Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Review: Real Earls Break the Rules (The Infamous Somertons) by Tina Gabrielle

Real Earls Break the Rules


1816 England

Brandon St. Clair, the Earl of Vale, has never been one to follow the rules. Even though he must marry a wealthy heiress so that he can be rid of the pile of debt he inherited with his title, he can’t stop thinking of another. Amelia Somerton is the daughter of a forger and is not a suitable wife. But that doesn’t stop Brandon from making Amelia a different offer, the kind that breaks every rule of etiquette…

Sin runs in Amelia’s family. And even though she now rubs elbows with the aristocracy, she knows the truth—she has the ability to forge priceless works of art. She’ll never be seen as an acceptable wife, not that she wants to marry, anyway. So when the earl scandalously offers her the one thing she’s always dreamt of, she can’t help but take it. But what begins as a simple arrangement, soon escalates into much more, and as the heat between them sizzles, each encounter becomes a lesson in seduction…


It's an interesting story. Earl of Vale is need of wealthy heiress. That's the only way he can save his family's estate and title but then he falls for a daughter of a forger. He can't marry Amelia. So he just needs to focus on getting his painting done. May be if he is able to make a profit from any of his late father's projects things will be better. But that seems very unlikely.
Amelia finds Lord Vale very attractive. When he approached her with an offer she couldn't possibly refuse, she decided to do it. No one needs to find out. She can paint for him and then be on her way to become an exceptional artist. It is her dream to sign her paintings with her own name. So even though she is attracted to Vale she can't marry him. No husband is going to allow her to sign her name on a painting.

So both of them are attracted to each other and yet not able to do anything about it. Or may be the Earl will find a way to break some more rules, after all he has never played by the book.

Story is quite interesting, characters are amazing, and the only reason this book got a 3-Stars review from me is because I didn't enjoy first half of the book. I think the author was repetitive about Lord Vale's financial woes, which I found a little boring. Although the last half of the book was very exciting and the ending was absolutely perfect.

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