Sunday, July 29, 2018

Review: A Rake's Redemption by Cynthia Breeding

A Rake's Redemption
Alexander Ashley has decided women of the ton are more interested in status than love. His game is seduction and nothing more. His feelings regarding aristocratic ladies leads to an outlandish idea—prove a servant can be taught to be as ladylike as those born to it. And the beautiful Inis Fitzgerald might be just the woman for his plan.

Inis Fitzgerald escaped her home in Dublin to avoid an arranged marriage and is now working for a rakishly handsome lord who seems to enjoy bucking convention as much as she does. She plays along with his little game, pretending she knows nothing about being a lady. It doesn’t take long before Alex discovers Inis is every bit as much of an aristocrat as the women he’s sworn only to seduce and not love…

It's a delightful story. Mostly, it's lighthearted and quite romantic, with few darker parts. I loved both Inis and Alexander, two people who are perfect for each other. Both hate the ton and the way aristocrats live, they want nothing to do with high society, although they're born into it. They find their society's rules stifling and want to live their lives freely, outside of convention. But it's not easy to do so...

Inis left home because she wants to live her life in her own way and refuses to follow her uncle's ambition. She is against arranged marriage and wants to marry for love. So, for her there is no other option than to run away. However, things don't go as she had hoped and suddenly she finds herself without a penny and in dire need of help. That's when she decided to work for the living. She was unlike other ladies and knew her way around horses, that's how she ends up living at Alexander's house....

Alexander is looking for amusement. Both will get more than they bargained for, because he is unaware of her true identity. His brother is the bane of his life and he does a lot of things just to annoy him. Now, he wants to embarrass his brother in front of the ton, by making a commoner pose like a lady. However, what he didn't expect was to deal with jealous ladies who would go to such lengths just to get his attention. He may just have awakened the monsters in them. Would they both survive their batter against ton or are they doomed to fail?

I'd definitely recommend it to all historical fiction fans.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

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