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Review: The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller by L.B. Simmons

The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller



For some, it's simply one of life's certainties, nothing more. For others, it's merely a fleeting thought, one often overshadowed by the reckless delusion that they have been blessed with the gift of immortality.

For Aubrey Miller, death is the definition of her very existence. Overcome with the guilt resulting from the loss of her beloved family, she alters her appearance from the once beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl to that of one shrouded in complete darkness, enveloping herself in her own unbreakable fortress of solitude as a form of protection for others.

As she enters her first year of college, her goal is simple: Earn a degree with the least amount of social interaction as possible. What she never anticipates is the formation of very unlikely relationships with two people who will change her life in ways she never believed possible: Quinn Matthews, the boisterous former pageant queen, and Kaeleb McMadden, a childhood friend from her past who never really let her go.

Over the years, as their connections intertwine and grow, a seemingly indestructible bond is formed between the three...

But when death painfully reemerges, Aubrey is lost once again, burying herself deeper than ever before inside the familiar fortification of her fears.

Will the refuge of friendship, the solidarity of life-long bonds, and the power of unconditional love be enough to do the impossible?

Will they be enough to finally bring about...

The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller?


It is quite interesting read. L. B. Simmons' books are always amazing. This one is no exception. And once again, an emotional roller-coaster. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The story is very intriguing. Although it's not quite what I expected but I'm happy to say that it is even better.

It's a story of three friends who are each others' strength. Raven (Aubrey) is a girl who just want to vanish in the crowd. She has made her life's mission to drive people away. She refuses to love anyone and doesn't accept love from others. When she joined college she had absolutely no plan to be anyone's friend.... until she meets Quinn and then Kaeleb.

As far as most people are concern Quinn is the happiest soul on this planet. That girl never stops smiling and enjoying life. Although, reality cannot be farther from it. She has her problems, her issues and she is simply unable to deal with life. But with Raven and Kaeleb she is different, she is herself, her story might seem insignificant but she is in fact at the center of it all.

Kaeleb knew Aubrey, he knows Raven, but he can't accept her. He wants his friend back and he will do anything to resurrect her. This how resurrection of Aubrey Miller starts. When two friends decided that they need their third friend to be the best version of herself.... Three of them go through a lot, deal with a lot, there is sadness in their souls and yet through it all they remain loyal to each other. Together they might weather any storm which comes their way... And there will be many storms to come, no doubt it that.

P.S. If you don't like reading about depression, or depressed people this book is not for you so don't bother. On the other hand if you're or you know someone who is scared of living then I suggest you do read it and try to understand a few of the messages in this book.

P.P.S. Life is not easy, and we all deal with it differently. The best we can do is accept whatever we're given and go from there. Living in guilt, anger, or hate is not living at all.

Release Blitz: Confessed by Eden Rose

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Book: Confessed
Series: Untold Stories #3
Author: Eden Rose
Hosted By:Francessca’s PR & Design


 photo Ebook Cover_zpsjzkriezm.jpg

*I hope you're ready for everything that you've been missing. Audrey and Damien are back and the stakes are a lot higher than before. I know you've missed the hotter than Hades sex and the equally hot men. Don't worry, I promise, you won't have to wait any longer. Damien and Audrey won't disappoint you.

My name is Audrey and you've been following me. For the past five years, you have been watching me and waiting to find out what happens next. Your wait is over and its time to confess.

It's time to confess everything that I've been keeping from you and all of those horrible secrets that could implicate me and my family. Everything that you've wanted to know and maybe some that you didn't want to know.

Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get more than you wanted.

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“Tell me what you need,” he whispers to me.

In that moment. I knew exactly what I needed and it’s something that only Damien could give me. I need to be owned. I need the type of sex that is all encompassing and that will totally shut down my brain due to the pleasure.

Deciding to bite my pride back, I whisper in his ear: “I have a place nearby.”

