Thursday, February 08, 2018

Review: Player's Game by Desirae Clark

And when I turned around, I expected to see my annoying little sisters but was instead greeted by a familiar face. In the threshold stood Parker Brady with a devious smirk on his face and the looks of a god.

Samantha Valentine’s life turns upside down when she finds out her family is returning to her old town, Scottsdale. It took her a while to make the city her home, and now all of that is for naught, as she has to learn to settle in a quiet town again.

Parker Brady is perfectly happy to make a mess of his life after his best friend, Samantha, left him. He felt betrayed by his most trusted friend, and now he doesn’t care about anyone anymore. The only thing that matters to him is getting girls.

The two are not so thrilled when they meet after years of being away. Old grudges resurface from the past.

Will Samantha and Parker restore their broken friendship? Or will something else rise from its ruins?

Player’s Game is a funny and heartwarming story about young adults learning to come into terms with their past. If you’re up for a light read that will leave you smiling, grab your copy now!

It is indeed a heartwarming story. I absolutely loved this YA romance. Samantha and Parker are both amazing characters and I loved the chemistry between them It is also very well written, I think writing is the main thing which made this story so interesting.

Samantha is a normal teenager with insecurities, fears, and the need to be accepted by her peers. Years ago when she had to move to Manhattan, with her mother and sisters, she wasn't happy at all. And now years later when she is going to move back to her old town, once again she isn't happy. Her life is going to change. She might loose contact with her current friends forever, what more she might not be able to make any new friends. With all this thoughts in her mind she moved back and was dreading starting school. But Parker made matters worse. He was her best friend before she moved away and now he was her worst tormentor. Some how she keeps finding herself in his company and she has no idea what kind of game he is playing.

Parker never forgave Sammy for moving away and leaving him behind. And now she is back and he cannot get her out of his head. But can they ever be friends again? Or maybe even more than friends?
This novel is packed with high school drama and teenage angst. I quite enjoyed dreading Samantha and Parker's story. I think it's a great read and ever YA romance fan will enjoy this bittersweet story.

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