Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Review: Game of Love by Ara Grigorian

Game of Love


Gemma Lennon has spent nearly all of her 21 years focused on one thing: Winning a Grand Slam. 

After a disastrous and very public scandal and subsequent loss at the Australian Open, Gemma is now laser-focused on winning the French Open. Nothing and no one will derail her shot at winning – until a heated chance encounter with brilliant and sexy Andre Reyes threatens to throw her off her game. 

Breaking her own rules, Gemma begins a whirlwind romance with Andre who shows her that love and a life off the court might be the real prize. With him, she learns to trust and love…at precisely the worst time in her career. The pressure from her home country, fans, and even the Prime Minister to be the first British woman to win in nearly four decades weighs heavily. 

As Wimbledon begins, fabricated and sensationalized news about them spreads, fueling the paparazzi, and hurting her performance. Now, she must reconsider everything, because in the high-stakes game of love, anyone can be the enemy within…even lovers and even friends. In the Game of Love, winner takes all.


I devoured this book. It's amazing, I loved it! Right from the very beginning the story just pulled me in and I simply couldn't get enough of it. It reminded me of Jane Austen's work. Don't get me wrong though, this story is in no way resembles any of hers. I'm only comparing in terms of how much I enjoyed it. There are many things I liked. First of all I loved how some of my favourite quotes found their way into it and some how became an integral part of the story. I loved its steady pace, nothing was rushed or dragged out. Every part, every chapter, every sentence seemed to matter. In my book that's the best thing, very few authors can pull it off this perfectly. Then there are the characters, each and everyone of them is well-developed, even supporting characters are good. Both main characters are given great background stories. It's very important because it helps reader to connect with them. And I connected with both Gemma and Andre.

Gemma is a celebrity, she is always in public's eye. There is no part of her life she can hide or keep quiet. Apparently that's necessary if she wants to be a good tennis player, it comes with the territory.  It doesn't mean that she likes it or craves the fame in anyway. She just wants to win Grand Slam, for her as well as for her father. The only problem is that no matter how hard she tries she still manages screwing things up.... Until she meets Andre and the game becomes even more interesting, stakes are higher than ever, winning or losing may mean everything.

Andre is a problem solver. He doesn't play games, not his style. But for Gemma he is willing to go along. Because she is worth it. But what happens when things get a little more messy than they would've anticipated? Would they be able to fight against all odds and come up victorious or would this be the end of their budding love?

Be ready for a thrilling story, this book has it all, mystery, romance, politics, betrayal, loyalty, and most importantly players who know how to win. All in all this has been a perfect read for me. I enjoyed reading it a lot and would definitely recommend to all romance lovers. In fact even if romance isn't your preferred genre you should still give it a try, you might change your mind. ;)

P.S. I can't thank the author enough for providing me an opportunity to read it. It has been such a pleasure!

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