He kisses along my jaw and squeezes me tighter against him. Even though we are in a public place, and outside, I still feel so connected to him. It was like the last five years never happened. Those five years worth of heartache never took place.

“What are you saying?”

“I want to fuck.”


Hearing her say those words to me is the biggest turn on I have ever heard. I knew I wanted to sink into her hot body when I first saw her across the room but I didn’t think she would ever want to be with me like that again.

I hold her closer to me and grip the back of her thighs in my hands. I’m walking us back to my car and I hope she knows that I’m not letting her go this time. Too much time has passed and I’m not going to let it slide away again.

“Where do you live?” I ask her as I open the door to my BMW convertible. Once it’s open, I slide her into the seat and she buckles up.

“With Garrett,” she says almost as if she’s embarrassed by it.

Knowing that I live alone, I walk around to my side of the car and slip into the driver’s seat. The whole way to my house is quiet and I like it that way. I don’t want to fill the stale and quiet air with useless words that won’t help us in anyway.

By the time I pull into my Victorian styled driveway, she’s looking around at everything. Since I remember how she operates, I know that she likes to be dominated and I miss exerting my control over her. I miss feeling as if I’m the universe to this woman.

Selfishly, I know that I don’t deserve it.

“Let’s go,” I say with power and pull the keys out of the ignition. As I walk over to her side of the car, I’m trying to settle my breathing. I’m so turned on right now and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stop myself from coming before I even slide into her.

The walk from the front door to my bedroom is uneventful and I throw her on my bed with a thud. I have her naked before she can even blink.

My hand connects over and over to the flesh of her ass.

I walk around the bed that she’s lying on and I pull hard on my dick. Her ass in the air with my hand prints highlighting her skin.

“Please, Damien. Please,” Audrey begs me and shakes her ass gently in the air for me to see the highlighted reel of her ass.

I can’t help but smile to myself as she begs me. She’s so fucking sexy when she does. It’s been five years since I have been inside her. Five years since I was able to feel her and taste her.

So I have five years worth of time to make up for and I’m going to get off while I’m doing it.

“When I say now, I want you to back your ass into my face so I can suck your clit.”

She begins shaking and I can see her arousal as it floods out of her pussy and coats her lips. My girl still loves it when I talk dirty. Damn, she’s great.

I adjust myself into position and then slap her ass for good measure. Only because her ass is gorgeous and I can. Man, I fucking love this woman.

Her juicy pussy lips were plump and swollen from the orgasm that I’m withholding from her. I’ve waited five years for her, she can wait until I allow her to come. Plus, I want her to squirt all over my dick. Audrey’s mewls and moans only spur me on to tease her even more.

“Now! Fuck my tongue!” I demand and I stick my tongue out in a spear to slip through her coated pussy lips. She tastes sweet and a little musky from me keeping her right on the level of coming.

She’s fucking my face and my dick is painfully hard as it’s pressed against the mattress. He’s begging to come out and sink into her. I know it’s been a while since she last had sex because she’s greedy as fuck right now.

“Please, Damien. Please. Oh my god. Please…” She begs and then lets out a deep bark of frustration.

“Beg me,” I demand as I bite her pussy lip. It’s as juicy as the rest of her but I love that it’s all her. “Tell me how much you missed my dick, my lovely,” I taunt her. I suck her clit into my mouth and lightly bite the bundle of nerves that has her squealing.

“Fuck!” Audrey yells and begins to shake. Her delicious ass bumps against my face and I remove my mouth from her. “No!” She screams out in protest.

I’m a man on a mission. “Beg me. Tell me how much you missed my fucking dick or I won’t let you come. Do it!” I pick up my left hand and then drop it on her ass with a whack.

“God damn, you sadistic asshole!” She yells out and then pushes her face against the pillow to muffle her scream.

A feeling of accomplishment floods over me and I smack her on the ass again. “No need to flatter me,” I retort and bite her pussy lip again. This time, I suck both lips into my mouth and suck them hard enough to have her trying to move away from me. “Damn,” I yell out as her orgasm rushed out of her and she shakes all over. Her come floods my mouth and I push my dick against the bed. “You’re going to pay for that,” I whisper to her.

