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Pre-Release Promo: Soul Awakening By Paul Lonardo


Something otherworldly is happening in a small Texas town.
As a small Texas town mourns the tragic death of its high school football star, Alecia is struggling to adjust to life without the boy she has dated since sixth grade and thought she would be with forever.
When Braden comes to her as an apparition, she finds herself falling for Riley, Braden’s best friend and teammate. Has Braden returned to spy on her, or for some other reason?
Alecia’s not sure, but she soon realizes she must find a way to accept Braden’s death and welcome love back into her life, or risk losing everything.
The Power of Secret Love changes everything…

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Alecia was amazed how fresh this memory was in her mind. She felt as if they were reliving the moment now.

“You know, Alecia, I really wanted to kiss you that day.” Riley’s face was in partial shadow, but his eyes were fixed on hers.

“I wanted you to kiss me,” Alecia admitted, and with those two statements all the romantic tension and nervous energy they’d been feeling instantly abated.

“I have to confess you’re the real reason I didn’t want to play the game. It wasn’t because of Braden.”

Me?” Alecia had a lump in her throat.

“I couldn’t focus on anything because I was thinking about you.” Riley shifted forward slightly, his entire face illuminated in a shaft a light. His eyes looked green and were filled with intensity. “I’m in love with you. I always have been.”

It was like being on a roller coaster again; her head was spinning. “What about Beth?”
“We had a fight a few days ago. About you. We broke up.”

That would explain Luke, Alecia thought, and why Beth had been acting so strange toward her all week.

“And with you being best friends with Beth, I got to be around you more.”
Sensing motion again out of the corner of her eye, Alecia quickly turned her head in that direction.

Riley looked around briefly. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” Alecia gazed into Riley’s eyes and was instantly distracted by the way the green and brown flecks glinted in the waning afternoon sunlight that penetrated the old barn from many shallow angles.

As Riley pressed his lips against hers and she felt his hot breath in her mouth, nothing else mattered. When he wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her tight against him, their front teeth briefly rubbed together. As if in response to this contact, their tongues came to the rescue, intertwining in a tender and comforting embrace.

Alecia closed her eyes, and in her mind she and Riley were back inside the small wooden hut in Galveston, wet and cold from the rain

About the Author

Paul Lonardo is a freelance writer and author. He has had both fiction and non-fiction book published, including titles that have been excerpted in Reader’s Digest and reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly.
Soul Awakening is his third romance novella. Reunion of Souls was published by Liquid Silver Press in 2105, and last summer Wild Rose Press released Enchanted Desire.
From the Ashes, a collaborative book written with a Gina Russo, is a true story of her survival from the deadly 2003 Station Nightclub fire in Rhode Island which claimed the lives of 100 people, became the basis of a 2013 documentary web series, The Station, which Paul produced.
Paul has been interviewed as part of several documentaries, including NBCUniveral’s I Survived a Serial Killer, featuring the true crime story depicted in the book  Caught in the Act, A Courageous Family’s Fight to Save their Daughter from a Serial Killer.

Review: Cross My Heart by Grace M. DeLeesie


Three years ago, after Grave lost his mate Amnilia to a human poacher, he tried to denounce his title as Prince of the Bloodclaw Clan, the largest pack of werewolves in Arkansas. Determined to never become involved in pack business again, Grave left to join the human world with his bodyguard and best friend. On a nightly jog, Grave meets a tough and sassy huntress with a vengeance against werewolves like nothing the prince has ever seen before. He finds her most intriguing and, though he was warned to stay away from her, Grave finds himself drawn to her. Knowing he needs to be around her, Grave convinces the huntress he's human. When an old enemy comes to town and sees Grave and Sam together, he marks Sam as his next target. To protect her, Grave has to tell her the truth about himself. In doing so Grave will be risking turning her wrath against werewolves on him and ruin any chance Grave has at finding happiness after Amnilia's death-but it also might just save her life.


This is a paranormal romance novel. I love the characters and story is good too but there are few parts which seem dragged out. So my overall reading experience wasn't as good as I was hoping for. Still it's a good read and I think paranormal readers will enjoy this story.

It is about a werewolf prince who left his pack after tragedy strikes him. As unusual as it is for a werewolf to live alone he simply cannot face his pack members just yet. At least he has his guard with him. The two of them are as close as two people can be without being lovers. Grave and Phax have been living like this for a while now, and they have been taking care of outside threats to their pack.

