Friday, July 21, 2017

Review: The Prodigal by Shauna Allen


~ Five brothers, one family tragedy, untold heartache. ~

I’ve always been the quiet one. The brother no one noticed.
When my sister disappeared, it was easy to disappear right along with her, losing myself to my own personal hell and hidden pain, unable to face a life that didn’t make sense anymore—unable to face a family that no longer felt whole.
I hunted and searched until I found my way out. Driven by my need to understand who or what took my sister from us, I learned all I could about the human brain, becoming an FBI Criminal Behavior Analyst. This is what has led me directly into the path of the monster who might hold the key to our family’s greatest pain . . . and straight back to the woman who I thought I’d never see again.
I met Tenley Cooper on a whim. One weekend of freedom. One weekend where I lost the pain that chained me down. One weekend that I lived the sweetest of lies—a lie that has come back to haunt me in the best possible way.
What does it take to bring the prodigal son home?
The truth.
My name is Joshua Creed.
I am The Prodigal.

***Reader note: This is the fourth of a 6-part emotional family saga series. Each story is 100% male first-person point-of-view, and while each full-length novel is guaranteed to have a complete HEA romance, their family mystery remains unsolved until the end of the series.
***Due to profanity, graphic subject matter, and very strong sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


'The Family Creed' is one of those series which keeps getting better and better with each new book. I absolutely loved Joshua's story. His grief has driven him to be one of the best profiler is FBI. His goal is find what happened to his baby sister all those years ago. It might now be easy but it is something he needs to do, and he will find out the truth...
He moved away right after college and now he is back. But it's still about work. No matter how important family is to him, his work will always come first because that's what keeps him going. The thought that one day he might be able to get his sister justice, her soul some peace, and his family closure. And now is his chance...
He is back only a few days when he learns something that will change his life forever, for good. He never thought he would find love, but he has. Things will change for him very soon. May be for his entire family, but one thing remains the same... their love for each other, and their will to be there for each other in hour of need...
This book is simply amazing. Although a very emotional read, still it will warm your heart. It's such a sweet, sad tale of love, grief, and hope... definitely a must read if you like contemporary fiction.

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