Monday, November 16, 2015

Review: Sweet Ride (Playing for Keeps #3) by Cathryn Fox

Sweet Ride


He'll unlock her wildest fantasies...

Private investigator Curtis Jagger has always had a thing for Alix Harris. She was the darling of their high school--gorgeous, popular, class president...and, he suspects, just as naughty as she is nice. Now Jag has the opportunity to show her what she's missing. To show her that sometimes being bad can be sexy as hell...

Alix has always done what she's supposed to, and it's gotten her exactly nowhere. Determined to please herself--in every way possible--she accepts Jag's mysterious invitation to his ranch. In front of Jag's camera lens, Alix finds freedom far beyond her expectations. A freedom where she takes the reins and rides out every wicked desire.

But in one week, Alix will have to return to her real world where politics reign. A world that can't include Jagger, or she'll lose everything.

5-Stars Review

This is short romance novella which is as good as any full length novel with well-developed characters and smoothly flowing story line. Its a quick-fun read.

Alix decided to accept Jag's invitation impulsively and when she finally meets him she has second thoughts. After all it was years ago when they knew each other and she has no idea what kind of a person he has grown into. But Jag is determined to win her over so he is willing to be patient and considerate. After her momentary indecision she decides to stay at his ranch. This time she is thinking of herself rather than family obligations or duty.

Soon they both realise that they fit together and it won't take much for them to fall in love...

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