Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review: A Haunting Desire by Julie Mulhern

A Haunting Desire (Entangled Select Historical)


Murder in the streets. And passion in the shadows...

New Orleans, 1902

A killer walks the streets of New Orleans, eviscerating men and leaving them in the streets, and for madam Trula Boudreaux, it's bad for business. Trula needs help but she's not prepared for Zeke Barnes, the charming would-be savior who darkens her doorway-or the yearning he awakens. For while Trula knows well the delights of lust, she avoids love at all costs...

Investigating the killer was one thing, but Zeke can't help but be enchanted by the gorgeous mystery woman who runs an exclusive brothel. Caught between his duty to protect the city and his clear-as-day desire for Trula, Zeke sets about capturing Trula's heart-or at least a place in her bed. But with every moment Trula resists, Zeke falls into greater danger.

For his investigation into the haunted city and madam doesn't just risk his heart but both their lives.

4-Stars Review

Haunting Desire is a suspenseful novel. A murderer is prowling the streets and no one knows how to catch him. He is targeting men near whore houses. That is bad for business hence madam Trula takes it upon herself to solve this mystery of brutal killings. But will she able to catch culprit or just get hurt in the process? 

Through out the novel I tried to guess who this killer could be and the answer was completely unexpected. This book is full of intrigue, romance and tragedy as well. I loved all the characters, their background stories made them all the more interesting. Book is well written, it was a real treat.

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