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Cover Reveal: In The Fairytale (In The Moments #3) by Joan Duszynski

Title: In The Fairytale (In The Moments #3)

Author: Joan Duszynski

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 4, 2014

Cover Design: Once Upon A Time Covers


In Every fairytale there's anger, hurt, and love. For Raleigh Jefferson her fairytale is no different.

Since she was a little girl, watching Snow White meet her prince as she frolicked through the forest, the idea of Happily Ever After was embedded in Raleigh's mind. Her heart skipped a beat over the Beast's love of Belle, and she knew she'd swim the ocean to save her black haired prince from drowning, even without a mermaid tail. Destiny and forever. She wouldn't settle for anything less.

She wasn't looking for a man to frolic in the forest for her. If she were to actually witness such a thing she'd probably smack the man for acting a fool. But she did want her own Cinderella story. She wanted to glide down the aisle in her own glass slippers toward the man she loved, the one who returned that love unconditionally.

She never knew how hard this dream of hers would be until she met Him. Will the truth of the world around her and the pain that can be carried in someone's heart be too much to handle, or can Raleigh find a way to truly live... In The Fairytale?

In The Stars
(In The Moments Book #1)

Caroline Reyes is starting her second year of college nothing like the first. Following a car accident over the summer with her best friend Raleigh she is now stuck with a bitch for a roommate as Raleigh recovers at home.

One Saturday morning starts off with a bang, literally at Caroline's door and leads to her needing to comfort a very distraught stranger. This brings Caroline into her first run in with Eric. She feels completely lust driven at just the sight of him, even though his words just piss her off. She can't shake the sensations running thru her though even after their brief meeting is over. Then comes Kyle and he is determined to get to know Caroline better and she feels the same way dismissing her earlier run in as just crazy hormones.

Now she is left with decisions having to be made and knowing someone is going to get hurt in the process. That someone could be her alone.

Caroline has always looked into the stars for comfort and reassurance since she was a little girl with her Daddy. Now she is looking up into them praying for the right answers and hoping they can help her along with her Daddy who is amongst them now.

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In the Now
(In The Moments Book #2)

When the heartache of what Tara Wright believed was her love and life plan with her high school sweetheart follows her into a new year. Tara begins to rely on the three new and beautiful friendships that came compellingly into her life.

Caroline, easily becoming the perfect best friend for Tara. Thru Caroline she receives the encouragingly, witty Raleigh as a new found friend as well. Meeting Adam at a time where she needs to rediscover herself has her scared and confused. Every moment spent with him has her head swirling and her stubborn walls weakening.

Adam is the man that can make her laugh, give her support, and make her heart skip a beat every time he comes into view. He's everything Tara needs to make her way back out of her stubborn shell of fear she's closed herself into.

Finally starting to spend more time together and watching Adam in his realm of adrenaline induced racing at the Motocross has Tara's weakening walls finally crumbling to the ground and singeing in the heat Adam brings to her.

Has it all just been a crazy ride to recognize true love? Can Adam fix Tara's broken heart and make her believe that their love is In The Now?

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About The Author

Joan Duszynski lives in Virginia with her husband and their three kids. Woods surround her home and she loves the privacy and quiet it brings. She wasn’t always a reader, so that moment when she picked up a book and found herself engrossed in its pages and unable to put it down will never be forgotten. It eventually led her to want to try and write and share stories of her own, in hopes that others will find themselves reading and getting lost inside of them. Thanks can’t be expressed enough for your time and interest. Please feel free to connect with the author either through Email, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Release Blitz + Review + Giveaway: The Scars That Define Us (The Devil's Dust #2) by by M.N Forgy

Title: The Scars that Define Us (The Devil's Dust, #2)
Author: M.N. Forgy
Publication Date: October 31, 2014

The Scars That Define Us (The Devil's Dust, #2)

