Thursday, May 17, 2018

Review: The Angel Hunt (Dark World: The Angel Trials #2) by Michelle Madow

The hunt for demons is about to heat up.

Somehow Raven has convinced Noah and Sage—the two wolf shifters who saved her from a demon attack—to let her tag along on their quest to kill ten demons. The payoff for completing the mission? Entrance to the mystical island of Avalon, where Raven will go through trials to gain the strength she needs to save her mom’s life.

Raven wants to help the shifters on their quest. But Noah refuses to put her in any danger—which makes no sense, since he hates her. At least she thinks he hates her… until he catches her off guard and kisses her. Suddenly they’re connected in ways she doesn’t understand, and she feels closer to him than ever.

If she didn’t know any better, she’d think they imprinted on each other. But that’s impossible. Because shifters can’t imprint on humans.

And if they did imprint on each other, then the supernatural world is changing—and Raven’s right in the center of it.

Emotions will flare between Raven and Noah in the second book in The Angel Trials series, an urban fantasy adventure with romance, magic, and twists that will keep you reading long into the night!

It's an absolutely delightful read, I had loved book one and book two is just as amazing. The series continues with Noah, Sage, and Raven's mission of hunting demons. They all have their own reasons to be on demon hunt. Noah wants to join Earth Angel and protect the world from the evil of darkness. Raven wants to find her mother and find out why demons want her. While, Sage is helping Noah on his mission. Soon the three of them form a bond of friendship, they help each other and protect one anther in times of need. However, their quest is not an easy one. Demons are dangerous enough but now it seems that other supernatural creatures are also trying to get in their way. They remain determined though. Sooner or later they will complete their mission and find the answers that they seek...

Demons are planning something. All supernaturals are trying to prepare themselves for the coming war. In these dark times, Flint wants an alliance with the demons. He feels that he must choose the side which has highest probability or winning... whether it's right or wrong is not his concern. Now only if he could get his sister home, safe and sound so that he may go forward with this alliance and protect his pack against the demons.

It's a great story, very well-written, and I loved all the characters. Of course, Noah and Raven are my favourite. Although, it's an adventurous story, but romance side of it is good too. The chemistry between Noah and Raven is off the charts, not too mention whole can't-happen factor which makes it all the more thrilling. The unlikeliest couples are often the best. ;) Oh, also loved the little twist at the end. Now, I can't wait to read more about what is going to happen to our three favourite demon hunters. :)

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book, for which I'd like to thank the author. I really enjoyed reading it.

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