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Other Books In the series

Untold (Untold Stories #1)

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Speak (Untold Stories #2)

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About The Author

 photo Authorimage_zpssbuz9uj3.jpg

Hello! My name is Eden Rose and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I have been writing for a long time and once I picked a topic, I couldn't stop writing. My books are very special to me because in some aspect I have had experience in the subject matter one way or another. I love reading romance but I like the main male lead to be a real bad boy, not one who thinks they are bad.
I live in Michigan with my husband and three fur babies! I can be found taking my dog for walks all over town or in a quiet corner reading. I have two degrees in history and criminal justice from a small private college in Michigan where I also joined a sorority.

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Tour Stop + Review + Giveaway: One Sexy Mistake (Chase Brothers, #5) by Sarah Ballance

Pick up for ONLY .99 Cents

One Sexy Mistake
Chase Brothers #5
Sarah Ballance
Releasing Nov 28th, 2016
Entangled Lovestruck

Olivia Patton’s life just imploded. One night with sexy hacker Grady Donovan seems like the perfect, ego-soothing plan—until an epic snowstorm shuts down the city and thwarts her morning-after escape. Now the only walk-of-shame she'll be taking is right back to Grady's door.

Forced to actually talk, Grady and Olivia realize they can't stand each other. Forget another round in the bedroom—if it wasn't his apartment, she'd shove Grady outside to freeze. But with all the blistering sexual tension flying around, a second night with the hacker might be exactly what she needs...if they don't kill each other first.

Each book in the Chase Brothers series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.


It's a sweet, fun, and quick read. I very much enjoyed reading it. Two computer geeks make one sexy mistake, or may be it isn't a mistake at all. Grady doesn't want a relationship. He is tired of demanding women hence he decides to use online app to hook up with someone he doesn't have to romance. So when he gets a reply from Olivia he can't believe his luck, Not only that she is on the same page as him but she happens to be gorgeous. Or may be that's not even her picture... He will have to wait and see whether is disappointed or it turn out to be a good thing.

Olivia can't believe she agreed to a one night stand with a total stranger. For all she knows he could be a serial killer. But now that her mind is made up she is going to do this. This seems to be the only way to get over her ex and the situation she is in right now. May be this one experience will do her some good after all.

When they meet they are instantly attracted to each other. Both are nervous and things don't really go as they planned but here they are, together, snowed in and trying not to annoy each other too much ;)

It's funny and quirky novel. The whole thing was quite entertaining, made me laugh a lot, at times it was sad, but definitely romantic too. I liked it and I think if you're looking for sweet romantic novel for a cold night then this book is for you.
About Sarah

Sarah and her husband of what he calls “many long, long years” live on the mid-Atlantic coast with their six young children, all of whom are perfectly adorable when they’re asleep. She never dreamed of becoming an author, but as a homeschooling mom, she often jokes she writes fiction because if she wants anyone to listen to her, she has to make them up. As it turns out, her characters aren’t much better than the kids, but nevertheless, you’ll find her writing sexy contemporary romance for Entangled Publishing until they throw her out. To learn more, visit

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Maid for the South Pole by Demelza Carlton


Hotel maid turned meteorologist Audra is determined to make her mark on the world without a man getting in her way. Seizing the chance to join an expedition to the South Pole, she thinks all her Christmases have come at once. Until she returns to the research station and meets her new roommate. When Jean-Pierre's wife broke his heart, he swore off women, vowing to spend his holidays in Antarctica for one final season. He didn't count on sharing a room with an Australian woman who hates him for something he can't even remember. Will the heat of a South Pole summer be enough to thaw two icy hearts?


