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Release Blitz + Giveaway: Same/Difference by D. D. Lorenzo

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Metamorphosis. An exquisite transformation. A necessary mechanism of evolution whereby the change is not only in appearance, but also behavior. My transformation possessed no beauty. Only pain. But just as the caterpillar morphs to a butterfly my strength is refined in the struggle, my flaws cocooned in the dark. If I survive the alteration my reward is to drink nectar and float on the breeze. Where I was once vulnerable, I will rise above. The same, but different. My name is Paige. I'm spreading my wings.
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DD Lorenzo is a contemporary storyteller of love and suspense. She likes to think of her books as "Romance with a Twist"! DD resides in Maryland, The Land of Pleasant Living. She met the love of her life in high school and decided to look no further. Together, they have raised an eclectic and amazing family. When she isn't writing stories, she is rooting for the Baltimore Ravens or the Baltimore Orioles. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with the great people in her life and riding to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in her husband's classic Mustang. DD is currently working on books 5, "Beauty is a Bitch". Just an FYI - Book 1 is a cliffie that concludes in Book 2. Books 3, 4, and 5 are stand alone novels. That will complete the "Depth of Emotion" series. small frame-follow
You can find DD on FaceBook, Twitter, Goodreads and at
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Review: Enticing Her Unexpected Bridegroom (Lady Lancaster Garden Society #4) by Catherine Hemmerling

Enticing Her Unexpected Bridegroom


London, 1814

Sarah Jardin has been quite dreadfully in love with David Rochester her whole life. As the youngest of five daughters, her family and society neglect her. She's outspoken, brash, and terribly ungraceful. In short, not at all a lady...until she's taken under the benevolent wing of Lady Lancaster and invited to join the Young Ladies Garden Society.
But Sarah's new life—filled with the mysteries and intrigues of high society—is interrupted by an unexpected scandal. Her scandal. In a moment of kindness, David comforts her...and they are discovered and forced to marry. Even as the newlyweds must come to terms with their new arrangement, they find themselves drawn into the investigation of a dangerous conspiracy. 
With life and love on the line, their unexpected marriage will either end in rapture...or ruin.

5-Stars Review

Sarah is hilarious. I loved her and David is not so bad either. This book is a delightful read. They both are married very unexpectedly. David never thought he would see Sarah as anything more than his sister's annoying friend but soon he is proven to be wrong. Albeit clumsy, awkward and outspoken she still has a charming personality. On the other hand Sarah has had a crush on her friend's brother since the day he saved her from yet another embarrassment. So for her it isn't so difficult to be married to him. David needs time to adjust to their marriage. Which he does and then their chemistry is really worth reading about. Both are kind and helpful, ready to go on a mission to rescue the poor. I loved all aspects of this book but for me "Sarah" was the best part. She has become one of my very favourite adorable heroine.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Review: The Viscountess of Vice by Jenny Holiday

The Viscountess of Vice


Secrets and lies, scandals and spies.

All Lady Catharine, Viscountess Cranbrook, wants is a little excitement. Bored of playing the role of the ton’s favorite slightly scandalous widow, she jumps at the chance to go undercover as a courtesan to help with an espionage mission. After all, beneath her outrageously low bodice beats the heart of a patriot.

Social reformer James Burnham is conducting a study of vice in England’s capital. Driven by his own secrets, he is methodical, intelligent—and wickedly handsome. Catharine is the last sort of woman the upstanding James should want. But want her he does, though she stands for everything he opposes.

When Catharine and James are forced to band together to advance their causes, they’ll be drawn into a web of secrets and lies that endangers their lives—and their hearts.

5-Stars Review

It is a historical romance novel. I loved this book, it's interesting, intriguing and very thrilling read. It's well-written and all the characters are quite entertaining. Also adored the story. I have read Jenny Holiday's books before and I like her way of writing, it's quite engaging. I'm happy that this book was just as good as her previous work.

Catherine is undercover as a courtesan. Her mission is to stay anonymous and find out about traitors among the ton. It is a dangerous thing to do but for her country she is willing to do it anyway. While undercover she meets James, a social reformer, who is on a mission of his own. He wants to help the poor and improve lives if possible, But when he meets the intriguing lady he feels attracted to her. For some reason he can't keep her out of his head. He is against what she does just because she is bored.

Catherine cannot tell her about being undercover hence she lies but will that jeopardise the budding romance between them or will James understand that this is important for her...

