Monday, November 09, 2015

Review: Kissing Her Crush (Sugar City #2) by Ophelia London

Kissing Her Crush (Sugar City #2)


He’s sweet trouble...

Natalie Holden wants three things: To be the best chocolate chemist in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to prove her chocolate recipe can help teenage depression, and to get over gorgeous Luke Elliott, the guy she’s had a crush on since birth. Unfortunately, he’s the microbiologist set to debunk her chocolate study. And, of course, he looks more delicious than ever!
Luke Elliott is still bitter over his divorce. Work is his passion now, and landing a huge promotion is just what he needs. What he doesn’t need is a crackpot trying to prove that chocolate cures depression. The last thing he expects is for the crackpot to be Natalie Holden—his “what if” girl from high school—or that she’d still tempt the hell out of him.

They may not see eye-to-eye on her project, but they can’t deny the explosive chemistry that keeps pulling them together. Even when it risks their jobs and the very different futures they both want…

5-Stars Review

A fun read! This is a lighthearted romance novel about an unlikely couple. It was not a good idea for either of them to fall in love but they did anyway.

Natalie finally got a lab for her trial, she needs to prove her theory about chocolate and depression because a lot depends on her success. When she got the grant she went out celebrate and ran into an old acquaintance... 

Luke was in town to proctor a lab trial. It turned out be the one headed by Natalie. They are both not happy about this turn of events. Because it seemed that they must be on opposite sides. Their ideals were too different. To Natalie her research meant everything while to Luke her whole proposition was a stupid idea and there was no way she'd get any further grants for that.

But what they didn't count on was realising that they both needed to reevaluate their believes. Things were not as simple as they thought, in both their cases. And in the end they both compromised to make things work. Because the only life they could imagine was with each other.

The story is quite engaging with lots of chemistry, romance, drama, fun and not to mention chocolates to keep readers satisfied.

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