Sam is a huntress who hunts werewolves. Because they're monsters who need to be killed. She believes that it's her job to keep unsuspecting human population safe. She gathers information, make plans, and kill any werewolf that crosses her path. That's how she met Grave. She thought she was saving his life and has no idea that he was a werewolf himself. But now that Grave knows of her existence he needs to deal with her. After all she kills his kind. Although for some reason he feels every protective of this human huntress.

Soon they're dealing with a common enemy and getting along pretty well. However will they still be able to stay together when Sam finds out who he really is? Will she ever love a werewolf?

This book is part one in a series. Although it didn't end in a cliffhanger but many questions still remain unanswered. So I don't think it can be read as stand alone novel.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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Cover Reveal + Giveaway: In the Pursuit of Charity by Alexandria Sure

Title: In the Pursuit of Charity
Author: Alexandria Sure
Genre: Women’s Lit
Publisher: Beaumont Tower Press
Editor: Richelle McFate
Cover Designer: Jake Sager
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR

He expected her to recognize him.
He expected her to be seduced by his charms.
He expected her to fall for him.
Expectations are a funny thing …
When his parents named him Herbert Lincoln James, they already had expectations that Linc would attend an ivy league university and go into politics. Linc didn't. As captain of his swim team, he was expected to win the big relay to carry his swim team to the state championship for the first time in decades. Linc didn’t. Society expected him to walk past her. He couldn’t.
She expected him to see through her.
She expected him to make her into a joke.
She expected him to be cruel.
Expectations are a funny thing …
Alexandria Sure is an avid reader and has written her first novel as homage to fans of the genre she loves. She hopes others will appreciate her novel as much as she enjoyed writing it.
Sure follows the work of several authors and feels she has benefited from reading and commenting on their author pages on Facebook. This has given her the opportunity to get to know the people behind the characters she has grown to love. She hopes her readers will check out her Facebook page so she can get to know them and pay it forward.
Sure is from Michigan and adores her supportive family, her deaf rescue pup and her mighty Spartans. Her experiences in writing her first novel have revealed the true meaning in Jack Canfield's quote, "Everything you want is on the other side of fear."
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Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Heated Sweets Volume 3 (A Taste of Love) By A.M. Willard

Title: Heated Sweets Volume 3 (A Taste of Love)
By: A.M. Willard
Cover Design: MadHat Books
Release Date: May 17, 2017


Do you believe someone can change your whole perspective on life? I didn’t, but I do now…
It all happens when I meet my sexy neighbor, Evan Taylor. My name’s Francesca, better known as Frankie, and I’ve been hiding behind my camera for years. It’s what I know and love- not to mention the best way to disguise myself. It’s easy to make life look perfect from this side, even when yours is in shambles. My chronic illness is my biggest insecurity, and what I not only hide from myself, but from the world. Good thing I have a group of friends who can supply me with massive overloads of cupcakes, or life would totally stink. Brody’s always been my crutch, but I knew deep down that he wouldn’t be the one I’d end up with. We just had to find a way to let the past go as we moved forward with our search of happiness. He’ll always be my hero, but sometimes in life you need more than a cape. Evan Taylor is exciting, and doesn’t expect me to give him the world. He accepts me for who I am with no additional pressure. Evan’s also the one who can offer me the one thing I think I can’t give him – life. With the passion and desire that we hold for each other–it might be enough to win in the end and come out from behind the camera.

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Frosted Sweets Volume 1

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Sugary Sweets Volume 2

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About the Author

International Bestselling Author, A.M. Willard resides in Savannah, Georgia. She joined the Peach State many years ago after leaving the crystal blue waters and sugary white sand behind from the Panhandle of Florida. She’s also known for being a wife, mother, and caretaker for her farm animals. A.M. loves anything sassy, glittery, and is a sucker for the Hallmark Channel. That last one might be the reason she believes in soulmates or it could be because she married her high school sweetheart almost twenty years ago.

Connect with A.M. Willard

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Facebook Reader Group:
Goodreads Author Page:

Review: Diadem of Death (Nefertari Hughes Mystery, #2) by B.R. Myers

Diadem of Death (Nefertari Hughes Mystery, #2)


Nefertari “Terry” Hughes is looking forward to spending the school break with her boyfriend, but when her archaeologist father announces he’s working on a project that will take him to Egypt, all hopes of having a romantic summer are buried.
Terry accompanies her father to Alexandria where she’s reunited with her first crush, Awad—all grown up and an expert in translating hieroglyphics. He confides that the team is in a race to find Cleopatra’s lost tomb before a secret band of rebels steals Egypt’s last Pharaoh and her diadem.

