Monday, November 16, 2015

Review: The Greek's Stowaway Bride by Alexia Adams

The Greek's Stowaway Bride


She slipped aboard his yacht, but can he keep her out of his heart?

Egyptian heiress Rania Ghalli is desperate to free her political prisoner uncle before it's too late. Hoping to make it to North Africa, she stows away on the yacht of Greek millionaire Demetri Christodoulou. But when Egyptian agents board the boat, she can either jump overboard...or claim she's Demetri's new bride.

Tired of being no more than the bastard disgrace to the Christodoulou name, Demetri intends to build a luxury resort below his grandfather's house so the old man has no choice but to acknowledge that Demetri has made something of himself. But first, he needs a wife to complete the land purchase.With Rania now at his mercy, a plan comes together. He'll play along, protecting her and helping to free her uncle, but in exchange, he demands a real marriage. But keeping the vivacious heiress out of his heart will be a lot harder than keeping her on his ship...

4-Stars Review

This was an entertaining read, especially because of Rania. She is adventurous, spontaneous and a very intriguing character. Nothing about her is simple or straightforward. Demetri on the other hand is quite the opposite, always in control and believes in planning before doing something. Although that changes when he meets Rania. Some how she manages to aboard his yacht without notice and then pretends to be his wife. As it so happens Demetri was also in need of a wife and Rania seems like the perfect candidate for this job. Besides it was going to be a very temporary wedding. As soon as they both got what they want they will move on with their lives. No heartbreaks and no fuss. Things didn't go Demetri's way though. Rania is a force to be reckoned. His wife refuses to follow his rules and soon things start spiralling out of Demetri's control.

In my opinion the best thing about this book is Rania's character. After a long time I have come across such an entertaining heroine. Through out the book her actions kept me on edge, wondering what she is going to do next. What new scheme will she con cote next. It was quite an experience. This is great contemporary novel for all romance lovers.

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