart, sexy story, set within the splendor of Chicago’s elite society.
Amazon Buy Link:
Bedazzled is on Kindle Unlimited 
Only $.99 until October 13th!
Beholden (Book 2)
She’s Lost Everything. He Has Everything…
This is no docile heroine. Meet Sloane, assertive and tough, desperate for love. Meet Randall, drowning his troubles until Sloane provides a reason to sober up. Beholden is a sexy, romantic romp set in the glamour of Chicago’s elite society.
Amazon Buy Link:
Beholden is on Kindle Unlimited 
Only $1.99 until October 13th!
Bedeviled (Book 3)
Join Alex and Charlotte, along with characters you’ve met and loved in “Bedazzled” and “Beholden”, as they tackle the maze of half-truths and cover-ups threatening the lovers.

How can they build a bond with deceit on both sides? With malevolent forces advancing, is their love Bedeviled? 
Amazon Buy Link:
Bedeviled is now on Kindle Unlimited 
Only $2.99 
Besotted (Book 4)
Time is Running Out…For Both of Them Join Tyler and Regan as they seek their happily ever after in the conclusion of the steamy, contemporary Beguiling Bachelor romance series. Amazon Buy Link:
About Madison:
Madison Michael traded 28 years in Fortune 500 tech and management positions for a chance to spend her days with sassy heroines, sexy, rich heroes and nothing but happy endings. Growing up the daughter of a librarian, she learned to love books, especially classics and romances, and spent winters cuddled under blankets losing herself in books.
Madison is the author of three novels in the Beguiling Bachelor series, as well as several short stories. She is a member of Romance Writers of America.
After living in the northeast, southeast and the west, Maddy returned to her Midwest roots. She lives in Evanston, IL with two feline editorial assistants and great views of Chicago’s famous skyline.

Social Links:
Madison's Blog:
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