But sabotage and a deadly accident put everyone on high alert, and Terry isn’t sure whom to trust. As the line between ally and enemy begins to blur, Terry has to keep her wits about her and figure out who wants the diadem badly enough to kill.

5-Adventurous-Stars Review

This is another Nefertari adventure which takes place in Egypt. In this second instalment we meet some interesting new characters, with hidden agendas and will to do anything for what they want.

"Things are never what they seem."

When real Prince Kamal invites Terry and her friends to Egypt, they are all very excited. For Terry it will be a journey to her past and for her friends it will be a new and unique experience. But they never imagine how dangerous it will turn out to be. Once again Terry it at a place where she lost her mother, even though it is not easy but still she wants to complete her mother's work. Finding Cleopatra's final resting place will be the discover of the century. And once again it seems that she put her trust in the wrong people....

Terry is surrounded mysterious and deceitful people. She cannot know whom to trust, Fraser and Maude are the only ones she can trust completely. Although I missed Zach in this book but Awad is no less interesting, but is he trustworthy? Read to find out. ;)

This is just as amazing as book one was. I hope that there are more books in this series, I'd definitely love to see it continued. 

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

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Review: Hit the Ground Running by Mark Burley

Hit the Ground Running


"Eric—Mom and Dad are gone. I don't know what happened, but I'm going to find out."

Eric might not be getting along with his family—or anyone else, for that matter—but he's pretty sure a boarding school in another country isn't the answer. Skilled in parkour, running helps him deal. So be it, he decides. Do the time and get out. Flow like water. But when he gets a cryptic message from his brother telling him their parents have been abducted, and then his brother disappears, he realises they weren't punishing him, they were hiding him. To find them, Eric has to discover the secrets of his parents' research, but the conspiracy he uncovers threatens more than just his family. With help from unlikely new friends, a hack-first-ask-questions-later approach to computers, and a dangerous plan, he soon learns that some secrets don’t want to be found, and others have a way of revealing themselves at all the wrong times.

5-Awesome-Stars Review

It's an action packed adventurous read, full of intrigue, mystery, and some drama. I quite enjoyed reading it. All the characters are amazing and story is very well-written. It also has a paranormal aspect to it, which makes it all the more interesting. It's a first book in the series and ends with happy-for-now situation.

Eric doesn't like the fact that he has to move to another country, leaving his friends behind. But he is trying to adjust in his new school. That's when he receives a mysterious video which changes his life. Now he must find his brother, as well as, his parents, while trying to stay out of trouble himself. There are people looking for him and he will need friends to help him out.

Tess has always wondered about Eric from afar. Now that he confided in her, she wants to help him out. She likes him and won't take no for an answer. So as long as it takes to find his family she will stay with him. He needs her, besides she has excellent acting skills and can talk her way out of difficult situations. Eric is in a very tough situation right now. 

Fortunately for him she even knows two siblings who can make their task a lot less difficult. Hence with the help from their friends both Eric and Tess leave school to find his family.
It won't be easy, there will be many obstacles, they will meet many people, some foes and some friends, but in any case they must keep trying. Eric is his family's only hope and he is willing to risk everything to find them.

It's a must read for YA readers, especially if you like action and adventure, along with mystery. This book is a whole package. I loved it!

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Review: Once Bitten (The Wolves of Hemlock Hollow #1) by Heather McCorkle


One night was all it took to change everything. One moment of weakness, and now I’m becoming. Werewolves were supposed to be things only seen in movies, not things that exist in real life. Instead of med school and homework, my life is filled with a laundry list of things that were once impossibilities. Groups fighting over whom I belong to. The possibility of dying if I don’t learn everything before the next full moon. Figuring out how to survive in a world I never knew existed. But the biggest danger? Ty: history professor, super sexy Viking werewolf, and the man who’s been assigned by the Council to teach me how to survive becoming a werewolf.

