Thursday, February 26, 2015

Review: Locked in Stone by Tory Michaels

Locked in Stone (Hearts of Stone #1)


Her enemy is her only hope...

Rose Johnson's adoptive mother was murdered, and Rose is next. She may be the last gargoyle in the world—the last being who stands between this world and the evils of Otherworld. In order to keep her existence a continued secret, Rose needs to find the stone that holds her adoptive mother's soul. Which means enlisting the help of her enemies the Sentinels...

Sentinel Cal Levesque never forgave himself for failing Rose's family years ago. Seeing Rose alive is shock enough, until the stunningly beautiful gargoyle attacks him upon sight. As they strike an uneasy peace—and unexpected and escalating attraction—Cal knows he'll have to tell Rose who really betrayed her family. And with Rose's life in greater danger than ever, Cal has a chance to make up for the long hedoesn't fall in love.

5-Stars Review

Its the best fantasy book I've read this year. :) It's very well written and I liked the storyline as well as all the characters. There are a number of supernatural creatures which are involved protecting vs. destroying the earth. Sentinels are protectors of Gargoyles and Gargoyles help sacred mothers to protect the earth by stopping demons from invading our world. Their duty is to close the rift between the two worlds whenever it is opened. Then there are vampires, created by demons to make it easy for them to defeat these protectors. They are vicious and stop at nothing.
Rose is a gargoyle who has been in hiding for a long time. She doesn't trusts the sentinels but then she was left with no choice but to seek their help. Cal is one of the sentinels who was also the protector of Rose's mother and now he has to protect her too. He cannot fail her like he failed her mother. It is not easy for Rose to put her faith in Cal but she is willing to give him a chance and prove his worth to her kind. Together they must solve the mystery of what happened all those years ago when Rose's mother and sisters died and also stop the rift from opening now...... This book is for everyone who loves fantasy novels.

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