Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review: True Deceptions by Veronica Forand

True Deceptions

Release Date: 10/19/15


Temptation. Seduction. Pleasure. It's all part of the game...

After his partner was murdered, Simon Dunn was done with MI6. But the cold, violent world of British intelligence never lets anyone go free. Now Simon has been blackmailed into a new job...with a beautiful new partner who's going to get them both killed.

Robotics expert Cassie Watson is a newbie field agent with as much sophistication as...well, a pacifist, vegan computer nerd. Now she's abruptly thrust into the cutthroat world of espionage with a partner who is as cold as he is brutally-and brutishly-handsome.

But when their mission is betrayed from the inside, Cassie will be forced to place her life in the hands of the one man who's anything but trustworthy...

4-Stars Review

This novel is full of suspense, thrill and romance. Story is on the dark side, cold hearted killers, spooks and a dead body are involved so this is not for readers who are faint of heart.

I really liked this book. Simon is a fascinating character and I simply loved Cassie. Clearly she was in the wrong profession but she was willing to do anything to prove her worth. Falling for Simon was not the plan but it happened. Surrounded by danger, they navigate their way through their mission which was of utmost importance.

This is a must read for anyone looking for romance, suspense, intrigue, and a little adventure.

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