Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review: The Hysterics by Kristen Hope Mazzola

The Hysterics


Once upon a time, I was Fallon Dunbar. Rock and roll, drugs, and bad decisions were the life I lived. I'd fallen so deep into the dark rabbit hole that I was certain I would never make it out alive. People like me didn't get second chance. People like me didn't get lifted from the darkness. So when the opportunity showed up, I had to take it. I walked away from everything I loved, everything that was killing me, and I became Fae Dunham. After that, I had behind makeup, long sleeves, and a closed-off heart. All was well until I met Dane Pearson. He wasn't convinced of the new me, and whenever he was near, I felt like the old me, the real me, filled with passion and a love for music. Every day was a fight to not fall back down the rabbit hole. And every day, somehow, I slowly began to discover what it meant to fin myself. It was a hysteric rise, but it was ours. And I wouldn't change a thing.
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I quite enjoyed reading this delicious book. I loved Fae and Dane, both are perfect in their own way. And chemistry between the two is also good. I felt the connection between them right from the beginning.
The story is good as well. It's about a famous drummer who fell into bad habits and then had to die in order to be re-born.

Fae is trying to turn her life around. She got tired of the drugs and bad influence of musicians. Now she works in an office, although musicians are still a part of her job. But at least she can avoid the groupies. That's where she meet Dane. He is a co-worker. He is also a drummer in some band. But he is unlike anyone she has ever met...

Dane knows who Fae is. He likes her a lot. Like Fae he also had a difficult past. They are both kindred spirits. May be that's why they are attracted to each other. But it might not be so easy to convince her to give him a chance...

It's a romance between two people who are clearly made for each other. I loved the book and will definitely recommend it! I think people who enjoy romance will love it. And if you're a fan of rock stars then it's a must read.

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