A taste of what's in store in Maid for the South Pole:

  Ice, ice and more ice unfolded below, until the blocky buildings of Davis Station came into view, sitting on the only patch of rock in a sea of white. Eric brought the helicopter down behind the buildings, beside what he said was a lake and the station's water supply. Jean began to help Eric unload his gear, but Eric waved him away. "They heard us arrive, and I radioed ahead to tell them I have their special Christmas supplies. Give it five minutes and I'll have more volunteers than I know what to do with, helping me unload. Go report to the station leader for your accommodation assignment before he knocks off for the day." Armed with Eric's directions to the station leader's office, Jean headed inside, out of the cold. He found the office occupied by a woman – definitely not a he. Cautiously, Jean knocked on the open door. "Hey, I'm looking for the station leader?" She gave a tired wave. "That's me, for my sins. Who'd have believed we could have a water shortage while we're surrounded by ice? Even with shorter showers, it only stretches so far. I'm Ali, by the way." She extended her hand across the desk. Jean shook it. "Jean Pennant, climate change biologist from the University of Washington. Here to finish my PhD research out at Heard Island." Ali stared. "Jean? Spelled J-E-A-N? We all thought you were a woman." Jean made a show of patting down his chest, then his groin. "No, definitely not a woman." He grinned. "If it makes you feel better, I was told the station leader here was a man. I guess it's hard to tell when we're all dressed alike outside." "True." Ali reached for a folder on her desk and cast her eyes down on the contents. "You're here for your accommodation assignment, yes? It looks like you're in luck. You're housed with the summer Met team in SAM, the Summer Accommodation Module." She pulled a page out of the back of the folder and marked it with two crosses. "You're here. Your sleeping quarters are here." She tapped the paper with her pen. "That's Living Quarters, where we do pretty much everything else except work and sleep." "Sounds pretty simple," Jean said, craning his neck to look at the map. "Here." Ali handed it to him. "I'll let you get settled in today. Tomorrow, one of the training officers will take you through all our station procedures, so you know what's what. They'll schedule you in for the next round of survival training, too, before you go on your expedition. Have fun." That sounded like a dismissal to Jean, so he thanked her and headed out. His boots crunched on the grey gravel road as he trudged up to his temporary home, a big, red barn of a place. As long as it was warm inside, he didn't care what it looked like. The sleeping quarters were easy to identify because they had people's names on the doors. Two to a room. He hoped his new roommate didn't snore, like the geologists he'd shared with on Heard Island last year. If he did, Jean would requisition some earplugs from Stores tomorrow. Just like on the map, his room was right at the end of a corridor. Jean knocked cautiously, but he received no response from inside, so he cracked the door open. Light flooded through the window, revealing an empty room. Empty of people, at least, seeing as his roommate had already claimed the top bunk and half of the available storage space. A closed laptop sat on the desk, beside a box of tampons. Jean's bag thumped to the floor. He knew a few marine biologists who used tampons in their waterproof camera housings to absorb moisture, but Ali had said he was rooming with a meteorologist, not a marine biologist or a photographer. An amateur photographer, maybe? Jean checked the door. His name was definitely on it, below one that looked vaguely familiar: Audra Zujute. Where had he heard that before? An image of Doug came to mind. That was right. Doug had talked about someone called Audra. It wasn't exactly a common name, so it was probably the same woman Doug said had nursed him aboard the icebreaker last year. Probably best to take the crewman's advice and thank her, then, in case she remembered him later and thought he was an ungrateful asshole. Maybe if he saw her, it might jog his memory of the days aboard the ship. Hey, it was worth a shot. In the meantime, he decided to check his email, seeing as Ali had given him the station's wi-fi password. Perhaps Louis had sent through some new corrections on the chapters Jean had emailed him from McMurdo. Sure enough, he had – enough to keep Jean busy for the rest of the afternoon and evening. He lost track of time, reading comment after comment and making the required changes. The light coming through the window faded to darkness without Jean taking his eyes off his tablet. It wasn't until the door handle rattled that Jean's thoughts strayed from anything that involved penguins. He leaped to his feet, smoothing down his shirt. The last time she'd seen him, he'd been badly injured and probably incoherent. He wanted to make a better impression this time. As the door swung open, Jean marched forward, sticking his hand out. "Hi, I'm Jean-Pierre, your new roommate. You must be Audra. I believe I owe you for what you did on the Aurora Australis last year." Her already large eyes widened as her face paled. "Shit," she said, before she turned on her heel and strode off

