Monday, July 23, 2018

Review: The Earl's Perfect Match by Kimberly Nee

The Earl's Perfect Match
Bennett Markham, Earl of Dunning, needs an heir, which means he needs to find a wife first. His only requirements are that his bride not be a fortune-hunter and absolutely cannot love him, now or ever.
Love is not in the cards for Markham men.

Elena Sebastiano is more than a little surprised when the Earl asks her to play matchmaker for him. They barely know each other, so how is she supposed to choose the perfect bride? Nonetheless, the challenge intrigues her. 
But what's a woman to do when she wants the man for herself? Convince him no one will do but her...


There is someone who is a perfect match for Earl of Dunning, he only needs to find her. She must be someone practical and not some starry eyed woman who believes in love and all that. However, when it comes down to it.... it turned out that the kind of woman he was hoping to avoid is the exact kind of woman he finds himself attracted to...
Elena Sebastiano is like a fish out of water. She doesn't understand English women at all. But the good thing is that he only needs to tolerate their antics for a few more days. Soon after her brother's wedding they will all go back home, to West Indies. Even English weather is cold and deary. She is having a hard time here. But she must admit that Lord Bennett is someone she can easily fall in love with. Good thing she knows exactly what he wants and that she isn't someone he'd ever select for himself...
Maybe the two of them are in for a surprise or maybe life will turn out exactly the way they anticipated.
It's a very well written story and has some of the best characters in historical fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to my fellow readers.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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