A must read for historical romance lover. This book will keep you on your toes from the very beginning until the end. I'm glad that I got the chance to read it.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: A Pirate's Revenge by Meg Hennessy

A Pirate's Revenge


Rayna de La Roche once lived a privileged life of a Spanish royal until her brother dragged her to America. In order to return to Spain, she must find a hidden treasure somewhere in New Orleans. She pairs up with a rugged American mercenary, whose mere touch unleashes her deepest desire.

Captain Zachary Nash has been accused of a murder he did not commit. On the run, he’s hired to protect Rayna. As much as he wants her, Zach cannot hope to have her, for she sees him as a common criminal. But keeping his hands off of her while they hunt down the treasure may be his toughest task yet.

As the passion sizzles between the royal and the captain, they’ll have to decide if the treasure is more important than love…

4-Stars Review

This a historical fiction. The story revolves around a Spanish royal and an American outlaw, accused of murder. Zach is on the run when he meets Rayna father. First he worked for him and now he is working for her brother. His task is simple, he has to protect Rayna as long as she is in New Orleans. Or so he thought but the very first day she is attacked by thieves who are after something. After saving her life Zach thinks he deserves a few answers but Rayna is very secretive about her visit to New Orleans, a place she clearly despises.

Rayna didn't want to leave Spain but her brother wants revenge so here she is, looking for something which probably is nothing more than a myth. She will try her best to find the treasure and buy her passage back to Spain where she belongs. Things get more complicated when there are other people after the treasure as well, dangerous people who will stop at nothing. At least she has her knight- Zachary Nash- he will protect her. She doesn't know why she trusts him so much but for some reason she is sure he will never do her any harm. Still she is reluctant to tell him the whole story. For now he doesn't need to know.

What the two of them didn't anticipated was the attraction they feel for each other. Zach knows she is of royal blood and he is just a lowly Captain, in fact not even that anymore since he was accused to murder and is on the run from authorities. Odds are against them but they're stuck with each other until either Rayna finds her treasure or decides to use her "magic word".

This is an interesting novel full of romance, mystery and drama. I enjoyed reading it. I liked all the characters especially Zach and Rayna. I thought it was a standalone novel, I'm not so sure now, because I had difficulty catching up. There were a lot of questions about Rayna's brother and her brother's brother-in-laws that mystified me in the beginning. After a while things started to make more sense. Other than that book is perfect, it's well-written and plot is quite intriguing. Overall I enjoyed reading it.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Excerpt Reveal: Boiling Point by Tessa Bailey

Book Title: Boiling Point
Author: Tessa Bailey
Release Date: 1/25/16
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Hot!)


Con artist Austin Shaw's been in disguise so long he's not sure where his fake identities end and he begins. Now that he's been strong-armed into working for a specialized undercover unit working with the Chicago police—criminals with unique “skills”—the last thing he needs is to risk his iron control. Especially when it comes to a certain stunningly sexy hacker who tempts him with every look of disdain.
Polly Banks will never, ever trust a con man. On the trail of a ruthless crook who destroyed the only family she's ever known, Polly is unnerved by the shadow who follows her every move. The one who makes her pulse pound and breath short with lust. Austin. He's infuriating, enigmatic, and pure sex appeal, and she's determined to resist him.
But an untrustworthy man of disguise can become anyone he wants...including a man that Polly must trust if she's to escape their dangerous game alive.
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Exclusive Excerpt from BOILING POINT:

“All yours. You’ve been its cruel keeper for months.” He tilted his hips, presenting himself to her in a way that should have been crude, but on Austin, it was all animal grace. “At any time at all, you could have demanded me. Sent me to my knees to lick you off with one word. Grabbed my cock through my pants in front of everyone and told them who it belonged to.” His eyelids drooped as if the scenario was an aphrodisiac. “Please yourself with me, Polly. My body. My cock. Own it all.”
“I will,” she whispered, shaken by his speech. Emboldened by it. Holding his gaze she lifted the belt to his arousal and looped the leather around its ruddy base. A broken curse fell from his mouth, the muscles of his abdomen jerking. His big hands flew up, as if to grip her shoulders for balance, but they fisted and dropped back to his sides, where she told him with her inaction they must remain. Careful to keep the buckle from touching him, Polly tugged the leather to her right, watching the belt slither around his erection in a circular caress.
“Oh, fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” He swayed on his knees. “More. More.
Polly leaned close and ran her tongue along the seam of his lips, pulling away when he tried to capture her mouth in a kiss. “Only if it pleases me.”
“Yes.” His nod was disjointed, breathing uneven. “Only if it pleases you.”
“It does.” Faster than the first time, Polly pulled the belt left, whimpering at the sight of his aching flesh being squeezed between the leather strip, the precum that beaded at his tip. She repeated the action twice more, faster and with more surrounding pressure on his length each time. “How does it feel? 
“Like nothing else,” Austin groaned, neck muscles straining. “There’s nothing else.”
His declaration made her want to prove him wrong. Or maybe she needed a distraction to avoid feeling humbled. With the decision to stop thinking and experience, Polly grasped Austin’s hand and dragged it up her skirt, between her thighs where his palm conformed to her shape without hesitation, ripping a moan from her throat. “Th-there is something else.”
Austin’s gaze turned intent, fixated on her face. “You need to fuck now, sweet?” There was nothing casual about his perusal of her body. It was predatory filth and it set Polly ablaze. His middle finger pushed at her entrance, through the barrier of her underwear. “Ah God, just set me loose with a yes. I will split the fucking headboard down the middle from bucking into this pussy.”