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Promo+ Review + Giveaway: Jakkattu Vector by P. K. Tyler


Welcome to another Novel Publicity tour! We're so excited for the release of The Jakkattu Vector by P.K. Tyler that we wanted to celebrate with a great giveaway featuring a Kindle Fire, one of a kind Jakkattu Vector bookmark and a special book bundle from the author herself!

About the Book

They came as saviors to a deteriorating Earth Julip Thorne questions whether there is more to life beyond the barren dirt, acidic seas, and toxstorms her people work and die in. Living in poverty on the withering Greenland Human Reservation, she wonders if the alien Mezna goddesses are truly as holy as the temple preaches. Julip begins to dig deeper into the history of the planet and her leaders’ rise to power. But nothing can prepare her for the atrocities she uncovers. Meanwhile, Jakkattu prisoner Sabaal suffers constant torture and heinous medical experiments as her Mezna-priest captors seek to unlock the key to her genetic makeup. Escaping from captivity, she finds herself suddenly alone on the hostile alien planet of Earth. To survive, she’s forced to work with the same Mezna-human hybrids she’s loathed her entire life, but the more they work together, the more they realize that their enemy is the same. When humans and Mezna collide, will Sabaal turn out to be the genetic vector the Mezna have been searching for all along, or will she spark the flame that sets a revolution ablaze?


Jakkattu Vactor is an action packed novel. It kept me on my toes from the very beginning until the end. The story is quite tragic, as well as, thought provoking. It shows us a world where humans are no longer human. They're slaves to an alien species but seem not to know that.

Sabaal is from Jakkattu, a planet which has been destroyed by Mezna just like Earth. But unlike humans, Mezna is using her people as miners, slaves who do as their guards told them to. Sabaal is an exception and that's why she has been brought to Earth to be experimented on, to be tortured, and broken down. She has a strong spirit, she will not be enslaved and hence at first opportunity she flee from captivity. Surviving on a dying planet is another thing altogether....

Humans live on reservations. They are thought to worship Mezna. Things they now know might not be true. As two siblings from one such reservation are soon to find out. What will happen when they learn the truth about 'Ferals'? The universe is far bigger than they were led to believe. In fact nothing they know is real.

Teks always thought that they're isolated from the human race because they're better version of humans. But what if that's a lie? Has humanity survived all these years? Or all hope lost?

Sabaal's story will continue in the next book. I can't wait to read it. This one was really good. We get to see different group of species and how they are surviving on Earth after most of it has been destroyed. There are human reservations where people live in a very primitive way. They are not allowed to think for themselves or to ask questions that might lead to the truth. Then their are 'Teks', blue eyes hybrids. They're neither human nor robots but something in between. They're programmed to perform one specific purpose. Some are medical aids, some are guards, but what ever role they're are given that's the only thing they know how to do. They all follow Mezna blindly. Priests control them and anyone breaking the rules is punished. Then there are 'Ferals'. They're deformed creatures, cannibals, who live outside the protected areas. People don't interact with them. They're wild creatures who aren't considered human at all. And among all this chaotic world is one alien 'Sabaal' who is fighting for her freedom and freedom of those who don't even realise that they have been enslaved...

This book is quite intriguing. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend to all sci-fiction lovers. For you guys it's a must read.

