Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review: The Hookup Hoax by Heather Thurmeier

The Hookup Hoax
Sawyer Sterling needs a girlfriend. With the family cabin up for grabs, he's desperate to prove that he could be the guy to “pass it on.” Of course, Sawyer also has a tendency to treat relationships like a contagious stomach flu that should be avoided at all costs. Now he needs a girlfriend-for-hire. Someone he can trust. Someone he could never, ever fall for...

Someone like his best friend's sister.

Sawyer's offer is exactly what Olivia Morgan needs. After traveling around the world for the last five years, the promise of a job and free accommodations is heaven. And sure, maybe Sawyer's a super-hot, charming guy with dimples made for kissing, but he’s not willing to be the guy—or relationship—she needs.

All it takes is one hot hook-up before this little hoax gets blown all to hell...

5-Stars Review
An old tale with a new spin, it is light and entertaining read. I must read for romance lovers and those who like stories about fake-turned-real relationships. I enjoyed reading this light hearted romance.

Sawyer is owner of a successful business but having difficulty keeping his company at the top. And now he learnt that his grandparents plan to leave their cabin to a family member who will pass it on to next generations. He knows that it can't be him since he has never had a real relationship and never plans to marry. Now that must change or he will lose the cabin, which he has always wanted. 

Olivia is his best friend's sister. She is back in USA and who can be better than her to play his fake-girlfriend. But things doesn't go the way two of them planned. They fell for each other. Will they be able to overcome their fears and give each other a chance?

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