Author Bio:

Tessa Bailey is originally from Carlsbad, California. The day after high school graduation, she packed her yearbook, ripped jeans and laptop, driving cross-country to New York City in under four days.

Her most valuable life experiences were learned thereafter while waitressing at K-Dees, a Manhattan pub owned by her uncle. Inside those four walls, she met her husband, best friend and discovered the magic of classic rock, managing to put herself through Kingsborough Community College and the English program at Pace University at the same time. Several stunted attempts to enter the work force as a journalist followed, but romance writing continued to demand her attention.

She now lives in Long Island, New York with her husband of eight years and four-year-old daughter. Although she is severely sleep-deprived, she is incredibly happy to be living her dream of writing about people falling in love.

Twitter: @mstessabailey

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Blitz + Review + Giveaway: For Seven Nights Only (Chase Brothers #2) by Sarah Ballance


Kelsie Reed is over bad luck and bad men. Newly dumped, she’s now the pathetically single maid of honor in her sister's wedding—and her ex is the best man. Her bad luck continues when a plumbing meltdown in her apartment sends her sexy neighbor running to her rescue. He’s got "serial dater" written all over him, which is unfortunate because the man is hot.

Sawyer Chase loves women, but settling down? He’ll leave that to his brothers. But when Kelsie confesses she’s a dating disaster and is about to become the laughing stock of her family wedding, Sawyer takes control. He's got one week to teach her how to land the man of her dreams, and he’ll do it on her terms: no touching, no kissing, and definitely nothing more.

But some rules need to be broken, especially when, for once, there’s something on the line worth fighting for…

5-Stars Review

I loved it! It is funny and interesting book, with lots of laugh-out-loud scenes and some very hot & romantic ones.  In my opinion that is the best combination in any book. Kelsie and Sawyer are adorable and all other characters are also likable. I enjoyed it and find it an engaging book from the very beginning until the end.

Sawyer doesn't do relationship. He has never been to a third date. There is only one think he wants from women and as soon a she gets it they're history. But then he meets Kelsie, she is a woman who doesn't know her own charms. She is clueless about her beauty. And currently she is in a bind. So when Sawyer suggests that she gets his help in finding a date she agrees.

Kelsie knows it's not a good idea. Sawyer is extremely good looking and she is not his type at all. What can he possibly find attractive in her when he has a new girl every other day. But what she doesn't know is that her being not interested in him is enough to get him interested in her. Soon they both start wanting things they can't have. Or maybe fate has something else in store for them...

About the Author

Sarah and her husband of what he calls “many long, long years” live on the mid-Atlantic coast with their six young children, all of whom are perfectly adorable when theyre asleep. She never dreamed of becoming an author, but as a homeschooling mom, she often jokes she writes fiction because if she wants anyone to listen to her, she has to make them up. As it turns out, her characters arent much better than the kids, but nevertheless, youll find her writing sexy contemporary romance for Entangled Publishing until they throw her out. To learn more, visit

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Cover Reveal: I Surrender Sseries by Monica James

Here are the brand new covers for the I SURRENDER SERIES.
Surrender to Jasper White.
Genre: New Adult
Cover Design: Marisa-Rose Shor, Cover Me Darling

I Surrender (Book #1)

Surrender To Me (Book #2)

Surrendered (Book #3)

White (Book #4)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Annabella's Oblivion By V.F. Mason

Title: Annabella's Oblivion
Series: Hard World Tour #1
By: V.F. Mason
Publication Date: February 3, 2016
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations

Sometimes love is our only salvation...


My brother and I shared the unbreakable bond that held us through thick and thin.

Nick helped me to achieve my dreams and meet my best friends.

Our shared talents with girls allowed us to create one of the best rock bands of our generation.

We had it all.

Fame, money, freedom.