5-Stars Review

I loved it! It's an amazing read. It has been quite some time since I read paranormal romance and I'm glad that I read this one. It's book one in what looks like a promising new series. Characters are all well-written, story is engaging, and there are enough twists and turns to keep it interesting from the very beginning until the end. There is also some mystery around main characters.
When Sonya's one mistake lead to her becoming a werewolf, she has no idea what to do. Somehow Ty ends up to be the one to help her through her change. She is wary of him. She doesn't think that she can trust anyone in this new world, which has been unknown to her until now. But soon she realizes that Ty is exactly who he says he is... and the attraction between them is unmistakable. But will she even survive this ordeal to think about her future.
Ty has never helped a new werewolf before so there are a lot of things he doesn't know. He is trying his best to help Sonya. One thing is clear to him, there is no way he will ever let anyone hurt her. He will protect her and be there for her as long as she will have him. Even after her change he'd still wants to be with her. Now they only need to stay alive, and make to until after she changes.... but what they don't know is that things will get even more complicated then they're anticipating...
It's an intriguing story. I think it's brilliantly written. There was no dragging, it flowed smoothly, there was enough romance, adventure, and mystery to make it perfect. I think all paranormal readers will love this book.

Review: Love on Tap by Meg Benjamin


Wyatt Montgomery knows a barrel of legendary Zoria imperial stout will help his Denver gastropub stay on top. The only problem is the brewery that made it is no longer in business. When Wyatt hears the brewmaster has only one barrel left, he won’t stop until it’s his. He doesn’t consider what this mythical barrel might cost him. And he certainly doesn’t anticipate his reaction to the heart-stoppingly beautiful brewmaster he needs to convince to sell him the beer.

When Wyatt rushes into Bec Dempsey’s small-town cooperative offering to buy the last barrel of her precious Zoria, she’s thrown for a loop. She’s been burned by city-slickers before, and she’ll be damned if she’ll let it happen again. But when things start heating up between them, Bec decides to make Wyatt a counteroffer. One she hopes he won’t refuse.


It's interesting enough. I liked both main characters, and story was good too. It was a good read and I enjoyed it. Although, in my opinion, it's best not to read this book in one sitting. ;) It's a kind of book you should take your time reading or else you might find some scenes boring.

Bec's business dreams was ruined when her business partner left, and her brother decided not to help her with their brewery. All she has left is one barrel of her beer, she thinks of it as her lucky charm, magic.... She knows that somehow she will start again, she will find a way and this time make it work. So when Wyatt comes to town looking to buy legendary 'Zoria' Bec agrees to sell it to her but in exchange she asked him to do a few things for her. He agrees because he really needs to buy Zoria in order to save his own business..... And that's how they meet, spend time with each other, and soon realise that they want more than to do business with each other.

I loved both Bec and Wyatt. They're interesting characters. Bec is a kind of person who has a lot of guilt and she is unable to accept help from other. She tries to do everything on her own. Wyatt is a guy who knows not to give up on people. They're perfect together. I don't think that you need to be into beer to enjoy this book. It's a fun contemporary romance novel which anyone who likes this genre will like.

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Spotlight + Giveaway: Wedding Dreams: 20 Delicious Nuptial Romances

It’s finally here, and we’d like to introduce all our readers to new romance novels, bundled together to make up over 3000 pages of wedding dreams, marital bliss, and the occasional tryst!

Twenty award-winning, USA Today and International best-selling authors have come together to bring you over 3,000 pages of love, lust, and lusciously sexy men. From sweet second chance romances to bad boys, BBWs, and brides looking for revenge, this is a perfect read for anyone who enjoys Romance or Women’s Fiction. These pages are packed with cozy romances, thrilling international and holiday adventures, and sweet heart-melting stories. Our authors bring you everything from hot cowboys to rockstar romances, elegant weddings to nuptial disasters, and blushing brides to bold women, all in a delightful celebration of love. You’re in for a wild, passionate ride on a breathtaking voyage to make your heart soar. This box set will leave you craving all things marital and wishing the honeymoon would never end. Heat level: sweet to sensual.

Here at Books Eater we want to help celebrate the release of this awesome collection of full-length, stand alone books by twenty authors who know how to do romance best!

Check out this spotlight of author Lita Lawson below, for a glimpse of why this collection is a steal at the pre-order price of 99 cents! It’s also available on all major retailers, so you can pick it up from whatever book retailer you like best.

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Wedding Dreams Box Set Launch Giveaway

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Review: Wicked Treasure (Treasure Chronicles #3) by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

An asylum patient has a cryptic vision: Clark will overthrow the presidency. She's just insane...right?

When a clockwork lion kidnaps their daughter, Clark and Amethyst's calm new life shatters. Hunting down the beast leads the Grishams and Treasures to a conspiracy not just against Clark, but also against the country.

