Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Two Blue Lines by S.C. Montgomery


His fear . . . Her secrets . . . Their choice.

What if the only girl you’ve ever loved lied to you?
Lied to everyone?
Those two blue lines changed everything for Reed Young and Melissa Summers. In more ways than one.
And now, he must decide for himself . . .
Man up or walk away?

SC Montgomery has created an emotional tale of first love, difficult choices, and impossible secrets. A deliciously angsty debut you need to read for yourself.

***Reader Warning*** Two Blue Lines is the emotional, honest story of two teenagers whose lives are about to change forever. While not glorified, or portrayed in detail, there are themes of sexual assault and teen pregnancy, as well as allusions to teenage drinking and some foul language. It is all meant to create an honest, relevant novel, but please be aware and read only if you’re comfortable.

***Note, while this novel is a standalone that deals with mature subject matter, it may be helpful to read Lines in the Sand first to understand what makes Reed Young tick and hear about the summer that changed his life forever. Well, before this one.

4-Stars Review

Quite an emotional roller caster, I can't say I liked it much neither can I say that I disliked it exactly. I am confused, it is complicated, very complicated. I guess you will have to read yourself to decide whether it was good or not. :)

The book starts off well enough. We see two teenagers madly in love but then Mel finds out she is pregnant and after that things are all messed up. Both, Mel and Reed, are still minors. Their parents are angry with them. They have no way of supporting themselves and a baby, they have school to finish. All in all life is very stressful for them. To top it all off Mel has serious psychological issues. Being an adopted child herself she had always felt unwanted and unloved. She cannot think of giving up her child and she is not willing to let Reed to have an opinion of his own. It all about her and what she wants. Oh and not to forget that she is also keeping a secret from him. A secret that is crucial, and if he knew he might have done things differently. Both are scared and confused.

But as the story proceeds we see that their parents get used to the idea. Even seems willing to help them get through this tough situation. They too are dealing with their fear and uncertainty which they feel. Both still love each other so things will have to work out in the end. ;) One thing I couldn't get out of my head is Mel and her brother Chris' relation. The author pointed out that they have some unresolved emotional issues. Chris is not adopted and a perfect child and Mel feels that her parents love him most. Chris himself seems to have a strange behaviour towards Mel, which frankly I did not understand. It would've been nice if it was more elaborated on so we could get a more clear picture as to what's going on with two siblings. But that was insignificant, I guess. Since the story is basically focused on the issues of teen pregnancy. I think the author has done an excellent job at portraying all the difficulties and emotional dilemmas which teen parents can feel.

Book is well written and characters are welld eveloped (except Mel's brother). I like how realistic their parent's reactions were. I also loved Reed's character. He is awesome. Does guys like that really exist? lol. Anyhow, the book was good and i'd recommend it to readers who don't mind reading emtional stuf with lot of angst involved. It was a 4-star read.

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