The future held nothing but endless possibilities for us, and I couldn't be happier.

Until the person I loved most, my brother, was gone.

And nothing was ever the same.

The Oblivion consumed me, and I never wanted to come back.

But then Nate Jackson decided to save me, and I was powerless to stop him from bulldozing into my life and make me live again.

Annabella’s Oblivion

Copyright2016 V.F. Mason
All rights reserved



When you lose someone you love, you want to scream as you fall to your knees, begging for anything to release the pain. People say, once you let it all out, you’re finally able to accept the fact that the person you love is gone and you can proceed with the funeral and the grieving.
They say time heals everything and makes us remember those we lost only with smiles and good memories, and all the bad things fade away.
Well, you know what? It’s all fucking bullshit. Time doesn’t heal shit; it just makes you deal with the painful reality that they’re never coming back.
There is no scream. The minute you get the news, all you hear is a deep buzzing sound in your ears and everything around you is just quiet, as if you were in a vacuum.
Funerals and seeing the body? Makes you loathe it even more and get angry at all those people who think they know better, who give you that pitiful stare and tell you someday everything will be all right. They promise to be there for you and always offer their support.
That was a fucking lie, too. No one’s here with me right now. I lie in bed all alone and the pain doesn’t go away. That, I guess, is the whole point to being in rehab.
“Bella, you are fucking using, and you want me to let you go on with it?”
“Take her to a center. She is a fucking druggie.”
“Have you thought for a second how Nick would react to this?”
I hear all those voices in my head every time I try to relax. There is no getting away from them, or from those people who think they understand.
They think they’re allowed to judge.
Well, they fucking aren’t. They don’t know what it’s like to be me and deal with the pain when you have to smile for the press or perform on stage.
No, they fucking don’t, and I hate them for judging me.
Drugs, they were my friends. For just a moment, they allowed me to see him, to imagine and talk to him. I was able to laugh and experience a slight joy because he was here every time I took another dose. They took it away from me and thought I would deal with the grief.
How can I ever deal with it?
The person I loved most, the one who always believed in me, who was there for me when I wanted to explore my talent and go big, who saved me from the blows of our father, he’s gone.
He is never coming back. He can never hug me and tell me it’s going to be okay, because nothing can be okay for me anymore. I want him here with me, but at the same time, I know he would have been disappointed in me. He would never take drugs or approve of me doing something so bad either. He hated them because they destroyed our parents, and he helped kids like us make a different choice.
There is one vivid memory of him and me, when I was five and he was ten, and we walked around the park with just our sweaters and coats as protection against the biting wind, even though our coats were old and didn’t do much to keep us warm. I had wanted to see the park and he showed me. My teeth chattered from the cold, so he removed his coat with the intention of placing it on me.
“No, Nick! It’s freezing!” He held me close as I tried to get away, because as cold as I was, I didn’t want him to suffer. And if he became sick, there was no medicine to heal him. Our parents spent what little money they had on the alcohol and didn’t give a thought to their kids. Nick ignored my arguments and placed his jacket on me.
“It’s okay. I feel better knowing you are protected.” It made me cry, but he just smiled and hugged me. He was my hero. There wasn’t a time in my life when he didn’t put me and my needs first. He’d attended every one of my concerts and even arranged my music deal.
He will always be my hero. But he’s gone.
He is gone forever.
How can I live in a world where he no longer exists?
How is it possible to breathe in a world where my big brother, the only family I’ve ever had, doesn’t exist?
He is gone, and sometimes, I wish like hell I could have gone with him, that it would have been me who’d died in that car accident all those months ago. It should have been me who laid on the table, my body cold and lifeless.
They say atonement comes one way or another, or the guilt eventually vanishes.
That’s fucking bullshit, too. I’m a coward; I don’t want to live with the guilt. I want to live in my small fantasy-reality, where he’s alive.
I know I’m probably as good as done with the band. There is no way the girls and Jeremy will let me stay after all this; plus, how can they ever trust me?
They shouldn’t, because as much as I love what I do—what we do—if I had the choice again between them and that life, and drugs and my brother, I would choose Nick in a heartbeat.
My name is Annabella Katherine Hastings. I’m the lead singer of one of the most famous girl rock bands in the world, a fan favorite of many—supposedly with the voice of an angel—and I’ve recently become a druggie.
Welcome to my world.

Title: Jane's Surrender
Series: Hard World Tour #2
By: V.F. Mason
Publication Date: February 3, 2016
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations

Sometimes love is our greatest fear...


I never really believed that love could heal until my parents adopted me. They showered me with love and attention, and through them I met my three best friends.