The Devil's Dust MC has a list of new threats to the club's lifestyle. Dani, to prove her loyalty, is trying to embrace a part of herself that she never knew existed until now. A sinful beast lurking beneath her surface has been awakened and is ready to eliminate anyone that stands in its way. Looking at her stained hands, she rinses the blood from them. She resigns herself to innocence lost and welcomes her thirst for more blood. After a breathtaking turn of events, Shadow is looking at life in a different perspective. Not knowing who he can trust or who he can forgive has left him feeling desolate and alone. As Shadow is laying behind his rifle, he wonders if he can pull the trigger to eliminate the threat. He takes a deep breath and squeezes the trigger, the rifle recoil ignites the fuel that drives him. Retaliations will be required. Boundaries will be shattered. Redemption will be lost. Betrayal so deep, yet they still yearn for one another. Can Shadow overlook Dani’s transgressions? Can Dani overlook the mistrust that Shadow has placed upon her?

4-Stars Review

This is an interesting book about two damaged souls. I haven't read book one but was able to enjoy this one. So I think these books can be read as stand alone. It is a very emotional book, full of angst.

Dani is back but the club is not willing to forgive her that easily. Shadow has apparently moved on and she is now devastated. She has no where else to go. Her father, also club's president, allows her to stay with Bobby until her innocence is proven. She has a monster inside her. Shadow has monsters of his own. He still loves Dani but for him their MC club comes first.

The book is well written and interesting. I had fun reading it. Although I am not a fan of books about MC clubs/violence but this was among exceptions.

Listen to the music that inspired the book!
  Devils Dust MC
What Doesn’t Destroy Us (The Devil’s Dust, #1)

About the Author
M.N M.N. Forgy was raised in Missouri where she still lives with her family. She's a soccer mom by day and a saucy writer by night. M.N. Forgy started writing at a young age but never took it seriously until years later, as a stay-at-home mom, she opened her laptop and started writing again. As a role model for her children, she felt she couldn't live with the "what if" anymore and finally took a chance on her character's story. So, with her glass of wine in hand and a stray Barbie sharing her seat, she continues to create and please her fans.
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Review: Love Me to Death by Marissa Clarke

Love Me to Death (Underveil, #1)


Medical research scientist Elena Arcos has always lived her life under the radar, which is not easy to do when you live with the craziest woman in the world. But eccentric Aunt Uza is a picnic compared to the other people who enter her orderly life after she is shot in a convenience store robbery.
Elena finds herself rocketed from comfortable predictability to supernatural insanity courtesy of her own private angel of death who happens to have the sexiest accent on earth and a body to match. Her death angel is convinced she’s some kind of freaky half vampire thing and that her deceased dad was the real deal: a blood sucking monster. 
Yeah, right. She’ll play along, but then she doesn’t have much choice seeing how as the guy claims to be some immortal law enforcer and has taken her prisoner.
* * *
Nikolai Itzov had expected to fight the urge to torture the progeny of his father’s murderer, but he’d never anticipated battling the urge to kiss her her.
As a Slayer, an elite law enforcer descended from Azrael himself, his charge from the Underveil General is clear: Kill her or die. He has been told she is one of them--an Undead. Nothing but a parasite to be destroyed. But he has been told wrong. 
Nikolai and Elena find themselves in a life and death battle to stop a plot designed to lift the Underveil and enslave humans. 
With her analytical mind and his centuries of training and experience, they might be able to foil the plot with their lives and maybe their hearts intact. But in order to succeed, he must help her become the very thing he hates the most: an Undead.

4-Stars Review

I must say this book has the best begining ever. I loved it so much that I had to keep reading. It was pretty good book and didn't disappoint me at all. It is a paranormal novel set in a world of supernatural. It was a fun read. Plot was exceptional and I liked all the characters especially time folder's, I hope there will be a book about him as well and soon. :)

Story revolves around Elena and Nikolai. Elena is human but she can see underveil i.e. she can see the supernatural beings roaming unoticed by humans. Nikolai is an immortal and he has a task. His task is to kill Elena. But then he find out that she is human and there doesn't seem to be any evil in her. Therefore, he couldn't kill her. Now they are both n the run from the king who wants to kill them both. He is evil and wants to rule the world. As the story unfolds a lot is revealed about Elena and her destiny as the "uniter", she is the chosen one who will save both world from evil.

