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Cover Reveal: Melted & Shattered by Emily Eck

Cover Reveal  

Melted & Shattered by Emily Eck

Melted & Shattered (L & J #2)
By: Emily Eck
Publication Date: April 21, 2014
Genre: Romance/Trilogy
Cover Designer: Melody Simmons


Elle was never broken.
She wasn't shattered.
And she sure as hell never needed to be saved.
That is,
until she found out what the aftermath of love was capable of causing.

Doing her best to stay afloat amidst the sh!t storm that has become her life, Elle is hanging on by a thread. Between worrying about Fernie’s precarious future, an incident with a Shemar Moore look-alike gone terribly wrong, and an inability to let go of her feelings for J, Elle just can’t seem to get her head straight.

Deciding a change of atmosphere is what she needs, Elle heads to Mexico to study abroad for a semester.

She has no idea that she is walking into an even worse storm.

One that involves a pissed off MC President, a ruthless drug cartel, and a man willing to die to have her light.

***This is the 2nd book in the series L&J – cannot be read as a stand-alone***

Purchase Links

Steel & Ice (L&J #1)

J Speaks (L&J #1.5)


“I came here, baby, to tell you I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.”  He inhaled sharply, but said in an even voice. “And I can’t lose you before the greatest fight I will ever wage.”

Redemption. Could I absolve him? I lay in a hospital bed for two weeks. All of it at his hands. I’d been marred, though the scar on my skin was not the worst damage. It was a reminder of the scar I’d carried inside. Could he erase that scar? Could he heal a wound one could not see?

There was silence, deafening silence. I tried to keep it together. I used every ounce of energy I had to keep the fire at a low flame, but it blazed through me. He would’ve shot my kid, and I couldn’t let that happen. These kids, they’d become my lifeline. My light.

“Without those kids, I’m just as dark as you.” I said emotionlessly, empty. These last few weeks of pretending during the day, only to come home and sob until sleep graced me was maddening. “I’ve got nothing left to give you, J. Nothing.”

 I hung my head, losing the fight with the tears that had been threatening to erupt since J arrived. “I can’t be your light, when I have none.”

We lay on the floor, two damaged bodies searching for the light. J pulled my head into his hands, bringing us face to face. I could feel his breath against my lips. “You were a comet that bust into my life out of no where” he whispered. “I begged for you. On my knees in the dirt, I groveled to the sky to bring me light. And there you were, at Eight Oh Eight, staring up at me, even though I knew you couldn’t see through the window. I saw you, though. Elle, I saw you long before you saw me.”

“How could I love a killer?”

“How much pain was worth loving this man?

“Please, baby. Please. I need you. I love you. I can’t go into this without knowing you’ll be here when I return.”
“I’m not sure what to say. I want to tell you I’ll wait. That I’ll be here, waiting like a good girl for you. I want to because I love you. Fuck, I love you.” I turned, finally ready to look him in the eye. “I don’t know where I’ll be. I can’t tell you that. But I can tell you that I love the fuck out of you, and no matter how much I try to stop,” I paused. Fuck this mother fucker. Fuck! God, why was he doing this to me? Angry tears, sad tears, hopeless tears, tears filled with longing fell from my eyes. J caught then with his thumb, but there were too many. They ran over his fingers like a waterfall.

“Fuck, J. I don’t want you to die.”
He pulled me to him, and I inhaled his scent. I’d never be able to smell Acqua di mother fucking Gio again and not think of him. Today it was mixed with the smell of exhaust, like he’d been riding around all night. For what felt like the gazillionth time, I crumbled into his arms. How did two times come to be a number exponentially higher?

“I don’t want to die, baby. I want to fall asleep next to you. I want to wake up next to you. I’m fighting this war for you. To be with you.”


Author Bio

Emily is a Midwestern Gal, but could be anywhere as you read this. She gypsy's the country, as well as south of the border. Adventure feeds her soul, and offers great writing material.

She loves kids and working with kids, but can only handle caring for four-legged furry friends. A crazy dog and laid back cat have trained her to be their partner in life.