Our mutual talents allowed us to create a band that became one of the most popular rock bands in our generations.

We had everything, yet my heart longed for one thing.


I dreamed about the Knight in shining armor who would come and sweep me off my feet.

One day, I finally met him.

Only to be crushed when he fell in love with my best friend.

I gave up on love, deciding that happily ever after wasn't for everyone.

Until Drake came into my life and made my head spin.


I always knew that Id recognize the girl who is supposed to be mine from the first moment of meeting her.

Jane came into my life spontaneously, and we spend one amazing night filled with passion, laughter, and fun.

On the next day, she was gone.

My girl wanted nothing to do with me.

However, I was there to show her that no matter what a man never gives up on the woman he wants and some things are worth fighting for.

Jane’s Surrender
Copyright2016 V.F. Mason
All rights reserved

Chapter 1

The night that changed everything

Las Vegas, Nevada
March, 2013

Jane, 21 years old
“Come on, Jane. Live a little!” Ariel shouted in my ear and gave me yet another shot of tequila, and I just rolled my eyes.
The girl was crazy, but she probably didn't give a shit. That made me smile, especially when I thought about all the things she did in life. I shook my head and moved the shot to the side. I didn’t feeling like drinking, and maybe I just wasn’t in the mood.
We were in a crowded Las Vegas nightclub, where the music was so loud you had to shout to be heard, and the booze was flowing. This club was one of the most exclusive places in the city. We paid a lot of money to get into the VIP lounge, and even I had to admit the design was fabulous.
The lounge’s golds and reds were mesmerizing as they glittered vividly from the colorful club light. A big chandelier with crystals sparkled, emphasizing its beauty. On the huge dance floor with fog and lights, people danced and brushed against each other, drunk and out of control. The DJ above, wearing headphones, his eyes closed, moved his arms to the beat of the song. He appeared to be unaware he was in the crowded room. The bar was filled with eager, slightly tipsy people who wore designer clothes. Comfortable couches were scattered around the space.
The friendly staff consisted of long-legged sexy waitresses in short black uniforms, black stockings, and high heels. The bartenders were seriously hot guys with cocky smiles and flirty winks. They wore leather pants and tight shirts, which gave the women customers a good look at their amazing chests, and probably contributed to very good tips from the horny ladies.
The club had some of the best dancers in the world. A few cages hovering above the floor were filled with graceful, hot women who alluringly danced to the songs and did wonders with the ropes. I found it hard not to be jealous of their flexibility.
The club, Resisting Me, opened a few months back, and quickly became a hit. No one knew much about the owners, but a rumor hinted at twin brothers who liked to get their kinks behind closed doors.
We’d been dying to go for ages, so I had no clue why I felt out of sorts.
Sam, Bella, and Megan danced wildly. Their arms waved above their heads while they shook their asses to the music. Several guys moved in closer, but my friends didn't pay any attention to them.
They were too into girls’ night to mess with the guys, and besides, they promised Nick to behave. Nick was Bella’s brother, or rather the brother of the whole band, and long-time boyfriend of Megan. He was crazy about his girl, and it took us some time and bribes to convince him to let her go unwind a little with us. I was glad she was enjoying herself. However, that meant no sex for the girls.
Well, at least not in the club. I knew the girls would find a way to sneak some guys into the hotel rooms. None of them wanted anything serious, but they loved to unwind sometimes, and who could blame them? I would have done it too, if only I could.
Ariel sighed in frustration, pinned her hair in a knot on top of her head, and moved closer. She took a sip of her drink and then pointed a finger at me.
“You aren’t having fun at all. This is our night out, and for the first time since we became famous, we don’t have to hide. It took us ages to convince everyone to let us go out, and here you are making me mad.” Her finger jabbed into my arm.
Vicious creature.
Nonetheless, her words were filled with truth.
We became famous three years ago. The minute the world heard our group, Hard World, we became an overnight sensation. Millions of likes on YouTube, platinum albums, tours, multi-million dollar contracts, everything a successful rock band wanted, which also included wild wrap parties, exclusive hotels, and vacations. We enjoyed luxury life at its best.
That, however, had two sides, because it meant we had to be extremely careful what we did and where we did it. We couldn't exactly go to regular places and have fun all the time. Especially because Jeremy, our manager, had a hissy fit about it. He hated all those parties.
By the way, he was usually clenching his fists, drinking himself into oblivion, and giving the stink eye to all of Sam’s bed partners; you didn't have to be a genius to figure out why.
“How am I making you mad?” I asked. Her beautiful emerald eyes held disbelief. She just shook her head and threw back another shot.
Ariel was a thing of beauty, an hourglass body with curves that made men turn their heads, long, red curly hair, which shined like fire on a bright sunny day, and those eyes of hers. No wonder men all over the world went crazy for our little mermaid.
“Because you’re grumpy and refuse to drink or dance,” she pouted.
“I’m not. I’m just a bit tired; that’s all.” It was a flat out lie, and she probably knew it, but after a long hard stare, she let it go. It was for the best too. I wasn't about to share everything, because there was no point in doing it. Although the four of us were the closest friends possible, we sort of had two camps inside the group. Sam and Bella shared a special bond, while Ariel and I shared another. That’s why we were always attuned to each other’s mood swings and everything else.
“Fine. Are you gonna go then?”
“Yep. I need some good sleep.” I leaned closer and kissed her on her soft cheek. “I’ll buy your favorite cookies.”
“Carbs for more curves? No, thanks,” she snorted, gulping one more shot and flashing me a picture of her in workout clothes on her Instagram page. “After all, I have a fitness blog going on for curvy women. I can’t eat them.”
“Chocolate chip cookies, babe.”
She narrowed her eyes, raised her chin slightly, and looked at me suspiciously. “How many?”
Ah, I knew it would be easy to bribe her. I moved closer to her, and whispered in her ear, “Five.”
She glanced around, nodded, and we shook hands.
“It’s a deal. But keep it quiet. The walls have ears.” I swear if people heard what my friends and I talked about, they would think we needed to be locked up.
“Pinky swear.”