There are a number of characters in this novel which will keep readers interested. Its truely an amazing paranormal story. And a story of the chosen one, which I love a lot. If you are looking for a book full of mystery, intrigue, romance, drama, thrill and action then this one is definitely for you.

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Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Hope (The Virtues #1) by Davida Lynn

Hope (The Virtues #1)
by Davida Lynn
Genre : Action/Adventure Romance
Publication Date: October 30, 2014
Cover Designer : Mayhem Cover Creations
Publisher : Your Fantasy Publishing


Hope Cantwell grew up believing things could be better.  Growing up with an abusive father, she tried to teach her little brother differently.  After ten years she’s back, and it’s worse than she could have thought.  He owes the wrong people money, and their only hope is her high school sweetheart who grew up to be a rough and tumble biker.

Trask Rivers is the Sergeant-At-Arms for the Rising Sons MC.  He and Hope haven’t seen each other since she went off to school and he got a job as muscle for the club.  With her brother strung out on drugs and in a deep debt to the mob, Hope only has one chance: Trask.  

Rough with a dark sense of humor, Trask hasn’t lost his passion for Hope.  Circumstance drove them apart, but it also drove them right back together, and the fire is still burning inside both of them.

If she can convince him and the Rising Sons to help her and her addict brother, she might just keep what’s left of her family together.

About the Author

At 28, Davida has finally found the courage to write the stories she tells out loud.  

A love of romance and action meld together to create suspenseful and dramatic tales.  

I love music, travel, and the power of the written word.  Steinbeck, Roberts, and MacDonald all sit side by side on my shelves of books.

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Goodreads Author Page Link:


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Review: The Branches of Time by Luca Lossi

The Branches of Time


A shower of splinters exterminates the people of the island of Turios. Only Bashinoir, badly wounded, his wife Lil and the Priestess Miril survive. They would like to give a worthy burial to their loved ones, but the corpses have disappeared. Their only hope of salvation lies in the magical protection of the Temple. But they must cope with dark threats. A shadow haunts their hearts, threatening to divide and destroy them; their bodies seem to be less consistent. The closeness between the two women contrasts with the isolation of Bashinoir.

In the realm of Isk, wizards and advisors must submit to the insatiable greed of sex and war as well as the power of King Beanor. The last of his young wives, however, does not want to surrender to the loss of love and freedom. Will games and tricks under the sheets be the key turning point of a millenarian war?

 4-Stars Review

I liked this fantasy story. It begins with a black magic attack on island of Turios, killing all of its population except three people. A husband and a wife and priestess. They hide in the temple and were able to survive. But now they must fend for themselves and try everything they can to stay alive. They are unsure about their enemies, except the priestess but she didn't tell them anything. It was hard to explain the secrets of the past long forgotten...
In another realm a cruel King is planning to conquer the world but a curse keep him caged on an island. He is tying to beak free and will do anything to get id of this curse which doesn't let any ship leave....
Mostly I loved this book, there were some parts/scenes that did make me uncomfortable but overall it was worth reading. A really good fantasy novel becomes even better with magic and time travel. The best thing was the way it began, I was intrigued and couldn't put it down without reading the rest. And I was not disappointed in the least. Although I rarely find a book I don't like but still some works are better than the others.  This one is definitely among the best.
For all fantasy lovers, its a must read.  I'm lucky to get a complimentary copy for which I thank the author. :)
P.S. I also love the cover, very intriguing indeed...

