Thursday, September 20, 2018

Review: Battledoors: The Golden Slate by Brian Wilkinson

Life constantly seems to be wavering between really good and really bad for Owen, a lonely sixteen-year-old still reeling from the unexpected death of his mother and a fresh move to Toronto. After ducking into an old bookstore to escape high school bullies, Owen discovers that he can travel to a parallel, twisted version of the city with a magical tablet called a Battledoor, where he encounters new allies, bizarre creatures, and the ultimate antagonist who will stop at nothing to procure the magical Golden Slate for himself.

Forced to work together with friends and enemies in order to return home, Owen is faced with a series of choices that will prompt him to find courage he never knew he had, explore the possibility of romance, and try to find a way to let go of his painful past and move on. But is Owen ready to finally take control, and become the protagonist of his own story?
3 Stars Review
Overall, it was a so-so read for me. I loved the prolong, that was intriguing and held my interest. After reading such great prolong I was expecting something epic. However, first 30% of the book was kind of boring. Now I do understand that it is not intended for my age group and this is my personal opinion, but I think the author over did whole "bullying" thing. It was kind of a turn-off for me. Still I'm glad that I kept reading because once the story picked up it was really good and I did enjoy reading it.

It's story about a book that holds magic (I absolutely loved the concept). Owen, his friends, and his bullies all end up in a fantasy world of 'Battledoors.' They started a story which they must finish now. There is no turning back. One thing is clear; they are going to have an adventure they won't forget any time soon.

If you like YA fantasy then I'm sure you'll enjoy Owen's story, which is to be continued...
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

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