She rolled her eyes, and said, “Just go.” Then she blew me a kiss.
“Yeah, just don’t be mad,” I replied. Her attention was already on the hot-looking guy on the dance floor, who was making his way toward her. She flashed him a cocky smile and licked her red, lipstick-covered lips.
Looked like she had found her prey for the night.
I made my way through sweaty bodies, people who were kissing, and several drunks who wanted to play grab ass, but were quickly shut down by the security guys who removed them.
Near the exit, the wall was made of several small mirrors, which created some kind of weird art composition. It was hard not to notice myself in the reflection, not that there was much to look at.
There wasn't a lot to admire about me. I was skinny, but my firm ass was often noticed. My dull brown eyes were framed by black hair cut in a bob. I wore biker-chick clothes, because I loved bikes. My body sported several tattoos. I was plain, just like my name implied. Every damn magazine in the world made it their mission to point out how funny and out of place I was among all the beauties in my band. It hurt the first time, and—who was I kidding?—it still did, but I had to accept it. I wasn't about to show weakness to anyone, especially the paparazzi.
Finally, outside, I breathed the fresh spring air and loved the way the breeze calmed and cooled my body.
Las Vegas was beautiful in its own way: all those lights, casinos, and interesting buildings. Everywhere, people had fun, and it was a good change from our busy New York life. People smiled, waved, and took pictures. Some of them were seriously drunk, but still laughed their asses off. The tourists were dressed in colorful Hawaiian shirts, and the locals in suits or jeans.
What made the majority of the people in this city different was the excitement that shone in their eyes and the aura of adventure around them.
My attention was on my surroundings, so the push from behind that made me fall forward came out of nowhere. My heart racing, I was just about to land on the hard concrete when strong, masculine hands caught me from the front and held me tight, saving me from a painful fall.
“Sorry, hun, didn’t see you there.” I looked back at a young guy who wasn’t older than mid-twenties as he gave me an apologetic smile. The bump was an accident, not anything to get angry about. It could have been a lot worse had it not been for the guy who caught me.
I gave him a reassuring smile and opened my mouth to speak, but I wasn't given the chance as the chest under my palms vibrated from the stranger’s raspy voice.
“Maybe next time, you’ll pay better attention to where you’re going.” His voice was deep, husky, and masculine, and surprisingly, it sent shivers down my spine all the way to my toes.
The guy who accidently pushed me paled, mumbled something under his breath, and quickly took off running.
Curious, my eyes moved up, and my breathing stopped for a second.
He was tall; his wide shoulders blocked my view behind him, almost as though I was standing in front of a wall. He was rather bulky, his arms muscled, evident by the way his black shirt stretched over them. My hands moved of their own accord over his brick-hard chest. Instantly, my palms tingled; I moved them away quickly and stepped back. Somehow, the move was like losing my anchor.
What the hell was that? I finally looked at his face. He had the deepest, most beautiful sapphire eyes I’d ever seen. Those glorious eyes were surrounded by long lashes and set into his perfect, handsome face. His shaggy blond hair fell to just below his ears but didn't reach his shoulders. His kind smile brought attention to his full lips. He gazed down at me with an expression in his eyes I didn’t understand, because no one had ever looked at me that way.
I’d never met a man like him, and I didn't understand my body’s reaction to him. I had visions of his naked skin against mine, two bodies entwined in bed, making love for hours.
I found it hard to breathe. “Thank you,” I whispered. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. He gave me a half smile and moved forward.
I fought the need to step back, because it seemed like he was a predator and I was his prey. His whole attention was focused on me, his eyes narrowed.
“Don’t move back from me, sweetheart,” he growled.
“I don’t know you. Don’t call me that.”
He grabbed my hand and pulled me back on his chest, resurrecting that electrifying feeling of his presence. His body was as hot as summer in Texas, and his tanned skin made me want to run my fingers over it.
“What do you want me to call you then?” he whispered against my lips, which were a hair’s breadth away.
“I...I don’t know,” I gasped. What was this? What was I doing? He was a stranger on the street, and I was in his arms feeling like he was the only one who could give me oxygen.
Before any of this could make sense to me, he lowered his head and covered my lips with his.
It was like the world stopped.
And I was left alone with him in it.
He slowly nipped my lips then licked and sucked on the lower one, which made me moan, a perfect opening for him to deepen the kiss.
This was our first kiss. All I knew about kisses was that they were gentle and tender.
The few guys I let kiss me were shy, and they didn’t really make my toes curl, but their kisses were nice. They weren't passionate, because I simply didn't inspire those feelings in men.
Those kisses seemed dull and uninteresting compared to the one from the stranger.
His kiss was deep, passionate, hard, and painful. It seemed as though he wanted to devour my mouth and leave his imprint on me, like he was marking me for everyone to see and punishing me at the same time, but for what, I didn’t know. He guided his tongue into my mouth, making me shiver and shyly answer his kiss, which earned me another growl. Following his lead allowed me to learn those kind of kisses, and I never wanted them to stop. My whole body was on fire, and for the first time in my life, I felt heat between my thighs, and my nipples got hard from the contact with another person. When my lungs burned from lack of air, he released my lips. We were both breathing heavily, and our eyes were still locked on each other.
“Beautiful.” The word was like cold water washing over me, and I was suddenly aware of everything happening around me. His compliment wasn't the truth, and it broke the spell.
I hated that he had kissed me, but it was hard not to want more. For one damn minute, I believed in magic again. But the real world and memories forced me back from my fantasy world to land on my ass.
“I need to go.” I had to get out of there, from him and a situation I didn't understand, which confused me. Everything was blurry, and I just wanted to run away.
That wasn't right.
That wasn't me.
I’d never reacted to men like I did him; I just never liked guys, period.
Except Jeremy, but thinking about him made my heart ache, so I didn’t.
I’d already met the man of my dreams and knew he loved someone else, so I had to live with that.
I wasn’t looking for love. I was done.