Cover Reveal + Excerpt: Love Scars : Bad Boy's Bride by Nicole Snow

Love Scars : Bad Boy's Bride
by Nicole Snow
Publication Date: 10/24/2014
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Erotica
Cover Design: Mayhem Cover Creations




The worst night of my life just got worse. Nobody explained why I've been dumped in this run down house, or who this hulk with the filthy mouth is. All I know is he wants me, he says I'm his, and I'm ignoring my instinct to run like hell.

When he pulls me into his embrace, I want to push closer to his warmth, his strength, his vicious tattoos.

Can I trust him? Can I trust myself? Or will obeying his wicked words confirm all my worst suspicions?


So sweet, so pure, so confused...I almost feel bad about claiming her. Almost.

Too bad she's a Rossini, and I don't regret making her old man sign her over to me for one second. I was born a Strelkov, a killer and an outlaw, and I second guess nothing.

The instant my hands are on her, I know I've made the right choice. The crazy ache in my lips when they're not on hers doesn't lie. Revenge is a dish best served hot, sweaty, seething with passion, and Anna's tonight's special.

Yeah, she's gonna flip when I shove the wedding contract in her face. But I'm gonna make her my wife in every nasty, beautiful, permanent way I can, even if it means adding a few more scars to my skin and Anna's heart...

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“Hope you get those fucking tears out of your system soon, pet. They're not gonna delay a damned thing.”

“What're you talking about? Delay what?” I snorted.

David jerked me against his chest, this time tighter. His hand rolled down my side, pressing my sweater snug. He didn't stop until his brute hand was clapped on my thigh, giving it a possessive squeeze.

Dangerous heat flooded me, rage and lust mingling in the dance I despised. It gave me my answer before he opened his mouth again.

No. Not there. Please!

“You're gonna do your fucking duties like a good wife, same as I'm gonna do mine like your lawfully wedded man. We've got certain traditions we respect around here, Anna. Shit means more to me than breathing. You'll figure that out fast.” He sighed, hissing hot, guttural desire onto my neck, stopping just short of stamping his lips to my skin. “Nothing's gonna stop me from fucking your brains out, love. Nothing. This little contract gives me all the rights and privileges a husband deserves, and I'm not taking that shit for granted. You can whine all you want, but sometime in the next twenty-four hours, I'll be balls deep inside your sweet little pussy. Then you'll understand. Once you have this dick in you, you'll never be able to imagine another, especially not one attached to some pissant who doesn't know shit about blood or sex or ink like I do.”

Shit! I stared deep into his eyes, searching, wondering if this entire thing was some sick bastard's joke.

There was amusement in his eyes, but it wasn't playful. The handsome psycho holding me was deadly serious.

I tried to keep breathing. It wasn't easy when the lust was overpowering my anger, one ruthless piece at a time with his hand so close to where I gushed and ached. I was coming unraveled right there, lusting after a man who filled my heart with total contempt.

He pulled himself away in one rough movement, sending me crumpling down again, clawing at the chair for support. I caught myself and stayed on my knees.

“I'll give you the day to get used to this house and screw your head on straight. Dry those bright eyes,” he said, stepping away and pointing his finger at me. “Tonight, babe, it's just you, me, and a bed. Welcome to your fucking honeymoon.”

About the Author

Nicole Snow is a sweet, unassuming young woman. You'd never suspect the deeply sensual, sometimes depraved fantasies raging behind her eyes.

She started writing erotica to escape the boring drudgery of a desk job. In fiction, there are no rules and no boundaries. Everything is on the table, no matter how forbidden.

Today, Nicole serves up some of the bestselling erotica and erotic romance on the shelves.

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Review: Two Blue Lines by S.C. Montgomery


His fear . . . Her secrets . . . Their choice.

What if the only girl you’ve ever loved lied to you?
Lied to everyone?
Those two blue lines changed everything for Reed Young and Melissa Summers. In more ways than one.
And now, he must decide for himself . . .
Man up or walk away?

SC Montgomery has created an emotional tale of first love, difficult choices, and impossible secrets. A deliciously angsty debut you need to read for yourself.

