Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: The Handler (Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club, #2) by D.R. Graham

 The Handler (Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club, #2)


He promised he would never be an outlaw . . . 
While searching for the member of an outlaw motorcycle gang who murdered his dad, Cain Allen is offered a boatload of cash to "handle" the stunning teen popstar Lincoln Todd. Although he doesn't need the headache of a high-maintenance celebrity, getting out of town will help him keep a low profile until he testifies against the other two killers. 
Touring Europe with Lincoln proves to be more complicated than Cain anticipated, and despite his efforts, the line between their personal and professional lives blurs. She’s sweet, smart, and totally unpredictable. And he loves it. 
But Lincoln’s association with Cain puts her in more danger than anyone could have imagined. When he joins forces with the Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club to protect her, Cain discovers the lengths he's willing to go, and the person he's willing to become to protect the people he loves…

5-Stars Review

I had loved book one in Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club series and I was quite sure that I'll like this one too. Happy to say that I loved it! It is even better than book one in many ways. Although both books can be read as stand alones. It has drama, romance, beautiful singer, bikers and a lot more. I especially loved the twist in plot at the end. That was very well done.
Cain is looking for his father's murderer. His girlfriend is not happy about him being so far away. His sister also wants him at home but he has to do this if he wants to live in peace with himself. But then he is offered a job, it paid well and all he has to do is babysit a teen singer. He never thought it could be as difficult as it turns out to be. Soon he is trying to keep his distance from Lincoln and also trying to protect her from his past. Now because of him her life is in danger to and he must take action before it is too late.

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