About the Author

P.K. Tyler is the author of Speculative Fiction and other Genre Bending novels. She’s also published works as Pavarti K. Tyler and had projects appear on the USA TODAY Bestseller’s List. “Tyler is essentially the indie scene’s Margaret Atwood; she incorporates sci-fi elements into her novels, which deal with topics such as spirituality, gender, sexuality and power dynamics.” – IndieReader Pav attended Smith College and graduated with a degree in Theatre. She lived in New York, where she worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and Production Manager on productions both on and off-Broadway. Later, Pavarti went to work in the finance industry for several international law firms. Now located in Baltimore Maryland, she lives with her husband, two daughters and two terrible dogs. When not penning science fiction books and other speculative fiction novels, she twists her mind by writing horror and erotica.

You can follow PK Tyler on Facebook, Twitter, and sign up for her newsletter, or visit her website here.
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“Deeds” Broken Deeds MC #1 99c SALE
(Price will go back to $2.99 on Monday, 11/28)

Deeds has just spent the last few weeks jonesing after a woman he only knows as Hotlips. Apparently pissing off a female can be rather entertaining from the safety of a text and their witty banter has left the President of Broken Deeds MC wishing for more.
The annoying, yet funny, communication comes to an end when they meet face to face. Lynn is the sister of Zack, current president of Areion Fury MC. Brought up the daughter of an MC President, Lynn is hell bent on not being a biker’s bitch.
When an enemy of Broken Deeds MC comes to play, Deeds is willing to give his last breath protecting what he claims is his. Deeds, a former MMA fighter, will need to revive his old fighter skills to protect his woman. Will it be enough to bring their enemy down or will he not only lose his only love but also his life?

For a greater reading experience:
"Zack" Areion Fury MC book one
"Deeds" Broken Deeds MC book one
"Broke" Broken Deeds MC book two
“Depay” Broken Deeds MC book three Feb 2017

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Cover Reveal: "Frederick" by Esther E. Schmidt

Title: “Frederick”

Author: Esther E. Schmidt

Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover model: Chris Spearman

Release Day: 16th of December 2016

Standalone, BDSM

Pre-order SALE price is set: 99c 
(Price will go back to $2.99 after 3 days 12/16)

Taking the world by force is all Frederick has ever known. Domination is in his blood; which is evident in the boardroom and the bedroom. While stranded on the doorstep of his virtual assistant, Frederick finds himself in new territory. As a person who demands and takes, Frederick now finds himself ready to give.
Taryn has built her walls high with layers and layers of guilt after the deaths of her sister and nephew. Her solitary life, void of most pleasures, is her self-imposed punishment. Working is her only connection to the outside world; that is until her work barges through her front door.
Thrown together in a snowstorm, secrets are uncovered. Will Frederick break through her walls built by guilt? Can Taryn open up and let go? Or will their curiosity bring them to their knees?

Review: The Hands of Time (Elementals #5) by Michelle Madow

The Hands of Time (Elementals, #5)


Time is running out. War will be waged. Sacrifices will be made.

Months ago, Nicole Cassidy’s life was turned upside-down when she discovered that she was a witch descended from the Greek gods. She and the four other witches gifted with elemental powers fought all over the world—and in another dimension—to battle the supporters of the Titans and fight for the people they love.

Now the Elementals must stop Typhon—the most dangerous monster in the world—from rising, and seal the portal to the dangerous prison world of Kerberos. But they won’t be able to do that without facing their hardest decision yet… a sacrifice so great that it may be one they’re not willing to make.

Get ready for the stunning, action-packed conclusion to the bestselling Elementals series, with twists and turns that you’ll never see coming!


Wow, what a thrilling but a little sad conclusion to an amazing series. I loved it a lot.
Five friends fighting for one cause. This is their last chance to save the world from Titans, and Elementals are willing to do anything to succeed. One adventure after another, this series has been, fast paced, and very entertaining. I'd definitely miss it.

In this book Nicole, Chris, Blake, Kate, and Danielle are on the mission to stop Typhon from returning and finally closing the portal to Kerberos. It won't be easy, they will encounter many dangers along the way. But everyone seems to have faith in them (including me ;)).