***Reader Warning*** Two Blue Lines is the emotional, honest story of two teenagers whose lives are about to change forever. While not glorified, or portrayed in detail, there are themes of sexual assault and teen pregnancy, as well as allusions to teenage drinking and some foul language. It is all meant to create an honest, relevant novel, but please be aware and read only if you’re comfortable.

***Note, while this novel is a standalone that deals with mature subject matter, it may be helpful to read Lines in the Sand first to understand what makes Reed Young tick and hear about the summer that changed his life forever. Well, before this one.

4-Stars Review

Quite an emotional roller caster, I can't say I liked it much neither can I say that I disliked it exactly. I am confused, it is complicated, very complicated. I guess you will have to read yourself to decide whether it was good or not. :)

The book starts off well enough. We see two teenagers madly in love but then Mel finds out she is pregnant and after that things are all messed up. Both, Mel and Reed, are still minors. Their parents are angry with them. They have no way of supporting themselves and a baby, they have school to finish. All in all life is very stressful for them. To top it all off Mel has serious psychological issues. Being an adopted child herself she had always felt unwanted and unloved. She cannot think of giving up her child and she is not willing to let Reed to have an opinion of his own. It all about her and what she wants. Oh and not to forget that she is also keeping a secret from him. A secret that is crucial, and if he knew he might have done things differently. Both are scared and confused.

But as the story proceeds we see that their parents get used to the idea. Even seems willing to help them get through this tough situation. They too are dealing with their fear and uncertainty which they feel. Both still love each other so things will have to work out in the end. ;) One thing I couldn't get out of my head is Mel and her brother Chris' relation. The author pointed out that they have some unresolved emotional issues. Chris is not adopted and a perfect child and Mel feels that her parents love him most. Chris himself seems to have a strange behaviour towards Mel, which frankly I did not understand. It would've been nice if it was more elaborated on so we could get a more clear picture as to what's going on with two siblings. But that was insignificant, I guess. Since the story is basically focused on the issues of teen pregnancy. I think the author has done an excellent job at portraying all the difficulties and emotional dilemmas which teen parents can feel.

Book is well written and characters are welld eveloped (except Mel's brother). I like how realistic their parent's reactions were. I also loved Reed's character. He is awesome. Does guys like that really exist? lol. Anyhow, the book was good and i'd recommend it to readers who don't mind reading emtional stuf with lot of angst involved. It was a 4-star read.

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Review: Melody Jackson and the House on Lafayette Street by B.M.B. Johnson

Melody Jackson and the House on Lafayette Street


Goodreads Link:
The house next door had always been a little creepy. But when her father began to tell stories of his own childhood, Melody Jackson knew this wasn't going to be an average summer vacation.

This is the story about a smart girl who hates new-fangled technologies, and is more interested in machinery and objects of the past. Melody also believes little in the ways of spiritual, metaphysical, or the unprovable. She's home schooled, a little nerdy but a stern realist. 

It isn't long, however, before Melody stumbles into some very old truths of the world and the universe. 

Dark, horrible things.

It was the house next door, which was really the start of it. The house had always been a little creepy, but when her father began to open up with stories of his own childhood, Melody Jackson knew this wasn't going to be an average summer vacation.

Join Melody, her parents, and her friend Flutter (who becomes fixated with the creepy neighbour next door) as they travel through a whirlwind of adventure, suspense and terror. Starting at the local, haunted amusement park and ending with a terrifying night drive to nearly bottomless lake in the dark, Melody's view of the world would never quite be the same again.
From the Author
B.M.B. Johnson lives in Portland with his own family. Although the events of this novel are fictional, the characters and some of the situations are very similar.

5-Stars Review

I loved it! It is a well written story about a girl Melody, her family and friends. Its full of adventure, thrill and amusements. I especially liked Melody's character. I find her way of narration very interesting, the way she sees people and the world amused me quite a bit. She seems to have an opinion about everyone and everything. I found her funny and entertaining. The way she acted towards Flutter was also fun to read about. Regardless of what she said I still think they were friends. ;)

Then her father's stories led to an adventure which was unexpectedly amazing. I also liked the way things ended. I think this crazy book is definitely worth a read. At first I thought maybe its for kids/YA but now I believe that this book is for people of all ages. If you are looking for "crazy" fun read then this book is for you.

