Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: The Branches of Time by Luca Lossi

The Branches of Time


A shower of splinters exterminates the people of the island of Turios. Only Bashinoir, badly wounded, his wife Lil and the Priestess Miril survive. They would like to give a worthy burial to their loved ones, but the corpses have disappeared. Their only hope of salvation lies in the magical protection of the Temple. But they must cope with dark threats. A shadow haunts their hearts, threatening to divide and destroy them; their bodies seem to be less consistent. The closeness between the two women contrasts with the isolation of Bashinoir.

In the realm of Isk, wizards and advisors must submit to the insatiable greed of sex and war as well as the power of King Beanor. The last of his young wives, however, does not want to surrender to the loss of love and freedom. Will games and tricks under the sheets be the key turning point of a millenarian war?

 4-Stars Review

I liked this fantasy story. It begins with a black magic attack on island of Turios, killing all of its population except three people. A husband and a wife and priestess. They hide in the temple and were able to survive. But now they must fend for themselves and try everything they can to stay alive. They are unsure about their enemies, except the priestess but she didn't tell them anything. It was hard to explain the secrets of the past long forgotten...
In another realm a cruel King is planning to conquer the world but a curse keep him caged on an island. He is tying to beak free and will do anything to get id of this curse which doesn't let any ship leave....
Mostly I loved this book, there were some parts/scenes that did make me uncomfortable but overall it was worth reading. A really good fantasy novel becomes even better with magic and time travel. The best thing was the way it began, I was intrigued and couldn't put it down without reading the rest. And I was not disappointed in the least. Although I rarely find a book I don't like but still some works are better than the others.  This one is definitely among the best.
For all fantasy lovers, its a must read.  I'm lucky to get a complimentary copy for which I thank the author. :)
P.S. I also love the cover, very intriguing indeed...

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