They face many challenges, and still manage to complete their mission. Although it wasn't the happy ending I was looking for but it was definitely much better. I have enjoyed this series a lot and I hope to read more of Madow's books in the future. :)

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Tour Stop: A Beautiful Catastrophe by Katheryn Kiden

For two years Shay Daniels has been stuck in the past—stuck in a pain so deeply overwhelming that she constantly feels as if she's drowning. A chance meeting gives her her first breath of fresh air, but it could be her final downfall. 

He's stuck wondering what could have been—letting the pain of everything he's lost simmer within his broken heart. She's the first thing that has made him feel like himself again in years. He might be able to love her—he wants to—if he could only manage to live in the present. 

Devastating pasts. 

Uncertain futures. 

Life is supposed to move forward, but what if all it does is revolve in a heartbreaking circle? 

What if every step you take toward making yourself whole again only leads you closer to another beautiful catastrophe?

Katheryn was born in Maine and raised in Maine. Growing up, she was the only girl out of five children. Out of four loving, but hard-assed, brothers she has been set on fire TWICE, shot at, left her with a burning car and a five gallon container of gas, scared out of her mind every time they got behind the wheel, and has enough hilarious stories and amazing memories to fill a million books. It made her independent and every female character she writes reflects strength and independence.

Katheryn books are full of page turning suspense, humor, and enough steam to overheat your e-reader.

"There are no weak women, just weak moments."


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Review: Real Earls Break the Rules (The Infamous Somertons) by Tina Gabrielle

Real Earls Break the Rules


1816 England

Brandon St. Clair, the Earl of Vale, has never been one to follow the rules. Even though he must marry a wealthy heiress so that he can be rid of the pile of debt he inherited with his title, he can’t stop thinking of another. Amelia Somerton is the daughter of a forger and is not a suitable wife. But that doesn’t stop Brandon from making Amelia a different offer, the kind that breaks every rule of etiquette…

Sin runs in Amelia’s family. And even though she now rubs elbows with the aristocracy, she knows the truth—she has the ability to forge priceless works of art. She’ll never be seen as an acceptable wife, not that she wants to marry, anyway. So when the earl scandalously offers her the one thing she’s always dreamt of, she can’t help but take it. But what begins as a simple arrangement, soon escalates into much more, and as the heat between them sizzles, each encounter becomes a lesson in seduction…


It's an interesting story. Earl of Vale is need of wealthy heiress. That's the only way he can save his family's estate and title but then he falls for a daughter of a forger. He can't marry Amelia. So he just needs to focus on getting his painting done. May be if he is able to make a profit from any of his late father's projects things will be better. But that seems very unlikely.
Amelia finds Lord Vale very attractive. When he approached her with an offer she couldn't possibly refuse, she decided to do it. No one needs to find out. She can paint for him and then be on her way to become an exceptional artist. It is her dream to sign her paintings with her own name. So even though she is attracted to Vale she can't marry him. No husband is going to allow her to sign her name on a painting.

So both of them are attracted to each other and yet not able to do anything about it. Or may be the Earl will find a way to break some more rules, after all he has never played by the book.

Story is quite interesting, characters are amazing, and the only reason this book got a 3-Stars review from me is because I didn't enjoy first half of the book. I think the author was repetitive about Lord Vale's financial woes, which I found a little boring. Although the last half of the book was very exciting and the ending was absolutely perfect.

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Review: My Rogue, My Ruin by Amalie Howard

My Rogue, My Ruin


The Marquess of Hawksfield’s lineage is impeccable and his title coveted, but Archer Croft is as far from his indulgent peers as he can get. His loathing for the beau monde has driven him to don a secret identity and risk everything in order to steal their riches and distribute them to the less fortunate.

Lady Briannon Findlay embraces her encounter with the Masked Marauder, a gentleman thief waylaying carriages from London to Essex. The marauder has stirred Brynn’s craving for adventure, and she discovers an attraction deeper than the charming thief’s mask.