7 Days Until... The Final Note

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Blog Tour + Excerpt: Dead New World by Ryan Hill

Title: Dead New World
Author: Ryan Hill
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian, Horror
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Release Date: October 13, 2014

About Book

Zombies aren’t mindless anymore.
Before the world fell into chaos, the undead existed only in the imagination. Now, more of them walk the earth than living. Zombies move about freely, while humans entomb themselves inside concrete barricades to stay alive.
All that, while the leader of a powerful cult - known only as Reverend - becomes the next threat to the rebuilding United States. Believing zombies to be God’s latest creation, making humanity obsolete, he wants to give every man, woman, and child the chance to become one. With his combined army of humans and zombies, he may well get his wish.
Best friends Holt and Ambrose went up against the Reverend once. Holt lost a foot and a zombie bit Ambrose…though he survived the virus, only to become a human-zombie hybrid, reviled by the living and unwelcome among the dead. When the Reverend kidnaps the woman Holt loves, the race is on to save her from a fate worse than death.


About Author

Growing up, Ryan Hill used to spend his time reading and writing instead of doing homework. This resulted in an obsession with becoming a writer, but also a gross incompetence in the fields of science and mathematics. A graduate of North Carolina State University, Ryan has been a film critic for over five years. He lives in Raleigh, NC, with his dog/shadow Maggie. Ryan also feels strange about referring to himself in the third person.

Links: Website ♥ Facebook ♥ Twitter ♥ Goodreads Instagram

Cover Reveal + 10 Days Count Down: The Final Note by Helen J. Barnes

Displaying 700px x 1000px.jpg 
Dayton Scott loves three things in life. Mixing music. Producing music. The club scene. He embraces the DJ lifestyle, well, except for the meaningless sex and fast women.

Alannah Matthews hasn’t got time for men. She is on the verge of qualifying as a legal secretary and, frankly, she has had enough of men talking to her chest.

Their paths cross at a house party and they whip each other into a spin. They fall deep, hard and fast. But not everyone is happy. Enter, Regina Escarra. She runs Manchester’s hottest nightclub for her father, Dayton’s boss. She has wanted Dayton for a long time and has the contacts to make or break his career.

A once in a lifetime opportunity arises for Dayton and he wants Alannah by his side. But can she leave all she loves? Will Regina finally get her wish? Can Dayton make his mark on the music industry? It all comes down to - The Final Note.

 Displaying 10 days to go.jpg

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Blog Tour + Review: Less Than Nothing by Russell Blake

R.E. Blake is the pseudonym of the USA Today bestselling author of over 30 novels, featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Times, and the Chicago Tribune.

Sage’s life as a teenage runaway in San Francisco is simple: Snatch a few hours of sleep on park benches and bus stops; dodge perverts, predators, and cops; and make enough as a street musician to eat. But her world flips upside down when she meets Derek – hot, tattooed, and charming, a singer from Seattle whose looks and talent take her breath away. 

What begins as a reluctant partnership quickly develops into a cross-country race against time - and awakens a hunger in Sage that’s unfamiliar and exciting. 
As they travel from coast to coast, Sage and Derek pursue their dream, only to discover that they can never run far enough to escape the demons from their pasts. 
Less Than Nothing is the breakout debut NA novel from USA Today bestseller R.E. Blake that critics are buzzing about and readers can’t put down.

I've always loved coming-of-age novels as well as road books. Some of my favourites have been novels that combine both elements - a main character who's on the road, in difficult circumstances, and through the journey discovers important lessons about herself and the world around her. 