The conspirators attacked their little girl. An offense like that can’t go ignored. With his old gang at his back, Clark is ready to take on an abandoned circus, dethroned royalty, a corrupt orphanage, and the presidency itself.

WICKED TREASURE is the third installment of the Treasure Chronicles.
Jordan Mierek is the author who introduced me to steampunk fantasy. And her books never disappoint me. I've loved Clark and Amethyst from the very beginning. I don't think that I will ever get tired of these two.

In this third instalment of Treasure Chronicles they are trying to bring down the people who are conspiring against their country. But sometimes things are not as they seem. There is a lot they don't know about. But with little help from a fortuneteller they will soon figure out exactly what's been going on.

Clark was a wanted man once. He knows how to take care of himself and protect his family. If anyone threatens his family they will not win. His wife Amethyst is just as fiercely protective of those she loves as he is. Together they make a perfect couple, and a perfect team. This time they have to save not only those they love but also their country.

It's a fast paced novel and once I started reading all the suspense, adventure, and thrill made it impossible for me to put it down. As much as I read it is very difficult for me to find something entirely unique, something I haven't read before, Jordan Elizabeth Mierek gives me that. Every book I have read of hers is amazingly unique, her writing style, her plots, the way she link things with history, it all gives her books out-of-the-world kind of feel. What can I say I am a fan. ;) And I'd definitely be recommending this book to all my reader friends.

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Review: Enchanting the Earl (The Townsends #1) by Lily Maxton


Llynmore Castle is the only place Annabel Lockhart has ever considered home. For years, she’s been able to live as she wished, freely roaming the wild moors. Now there’s a new earl, as arrogant as he is handsome, and he wants her out. But if he thinks she’ll go quietly, he’s in for a surprise.

Theo Townsend returned from war a changed man. After unexpectedly inheriting an earldom and a secluded castle in the Scottish Highlands to go with it, he thinks he’s found the perfect place to hide from the world—until he arrives to find a spirited, beautiful woman already in residence. He can’t just throw her out, but surely there's a way to get her to leave on her own. The sooner she's gone, the better, especially when he realizes there’s more than just mutual dislike between them.


It's a wonderful story with great characters. I loved bot Annabelle Lockhart and Theo Townsend. Anabelle is a free spirited woman, she can't adhere to the rules of polite society so when she got a chance to live with her Aunt at Llynmore Castle, it felt perfect. This old and dark castle is now her home. Away from people, she can finally be free and live a life she has always wanted. She can ride as much as she likes, come and go as she pleases. There is no one to observe and criticise her behaviour.

When Lord of Llynmore Castle arrives to take residence, she is less than happy. Clearly new lord will send her aunt and her away, not only that now she also has to protect her sister. So simple solution is to "enchant" Theo Townsend. Then he might let them live there.

Theo finds Anabelle quite irritating. He can see that she will be a bad influence for his sisters. Besides he wants to live with quite and peace. Clearly, as long as Anabelle is around that's not going to happen. But should he send an old, sick aunt and her niece away? As he gets to know Anabelle her personality starts to grow on him. She is wild, and just perfect for him.

I loved this book. Story is amazing and there are enough surprises that it won't bore readers at all. Ending is perfect. I'm glad I got the chance to read this book. It was most definitely a delicious treat.

Review: His Righthand Man by Grace M. DeLeesie


Angela of Rom has one mission: to save the lives of her sickly brother and crippled father. When her beloved country goes to war, Angela disguises herself as her brother "Phil," the estranged son of Rom. The last person she expected to collide with (literally) is her long time betrothed Captain Konner of Hoyts. Having never met Konner before, Angela is quickly intrigued by the large man who is soon to be her husband. Konner could care less about the unknown woman his father betrothed him to. His sole purpose is to fight, and to win, the war. When he discovers, though, that the famed archer of the Arohian army is, in truth, a woman (his woman) Konner's affections fast become hers. Yet, Angela is a distraction to the warrior lifestyle he'd been born and raised in. Konner must learn to keep his head...without losing his heart.

