Thursday, July 23, 2015

Review: Supernova (The Star-Crossed Saga Book 2) by Braxton A. Cosby

Supernova (The Star-Crossed Saga Book 2)


Against everything he had known as truth, William has made the choice to protect Sydney from the forces seeking to destroy her. But just as these two Star-Crossed lovers are beginning to explore their relationship and search for answers to the mysteries of Sydney’s existence, she advances to the next stage of her Star-child evolution—Supernova—and struggles not only to control her new powers, but also the emotions for her new love. William seeks to find the truth behind Sydney's erratic behaviour, while overcoming the new threat headed to Earth to destroy them. With new villains and old allies on the horizon, and chaos brewing on William’s home world, will self-sacrifice prove to be the only way for him to achieve victory and defend his love, or is there another way?
The follow-up to the debut Award-winning novel PROTOSTAR!


The story of two star-crossed lovers continues in this second book. It is just as exciting as previous book. William and Sydney's relation develops further but not everything is as it should be. Firstly, Sydney is having hard time dealing with going back to school and seeing Jeff again. Her behaviour is very unpredictable and there might be more to it then what meets the eye. Secondly, threat to her life is not over and there is very real imminent danger. William has vowed to protect her but will he be able to is another question entirely.

Across the galaxy and war is being waged. And hence thrill continues. Not a single boring moment in this awesome read. It kept me on my toes and second guessing everything. Ending was simply epic, I think it is a must read for sci-fic fans especially if you have read book one then you don't want to miss it. With well-developed characters, action, a little bit of mystery and a lot of drama & thrill, this book is highly entertaining. I am glad I get the chance to read it.

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