Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Review: Playing God by Lana Pecherczyk

She ate the soul of an evil witch to save her mentor, but at what cost?
Once confused with the enemy and abandoned by her father, Roo Urser spent most her life hiding her fearsome powers. But then she met Cash, a hunter with secrets of his own, who revealed her true purpose in life: to play the Game of Gods. Now she must use those powers to survive.
Forced to attend The Ludus and pitted against bloodthirsty contenders, freedom is only a few trials away. If Roo passes the trials, she can declare independent. If she fails… she faces a fate worse than death. Trapped in Urser House where her monstrous father is making secret deals threatening to topple the Game, and the world, Roo becomes determined to uncover his plans. Soon, failing is the last thing on her mind.
As lies and deceit surround her from all sides, Roo must decide who to trust amongst her powerful companions—her emotionally scarred mentor, her oddball brother, or her rival Players. But when the souls inside her battle for supremacy, her thoughts become unstable. How can she survive when she can’t trust herself?

Get this thrilling and fast paced third instalment in the Game of Gods series and enter a world unlike any you’ve seen before.

Note from Author: Contains occasional course language, some kick-ass graphic violence and a couple of steamy kissy scenes. Not suitable for young readers.

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I must say that this series is getting more thrilling with each book. I really enjoyed reading more about Roo and Cash, although I did miss Marc in this one, as he only appeared briefly at the end. His character is my favorite. In any case, the story is good and it's quite well-written. I think all fantasy fans will love it. It's a great series in the making.

Roo is going to register at Australian Ludus. Soon she will go through her trials and then take part in the 'game.' Also she must uncover her father's plan and save the gods from his evil schemes. For that she needs help, however, she seems to be having trust issues. She has no idea whom she can trust anymore. And that mistrust might turn out to be fatal...

Cash is trying everything in his power to protect Roo. She isn't making it easy though and he has no idea how to deal with her. He keeps telling her to trust him and just wait a little while until Marc returns... everything will be fine once the 'gamekeeper' returns. But she is not listening to him and he fears that he may not be able to keep her alive for long....

It's very thrilling read. We see some new characters as well, which are as good as all the other characters from previous two books. Each one is unique in its own way and quite entertaining. I loved it!
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book for which I'd love to thank the author.

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