Brynn is a revelation, matching Archer in intelligence, wit, and passion. Stubborn and sensuous in equal measure, she astonishes him at every turn, but when someone sinister impersonates Archer’s secret personality, and a murder is committed, Archer begins to think he doesn’t stand a fighting chance without her.


It's an intriguing historical novel, full of mystery, adventure, and romance. I loved it. The story is quite good and well-written. I loved Archer and Briannon. Both are unconventional and looking for adventure, which they find soon enough.

Archer doesn't agree with his father on anything. He has made his own life, away from the ton. But he is not ready to share this life with anyone. He is considered aloof and rude. He likes it that way, he likes to keep everyone at arm's length. But Brynn is different. She is unlike any Lady he knows, and she intrigues him.

Brynn doesn't like Archer at all. Although he is very handsome and she cannot deny the attraction she feels but she knows that he is not good enough for her. Her brother agrees. So when Archer decides to keep an eye on her, it annoys her to no end. She doesn't want to spend any time with him, yet they constantly find themselves in each others company.

But soon things become serious and may be even dangerous for them. There is someone out there who doesn't have Archer's best interest at heart. He must find that person before things get out of hand.

I quite enjoyed reading it and would recommend to all historical fiction fans.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Audio Blog Tour Release~Invisible

💋 Audio Blog Tour Release~Invisible 💋


By L.A. Remenicky

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Narrator: Trevor Thompson

Published by Lavish Publishing
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They found each other.  Then the killer found them.
Detective Jackson “Jax” McKenna walks into a psychologist’s office and finds that the doctor bears a striking resemblance to his first love, Lainie, who disappeared ten years ago after their disastrous first date ended in violence.
Dr. Elizabeth Parker is really Elaine Wilson, Jax’s Lainie.  She’s been in hiding since the night that changed both their lives.  Jax discovers the truth when the killer lets Lainie know he’s found her.  When Jax and Lainie go on the run to keep Lainie safe, old feelings resurface as the killer threatens their lives.  Can Jax save Lainie and help her stay Invisible?

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Audio Sample ~ Take a listen:

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The name on the file folder, J. McKenna, gave me a chill. He had been wounded in the line of duty—shot by a bank robbery suspect. Seeing the name reminded me of where I came from and why the need for hiding existed. I pushed the memories down. I’m not that person anymore. That person doesn’t exist. It wasn’t necessary to touch the necklace underneath my sweater as a reminder, but it had become a nervous habit. The locket was the only thing I had kept from that life.


The door opened and Sheila showed my patient in. As my eyes met his, my heart stopped for what seemed like hours. After reading the file, I was afraid of this. How many Jackson McKenna’s could there be? The hair is shorter and the face is older, but it’s him. I would know those eyes anywhere. Jackson McKenna. He was my first love and indirectly, the reason I had to use a cane to walk farther than across the room.
I cleared my throat and stood, reaching out to shake his hand as I would with any new patient, hoping he didn’t recognize me.
“I’m Dr. Parker. Please make yourself comfortable, Officer McKenna, and we can get started.”
When I realized his right arm was in a sling and we couldn’t shake hands, I dropped mine back to my side. Picking up my notepad and pen, I hoped he didn’t see the way my hands were shaking.
“It’s actually Detective, not Officer.”
He sat on the couch across from me, observing with those hazel eyes that have haunted my dreams for ten years, and then he shook his head.
“You remind me of someone I used to know a long time ago.”

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The December Awethology Dark Volume



WTMO Author Bio Banner Final.jpg

L.A. Remenicky ~ Love Stories With A Twist
L.A. Remenicky is a forty-something wife and mother of three fur kids. A payroll professional by day, she writes out the stories in her head by night.
An avid reader all her life, she finally put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) during NaNoWriMo in 2012 and has never looked back. When she’s not typing away on her latest story with music playing in the background, she can usually be found spending time with her family and friends.


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