Vices include Swedish Fish, ignoring chores in favor of reading, and caring too much for people in her life. She chose to write this bio in third person as she is an Aries, and found writing in first person ended up with her writing an excessively long life story.

Aries like to talk about themselves. It is something Emily is working on being more mindful of.

Connect with Emily

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Hunters' Quest (book 2 in the Hunters of Reloria series) By Kasper Beaumont

Peaceful Reloria is under siege by scaly Vergai invaders by portal who have captured the Elven Jewel which creates their protective forcefield. These Vergai live across the western sea, and have fled with the elven princess.
Halfling friends, Randir and Fendi and their bond-fairies are members of a group of brave hunters on a quest to recover the stolen Elven Jewel. They must search for a mage who can make a portal to rescue the princess. They thought they knew what the quest would entail, but with an unexpected member and new enemies, not everything goes the way they had planned. 
Their journey takes them to strange new places including the centaur lands, the gnomish inventors, the Great Elven Heart and the home of the dragons.
This unlikely group of men, a dragon, dwarves, halflings, fairies and an elf are known as the Hunters of Reloria.

This is the second book in Hunters of Reloria series and just as good as the book one. The story starts from where it was left last time. Although Vargai lost the war but they were able to capture the Elven princess, who posses Elevn Jewel. Without it defenses of Reloria are weak and to protect their land hunter's start a quest. They also need to warn the others about coming  danger. Along the way we are introduced to new characters which will help the hunters on their quest. The story left me spellbound. I think i have developed a new taste for fantasy-adventure.
It is a captivating tale of a world where magical beings lives together. There are heroes and villains. Characters which are so good that you will fall in love with them, I have. I can't wait to read the next book. I am sure that it will be full of adventure and action packed, just like first two books. I have given this book 5-stars because of engaging story line and well developed characters. Also because I had a lot of fun reading it. It made me laugh and anticipate the every next thing to come. An amazing experience which I'll love to have again and again. I hope that the writer keeps writing such beautiful stories. :)
P.S. I especially loved the prolong, which gives a brief introduction (with graphics) of all the hunters, whom we met in book one.
Kasper's Bio
Kasper J. Beaumont was born and raised in Australia and lives a quiet life with the family in a seaside town. Kasper has combined a love of fantasy and a penchant for travel in this trilogy. Kasper started to write on the urging of friends and family and enjoys watching readers become immersed in the magical world of Reloria.

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Tour Stop & Giveaway: Twelve Steps by Veronica Bartles

Twelve Steps by Veronica Bartles
Release Date: 03/25/14

Book Summary:

Sixteen-year-old Andi is tired of being a second-class sibling to perfect sister Laina. There in Laina's shadow, Andi's only noticeable feature is her pretty awesome hair. And even that is eclipsed by Laina's perfect everything else.
 When Andi’s crush asks her to fix him up with Laina, Andi decides enough is enough and devises a twelve-step program to wrangle the spotlight away from Laina. After all, great hair must count for something.
 Step 1: Admit she’s powerless to change her perfect sister, and accept that her life really, really sucks. OK, maybe that's two steps in one.
 Step 4: Make a list of her good qualities besides great hair. There have got to be at least three good qualities, right?
 Step 7: Demand attention for more than just her shortcomings, and break out of her shell. Easier said that done, but worth the effort in the long-run. 
 When a stolen kiss from her crush ends in disaster, Andi finds that her prince isn’t as charming as she'd hoped, and realizes she may need a new program--perhaps with less steps!
 As cracks in Laina’s flawless fa├žade begin to show, the sisters work together to find a spotlight big enough for both to shine.

My 5-Star Review of the Book
I absolutely loved it! First of all I want to say that I can totally relate to Andi-Alaina relationship and feelings for each other. And let me tell you that it was right on!!.... being perfect is no easy feat, and I think the author has captured all the tension plus drama between two sisters superbly, without giving any negativity which could have spoiled the whole story.

"We could sit around and chat about how our flawless family members are systematically destroying our lives."

