Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Review: Assassin Games (Tarnished Heroes #2) by Sidney Bristol

Assassin Games
Anderson Gratney does odd jobs that usually involve a gun and covert ops for the CIA. His latest assignment? Kidnap a CIA analyst in order to keep her safe. Easy. Except there’s nothing simple about the beautiful, careful Carol Sark, who tempts him the more he learns about her.

Coming face to face with a masked man in her home is the most terrifying experience of Carol’s life—until he kidnaps her. He claims he’s there to keep her safe, but she doesn’t know who to trust. And until they can figure out who the threat is, she's forced to take him at his word. 

Time is ticking, and even though she drives him nuts, Anderson very much wants to keep her alive. Unfortunately, the assassins have other ideas…


Wow, it's an amazing action-packed novel that kept me on my toes from the very beginning. I loved both Andy and Carol, and the romantic chemistry between them was perfect.

Carol's life is in danger. She isn't a field agent and she has no way of defending herself. But the good news is that the very person who is supposed to kill her, is going to save her. She just hopes this doesn't turn her carefully crafted life upside down.

Andy isn't supposed to get involved with Carol. He only needs to save her life and uncover the conspiracy that has them all worried. However, staying emotionally detached is turning out to be a very difficult feat, he may not succeed at it.

If you are looking for suspense, romance, conspiracies, and action then this book is just what you need. I'd definitely recommend it!

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

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