Monday, September 18, 2017

Review: The Best Man's Proposal by Wynter Daniels

Niki Hamilton had her hopes pinned on moving to Europe with her boyfriend. But then he dumped her. By text message. Just before her sister’s wedding. Left dateless in a flamingo-pink monstrosity of a bridesmaid dress, she decides to drown her sorrows in a glass of tall, dark, and handsome.

Firefighter Grant Powers has been burned by love, but when his best friend’s new sister-in-law falls into his arms—and stays there for one sexy night—he enjoys the experience a little too much.

Then a rental snafu leaves Niki temporarily homeless. So, gentleman and masochist that he is, Grant offers his spare bedroom. Despite the smoldering sexual tension between them, starting anything would be playing with fire.

Now, they just have to survive living together for a few weeks…
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Two people who seem so wrong for each other are somehow also perfect together. It's a story about opposites and how they come over their differences simply because they know that their love is worth all that. I loved it! And I think their story is truly amazing. It's a must read for every contemporary romance fan. I enjoyed it a lot, with so many laugh-out-loud moments and swoon-worthy romantic scenes.

Niki wants to get out of under her sister's shadow. What more she wants to work and love in Europe. It has always been her dream and she is willing to endure a few hardships now and then if it means that ultimately she will be moving to London. Also after a few bad experiences she has decided love is not in the cards for her. She just wants to focus on her carrier and achieve what she has always wanted in her life. Until she meets Grant.

Grant is a country man, he is waiting for his house to be sold so that he can move back to take care of his family's farm. What he and Niki has can go no further than friends with benefits. But for some reason he wants more, after a long time he has felt this way about someone, and he just wants to give it a try.

Although, they both have decided that they are wrong for each other and any relationship between them will not work, but the fate has something else in mind....

I love both Niki and Grant. The author has done a great job with these two characters, they're very well written. Niki is exactly the kind of heroine I like most, and well, Grant is definitely something to talk about. Together they are simply perfect and the chemistry between them is off the charts hot. I quite enjoyed reading their story and I hope others do too.

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