Friday, May 01, 2015

Release Blitz: Beautifully Destroyed By Sandra Love


One Mistake.
One Pill.
Equals a lifetime of being destroyed.
Toria Jacob’s had it all; rich parents, a
little sister that looked up to her, and also she was the most popular girl in
school. A cheerleader. A quarterback boyfriend. Great friends. She was a role
model, until the day she decided to destroy everything. It started with a
harmless party, and then she was offered a pill. She became hooked.
Now years have passed, she is now a high school
dropout, and homeless. She is also addicted to that pill that destroyed her
life. Until the day she meets Jeb Turner, owner of Turner Hotels. He is
determined to save this beautiful girl. But is Toria beyond destroyed to being
saved? Will Toria destroy Jeb, and lure him over to her broken hell?

Will be added When available 

Sandra Love is a new to the author world,
publishing her first book in 2013. She currently lives in Michigan, with her
son and partner. Sandra is very lucky to have a sister Amanda, who has been
there with her through everything, including helping her BETA reading her books.
She is also very lucky to have her editor Genevieve Scholl. Sandra has four
cats, Stubby, Odin, Thor and Freya. She loves to spend hours reading her favorite
authors and writing. Her favorite genres are Paranormal, supernatural and
romance. Sandra's first series of books (Broken Wings) is a Supernatural
romance. She currently has 5 books out, Broken, Broken Hearts: Kaleigh’s
Revenge, Broken Prophecy and To Love Again. She also writes under a pen name
Diamond Davenport. The book is called Summer in Dallas. She just finished
writing Beautifully Destroyed with is due out late April or early May. She
looks up to ALL authors, and loves reading their books. Look forward to many
more books by her.


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