Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Review: Summer Bite By C. D. Gorri (Summer Fantasy Flings Anthology)


Artisan whiskey tycoon and Werewolf, Mason Lane has everything he ever wanted, but thoughts of his first love plague him. He buries himself in work to try and forget the raven-haired beauty that haunts his dreams. Ten years later, Abigail Vicente comes back home. Is she only there to claim the twenty-percent of the company left to her by her late father or is there some other secret she’s hiding? Whatever the reason, Mason is determined to find out the truth!
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I think it's an amazing novella. The story is very well-written. I absolutely adored both Mason and Abigail. And I admire the way author has made this short story so fulfilling. It won't left you unsatisfied, it's as good as any full length novel.
Abigail broke Mason's heart when she left town without a word. For ten years he has suffered from a broken heart. For him she was the one and only. But he is also angry at her for leaving him the way she did. He didn't even get to tell her his secret.
Abigail hated leaving her one true love behind. But she had to go. It wasn't possible for her to stay with her father anymore. Now she is back with her son. But she can never be reunited with Mason because she can't tell him her secret. Will she be able to face him? Will they be able to stay away from each other or end up being hurt once again?
I loved it! And I'd recommend it to all my reader friends.

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