Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Willing Target by Kathleen Mix

Willing Target


The last thing covert operative Mitch Weaver wants is to be partnered with a gorgeous, reckless newbie. Still reeling from the death of his former partner, Mitch doesn't need the responsibility of keeping anyone else alive, especially when they volunteer to be a killer's target. Not to mention, his attraction to the too-perky blonde is the kind of distraction that could get them both killed in their line of work. 

Andrea Carnegie's first assignment isn't going quite as she planned. Her partner might be sexy but he's completely frustrating with his determination to keep her out of danger. Masquerading as a billionaire's sister to bait a possible killer is her chance to shine. But if she wants to catch the person threatening their client, she’ll have to find a way to work together with Mitch while still keeping her distance. Even as the air between them sizzles, Andrea knows the worst possible thing she could do is fall for her partner.


It's a romantic mystery. I loved the story. There were enough twists and turns to keep one intrigued. Al the characters are also amazing. It's written in a lighthearted manner which is quite enjoyable.

Andrea is ready to prove herself. Living under the shadow of her father and brothers, she can't wait to show the world that she is more than just Coach's daughter or her famous brothers' sister. So she is willing to take some risk. She know that her job is dangerous but she also feels that she is ready. Now is is a willing target for someone who is trying to kill her look alike sister of a billionaire. Her job is to take her place and draw her to-be-killer out. The rest of the team will then catch him or them. But it's hard for her to play 'damsel is distress'. She will have to try though.

Mitch has lost one partner and he isn't about to lose another. It's his job to keep Andrea alive so that's what he is going to do. It doesn't matter that she is an extremely attracted woman who is having his thoughts jumbled. No matter what he must stay focused on the job. As soon as they can catch whoever is behind the threats  the better.

Although things don't go as planned and there are many surprises they have yet to face...
Quite interesting story, I enjoyed reading it and would recommend to all readers.

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