V.F.Mason always loved reading books and had quite a few fights with her momma over the genre she liked (romance, duh!) She studied filmmaking and thought that would feed her desire for stories, but that didn't happen.

Finally, when she was tired of all those voices in her head, she sat down and wrote a book. It was a huge decision to make and she thanks her friends and family for supporting her in it.

When she is not writing, she can be found with her friends doing all sorts of crazy things or reading recent romance books that were written by her favorite authors.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Her Secret Lover (What Happens in Vegas #11) by Robin Covington

Her Secret Lover


Kelsey Kyle will do whatever it takes to get into the management trainee program at the casino where she works. So when she’s given the opportunity to get a VIP customer’s endorsement for the program, she jumps at the challenge. All she needs to do is arrange a one-on-one fan experience with the woman’s favorite author, tall-dark-and-intense Micah Holmes.

An entire week at a Vegas romance readers’ convention, surrounded by hundreds of people, is Micah Holmes’ idea of hell. But one look at Kelsey, his assigned hotel concierge, and the attraction is immediate. Maybe this week won’t be so bad after all…

Anything beyond a “strictly professional” relationship will get Kelsey fired, but she needs to get close to Micah to get the super fan experience her client wants. Hot sex in her apartment pool begins a game of “undercover lover” that quickly escalates to something more. But when Micah discovers her secret agenda, all bets are off.

4-Stars Review

This is a page turner. The best contemporary romance novel I've read this year. Kelsey and Micah have undeniable chemistry and I loved their characters. This is a love story of a famous romance writer and his concierge during his stay at a hotel in Vegas. Both are wary of the opposite sex but decided to take a chance on each other, not a good idea considering how busy Micah is with his book and how Kelsey can lose her job if their affair becomes known at the hotel. Her carrier will be in danger.

