Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review: Irresistible Deceptions by Mackenzie Crowne

Irresistible Deceptions


After five years on the run, Nicky Guimond Everson’s location is exposed, and she’s forced to come out of hiding to keep her son safe. Wary and suspicious, she’ll have to trust a stranger if she is to bring her illegal-arms-dealing ex-husband to justice once and for all. But resisting the arrogant but sexy security specialist isn't as easy as she first thought. 

For Rhy McLean, the mission comes first. The job is his only love, but as he works with Nicky to catch his brother’s killer, her strength and loyalty melt the ice encasing his heart. She's not at all the woman he expected her to be. But Rhy has a dark secret he's been keeping from her and everything is at risk if she finds out.

5-Stars Review

Another amazing suspenseful thriller, this book was so exciting that I couldn't put it down once I started it. All the mystery and intrigue kept me up late at night and I devoured the whole thing, gobbled it. ;) The beginning was especially exceptional as it piqued my interest. Although ending was quite epic as well.

Nicky has been on the run for five years now. She is scared of her ex-husband and want nothing more than to get rid of him for good. But he is not willing to let her go. For some reason he thinks that she owes him and he will get her debt paid. When she realises that hiding will no longer help, she decides to deal with her ex for once and for all. She is scared and not sure whether she will survive this ordeal or not but for the sake of her son she is willing to do anything....

For Rhy Nicky and her son are only a job. He must find her ex-husband and make him pay for what he has done but after that Nicky can go her way. Things start to change though, for some reason he can't stop being attracted to this woman and before he realises he is falling for her. Now he must do something about it or he could lose her forever....

Chasing the bad guy, romance, drama, heartache and lots of love, this book is a full package and very enjoyable.

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