Less Than Nothing is a romance, but it's also an adventure, the story of two people growing into their own skins as their relationship develops. Love stories involving big changes, seismic shifts for the characters, sacrifices and compromises and difficult choices, are the ones I find the most satisfying as a reader. Less Than Nothing is that kind of book. I hope you enjoy it.

5-Stars Review

It is a touching story of two teenagers living on the streets and getting by. I loved the theme of this book, the characters, the story and the way its written. Everything is perfect. I loved it and I hope everyone else would too. It is a great read. I story that will have a long lasting effect.

Sage has been living on streets for a while and she learns to protect herself and keep an eye for trouble. On a lookout 24/7, this is her life now and there is no hope for anything better. She sings and play guitar to earn enough for food but not much. Then one day Derek shows up on her street. He too earns by performing and definitely a competition for her. She is worried that one area is not big enough for two of them. But Derek turns out to be a considerate fellow and soon they become partners....

Derek has a dream and now he wants Sage to come with him. Both find themselves hitchhiking across country to get what they want. Things are not easy for them but in the end they manage to be successful. I liked the way author portrays their struggle. It surely isn't easy to be homeless and penniless. But both teenagers survive the streets, looking out for each other and finally making their dreams come true. It is truly an inspirational story, a must read in my opinion.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Review: Lines in the Sand (Crossing the Line Prequel) by S.C. Montgomery

Lines in the Sand (Crossing the Line Prequel)
Two best friends. One emotional adventure.

When Reed Young and Jonah King unearth some mysterious remains at their favorite beach hangout, their summer is thrust into an exciting tailspin.
Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, they embark on a heartrending journey to find out the truth . . . and make it right.

But neither of them expected the secrets they would find.

***Reader note***While Lines in the Sand is a standalone novella, appropriate for younger readers, it is intended as a prequel to Two Blue Lines, which continues Reed Young’s story as he’s forced into a situation nobody wants to find themselves in at sixteen. Read and enjoy at your own discretion.

5-Stars Review

It is a novella written for younger audience. Reed and Jonah are friends and this story gives an insight about their family lives and their friendship. The story starts when they found a bone buried in sand. They started investigation about it, asking questions. This led them to an old vet who revealed an incredible tale about the remains they have found. From all this Reed leans a lot about his own family and it makes him appreciate people in his life even more.

It is prequel to Two blue lines but can be read as standalone short story. It is well-written and quite entertaining story.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Release Blitz: When the Perfect Comes by Susan Ward

WhenthePerfectComesRBBanner WhenPerfectComesCover5399e-goodreads-badge-add-plus_zpsa971cb04   Synopsis   Lady Meredith Ann Merrick does not want to be tamed by a man. Varian Morgan is a man no woman can resist. Thrown together on a ship, will Varian’s charms conquer Meredith’s love of freedom? Meredith is born at time when women have but two choices: marry or face social ruin. Determined to master her own fate when her father concocts a devious plan to force her into marriage; she takes matters into her own hands. She embarks on a foolhardy adventure to free herself from an impending marriage contract, only to find herself trapped by the mysterious and beguiling Varian Morgan. Varian Morgan is a man of myth and legend. Known as much for his exploits with women, as for his for his piracy on the high seas; a vexing young girl, taken hostage in Cornwall, is no challenge for his prowess. When it becomes clear that she is hiding something from him, it only makes him more determined to ignore his desires and withhold from her the pleasures of his bed. Trapped on a ship of men, the last thing Meredith anticipated was days at the mercy of a vile pirate crew and nights yearning for its captain. When fierce arguments give way to fiery passion, is desire enough to make a girl determined to remain free of men, be willing captive in the bed of a sinister pirate, who is a master of seduction? Teaser   WhenPefectComesTease

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About Author   I've written 26 books in 25 years. I write contemporary romance novels about messed up rich girls with perfect looking lives & naughty little souls and the hot mercurial men they take captive...and on occasion messed up rich girls from exciting periods in US and British history, and the poor Lords and Pirates they hold under their spell.


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