Kelsey is very good at her job and she happens to enjoy it too. She is the best in her hotel and whenever there is any difficult guests in residence she is the one who handles them. This time though things she might not be able to deal with the situation without getting hurt. Her job is simple to keep the guests happy. Sometimes it isn't as easy as it may sound. Some guests just ask for the impossible things. Right now she is dealing with one such guest. The problem is that this time her heart is on the line as well...

Micah is an introvert. He likes to keep to himself which isn't easy considering that he has hoards of fans every where. That is a con of being a famous romance writer. As much as he loves his fans it is not easy for him to spend one on one time with them. as long as he has a script he can stick to it's all good but as soon as things get real he becomes nervous. But this time Kelsey is there to help him. She has become more than his go-to girl and now there might be more at stake than just his comfort...

A beautifully written romance novel, this is a must read for all book lovers.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Review: Ironheart by Nico Rosso



Superhero Vince “The Anvil” can take on knives, bullets, and bombs, but he’s not invincible. It was a hard hit when Kara, AKA “Snapdragon,” flew off after their explosive affair. And he’s especially vulnerable when she returns, looking for his help. 
Kara is new to the superhero game, and villain TechHead is too much for her and her teammates to handle. He’s determined to use their combined power to fuel his ultimate weapon. Her only chance to take him on is with Vince’s brutal skill. But bringing Vince into the fight leaves her exposed to the white hot passion that had scared her away in the first place. When TechHead captures Kara, Vince will stop at nothing to rescue her–even if it means sacrificing his heart.

4-Stars Review

This is an interesting and fun read. Superheroes are super-hot and it's quite intriguing to read about their explosive chemistry. Apart from that book is also well written and characters are all very interesting. Vince and Kara won't let you get bored at all.

Vince is on a break from all the superhero stuff. He is tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong during crime-fighting. Right now he is alone and that's exactly how he wants it to stay. But things don't go his way. TechHead is after Kara and now Vince needs to play hero once again. For her he is willing to do anything. It doesn't matter that she broke his heart in the past. She is the only one he wants to be with. But will he be able to save her and keep his heart intact. He might be invincible but she is able to penetrate all his defences.

This is a must read for superhero & science fiction fans. I'm not much of a fan but even I loved this book.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Review Tour + Giveaway: Coach Maddie and the Marine by Blaire Edens

Coach Maddie and the Marine


After the combat death of her Marine husband, grief counselor Maddie Westerfield has thrown herself into helping other families—leaving no time for dating. Which is just fine with Maddie since falling in love again, especially with another man in uniform, is out of the question. No matter how gorgeous he is. Plus, she’s busy looking after her eight-year-old nephew for her deployed sister.

For the last eight years, Lieutenant David Sterling has lived with the guilt of losing one of his soldiers in an ambush in Afghanistan. So when the opportunity presents itself, he jumps at the chance to help the beautiful widow coach her nephew’s football team. But keeping things strictly professional between them is harder than he expected. And even though he knows a relationship with Maddie will only lead to heartbreak, he can't help falling for her.



4-Stars Review

It was a good read. I liked both Maddie and David's characters and story was also good. Although the book has more serious tone than I expected but it is no less interesting. War changes people and the story has tried to capture the internal struggles of those who have been directly effected by it. I think that it was well written and quite engaging but some things did seem a little rushed, especially in the end.

David is a war hero, He came back alive when many others couldn't. But he doesn't think of it in this way, he feels responsible for those who died on his watch. Frank is one such soldier. He can't get over Frank's death and now he is here with his widow. He feels attracted to her but his guilty is too much to get over. He doesn't deserve Maddie. She is perfect and it is his fault that she is a widow at such young age.

Maddie knows that David was with her husband in his last moments but she doesn't want to think about it. It has taken her a long time move on and now she just wants to keep that chapter close. But one thing is certain she cannot get involved with another marine, who might not come home from his next mission, also there is a past there which she doesn't want to re-visit.

Things don't go the way they anticipated. With all their cautions and misgivings they are together and simply cannot live without each other. But can they live together?

This a good book for romance lovers but don't expect too much fun and be ready to see a darker side to life. :)

About the Author

Blaire Edens lives in the mountains of North Carolina on a farm thats been in her family since 1790. When shes not plotting, shes busy knitting, running, or listening to the Blues. Blaire loves iced tea with mint, hand-stitched quilts, and yarn stores. She refuses to eat anything that mixes chocolate and peanut butter or apple and cinnamon. Shes generally nice to her mother, tries to remember not to smack her bubble gum, and only speeds when no ones looking.

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