Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Review: The Prince's Runaway Lover by Robin Covington

The Prince's Runaway Lover (Entangled Indulgence) (Men of the Zodiac)


Waiting for a new Men of the Zodiac romance from Indulgence? Meet Libra...
Sign: Libra
He's hot, irresistible...and he will always make sure you're satisfied.
Crown Prince Nicholas Lytton was never supposed to be ruler of Callanos. He was the "spare to the heir," pursuing a decadent life of the rich and royal - extreme sports, physical pleasures, and glorious irresponsibility. Until his brother died. Now Nick is to be coronated king, and no one believes he's ready.
The best way to secure his crown is to do the unthinkable...find a queen.
While Isabel Reynolds works in the palace gardens, she has no desire to draw the attention of the way-too-flirty, would-be king. For she's not the woman everyone thinks she is. Even if she wanted - or was tempted by - the promise of love, it would only end in disaster. Because while Isabel may be able to catch a king, her secrets would only destroy him...

5-Stars Review

I loved it! It is sweet and touching story, full of romance and love. When his brother died in an accident Nicholas had to take the role of king. He never thought that he would actually be taking the throne. After all it was his brother's place to rule their country. Now that he is put in this situation he must prove himself worthy of becoming next king. It is not an easy task, he is not diplomatic and always say whatever is on his mind. In addition to all this he is seeing "the help". Isabel is a Gardener working in the Palace. The moment Nick saw her he became enchanted by her beauty and free spirit. The often run together and now he thinks that he is falling in love with her. But she might not be the person he thinks she is. She has her own secrets that could jeopardise his plans for himself and his country.

Story is beautifully written, it portrays internal struggle which Nick faced after his brother's demise. He must accept his new role and comes to term with a lot of things related to it. He must try to appease his mother's expectations and he must find a way to keep Isabel in his life somehow. all in all he have to find a balance between his personal life and his royal duties. I recommend it to all romance lovers. This book is definitely for you.

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