Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Review: A Rogue For Emily by Catherine Hemmerling

A Rogue for Emily
Emily Moss cannot stand the roguish Alexander Bredon. As this season's most desired debut, she could have any man she wants. Unfortunately, Lady Lancaster pairs her up with none other than the incorrigible man himself.

With mutual dislike and contempt, Alex would rather be doing anything other than escorting the high and mighty Emily, until a secret about her falls into his lap. Suddenly, he realizes there may be more to the lady than he originally thought.

Perhaps the only thing that can keep them from killing each other is falling for each other instead.

I loved it! It's a very well-written historical romance novel. The story is quite delightful, a perfect novel for those who love historical fiction and also for those who love enemies-to-lovers romance. I enjoyed reading it a lot. It grasped my attention right from the beginning until the very end.

Lady Emily is the kind of person who wants to make a difference in the world. She has been born to privilege, but that doesn't mean that she should close her eyes to the sufferings of others. So, this is her life's mission to help as many people as possible and in any way possible. As far as her personal life goes she doesn't have much luck with finding love. Every gentleman she knows either bores her or disgusts her. However, she still hopes to find love some day...

Alexander has never liked Lady Emily. She may act appropriately in every situation, she maybe polite to everyone, but for him she always has something bad to say. He has no idea why she hates him so much but the truth is that he also doesn't like her at all. Unfortunately, the two of them often end up in each other's company...

Soon they will realize that they are actually perfect for each other, but can they have a happily ever after or is there no future for them? Well, you can find out by reading the novel, I do recommend it.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.  

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