5-Stars Review

It's an amazingly good book. I quite enjoyed the story. And all the characters are really well-written, as well as, interesting. Angela and Konner are of course the best, since it's their story, but all other characters are just as likable. I especially loved Prince Richard. I hope we get to read more about him in next book of this series.
Angela is pretending to be a man. She is the strongest in her family and she must protect her family's honor no matter what. So here she is training with the army to fight in a war that is bound to happen soon. She just hopes that no one finds out her true identity or she would be in real trouble.
Konner is the captain training new recruits. 'Phil' his soon to be brother-by-marriage is one of them. At first he doesn't want to get close to Phil but after Richard points out certain advantages he decides to be more friendly with him. Mostly, he just wants to get to know his soon to be brother but also he is curious about his betrothed, Angela.
Soon their friendship grows stronger, they start to trust each other and rely on each other's help and protection. But what will happen when the truth comes out? Will Konner be able to accept Angela or not?
Although the story is about war and conflict between countries, Angle and Konner are both fighting for their country, but still it's written in a very lighthearted manner. It's easy to read. Story flows smoothly. I laughed out loud on various occasions. Banters between 'friends' are quite entertaining. There is some tragedy as well, sadness which is bound to come from fighting a war. But all in all it is a fun read. I'm glad I got the change to read this unique story. I'd definitely recommend it to my friends, especially those who enjoy historical fiction.

Cover Reveal: Welcome to Brokenville by Jasmine Lee

Title: Welcome to Brokenville (Twisted Tales of Saddie Cross) Book 1
Author: Jasmine Lee
Cover Photography: Tabitha Patterson
Cover Models: Brittney Renea, Austin Nicole, Melanie, Olivia, Alex, David Austin and Dakota
Make-Up Artist: Skye Todd Makeup Artistry, Malisa Howell & Tabitha Patterson
Cover Design: Sheri McGathy
Inside Photography: Tabitha Patterson
Inside Image Design: Sheri McGathy
Editor: Adrian J Smith
Formatting: Champagne Formats
Goodreads -

Genre - Young Adult, Paranormal, Fiction, Teen, Action/Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who believed in Fairytales. But as time went on and the girl grew-up she quit believing.
Until one day she found herself in a strange land. Not knowing if she was mad or sane. She did the only thing she could.
She went in search of the truth.  Only to find herself trapped in her worst nightmare to come alive.
As she fights against the unknown and familiar, she befriends several unusual creatures and humans alike.
But when the time comes, she finds herself torn…
Between reality and Brokenville.

Hey everyone, (Waves)

Well lets see, I could tell ya a grand story full of A-list celebrities but lets face it, that only happens in books. I'm married and have two kiddos a son who is a avid baseball player and a daughter who is very passionate about horses. I was born and raised in a small country town in Deep East Texas. Not playing the POP is like 300 people!! I love writing/reading and taking pictures. All 3 have been long time hobbies of mine.


Stalk me:Facebook:



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Review: The Gentleman's Promise (Daughters of Amhurst #3) by Frances Fowlkes

The Gentleman's Promise (Daughters of Amhurst #3)


A social pariah due to her scandalous activities, Lady Sarah Beauchamp yearns for redemption to obtain a husband. The assistance of Society darling Mr. Jonathon Annesley gives her hope of success. However, the more effort he puts into helping her, the more she realizes the only esteem she wishes to earn is that of the handsome Jonathon. However, her reputation would potentially ruin his political aspirations.

Offering a gentleman's promise to help his sister's friend regain the favour of the ton should be easy for son of a viscount, Jonathon Annesley. After all, he's well liked and considered a rising star in Parliament. Until he learns Sarah's ultimate goal is a husband. No man is good enough and could ever appreciate her for all she is. But she is not for him—his focus rests solely on gaining reforms for society's weakest members. Yet, a promise made cannot be broken…


It's a lighthearted historical romance, and I loved reading it. Story is endearing. There is romance, humour, and lots of drama. I've loved first two books in this series and this one is just as good.

Lady Sarah is unlike any woman, she is intelligent, she reads, and not afraid of stating her opinion. Unfortunately those are not the traits which anyone admires in a woman. Scandal has touched her life and now she is unable to find herself a husband. When her dear friend's brother, Jonathon offered his help to redeem her in the eye of society, she accepts. But little did they know, it will not be an easy task. Apparently Ton is not willing to forget her misadventures, nor forgive them. Soon Sarah realises how futile her efforts have been, she might never be accepted in society again. Now all she can do is make sure that people she loves do not suffer the same fate.

I loved all the characters and it is quite well-written story. Sarah is a perfect heroine and Jonathon compliments her quite well. I adore historical fiction and Daughters of Amhurst is one of my most favourite series.