Laina is perfect and her perfection has haunted Andi for ages. Everyone keeps comparing her to her perfect elder sister and she is sick and tired of it. The boy she has been crushing on for years is also interested in Laina and not her. In fact every single boy in school is interested in Laina, not that she pays attention to them. Still they keep following her around and ignoring Andi.
Andi thinks that she is powerless because of Laina's perfection and she should just take charge of her life. So when Jarod asks her to help him win her sister, she starts work on her own agenda instead. A twelve-step programme which will make all her problems disappear. Most importantly it'll make Jarod realise that she was the sister for him not Laina. When Shane entered the picture, it gave her a perfect opportunity to make her dream come true. But things rarely go the way one plans....
She has always acted as if it didn't matter, as if she didn't notice people comparing her to Laina and finding her less than perfect. And she is good at acting too, no one sees her like she really is except Dave. He is the only person who sees through her lies....

"Didn't anyone ever tell you that you're supposed to keep things vague when you're lying through your teeth."

So she is not as clueless as her sister. She knows when someone is interested in her but she cannot be anything more than friends with Dave. She has always been in love with Jarod and that will never change or so she thinks.....

Its a beautifully written story, which is perfect for young readers. I'm no teenager but I loved it too. All the characters are well crafted and I especially loved Dave's character. Didn't like Jarod though. He was no hero-material if you asked me. He was stringing Andi along while pining for Laina. But the book demanded that character so it was perfect in its own way. Everyone was as they should be and this made it a 5-star read.

About the Author
As the second of eight children and the mother of four, Veronica Bartles is no stranger to the ups and downs of sibling relationships. (She was sandwiched between the gorgeous-and-insanely-popular older sister and the too-adorable-for-words younger sister.) She uses this insight to write stories about siblings who mostly love each other, even while they’re driving one another crazy.   When she isn’t writing or getting lost in the pages of her newest favorite book, Veronica enjoys knitting fabulous bags and jewelry out of recycled plastic bags and old VHS tapes, sky diving (though she hasn’t actually tried that yet), and inventing the world’s most delectable cookie recipes.  TWELVE STEPS is Veronica Bartles's first novel.
Author Links:

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Cover Reveal: My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris


Cat Crawford just wants to be normal—or at least as normal as a daughter of Hollywood royalty
can be. And it looks like fate is granting her wish: she’s got an amazing boyfriend, Lucas; her 
fabulous cousin, Alessandra, living with her; and her dad planning his second marriage to a great
future stepmom. That is, until her prodigal mother reveals on national television that she has 
something important to tell her daughter… causing a media frenzy.

Lucas Capelli knows his fate is to be with Cat, and he’s worked hard to win her over once and for 
all. Unfortunately, Lucas has his own issues to deal with, including a scandal that could take him 
away from the first place he’s truly belonged.

As secrets are revealed, rumors explode, and the world watches, Cat and Lucas discover it’s 
not fate they have to fight if they want to stay together…this time, it’s their own insecurities.
Well, and the stalkerazzi.

PUB DATE: April 21st, 2014

Amazon / B&N / Goodreads 

Author Bio: 

Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls-next-door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Emotion, vibrant settings, and strong families are a staple in each of her books...and kissing. Lots of kissing. A Cajun cowgirl now living in Houston, she firmly believes life's problems can be solved with a hot, sugar-coated beignet or a thick slice of king cake, and that screaming at strangers for cheap, plastic beads is acceptable behavior in certain situations. She homeschools her two beautiful girls and watches way too much Food Network with her amazing husband.An admitted Diet Mountain Dew addict, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and losing herself in story. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romances, and LOVES talking with readers!

The Warrior Queen (The Guinevere Trilogy) by Lavinia Collins

A sumptuous romance based around the life of Guinevere and Arthur's Court. 
Never before has the magical world of Queen Guinevere, King Arthur and Lancelot and the knights of the Round Table been so deeply explored than in this warming saga of passion, duty and infidelity. Drawing on a rich seam of historical sources Lavinia Collins has created a fictional masterpiece, and epic romance that will stand the test of time. 
The Warrior Queen is the first full novel length instalment of the Guinevere Trilogy. A Champion's Duty and The Day of Destiny will be released by Spring, 2014.

An interesting and enthralling re-telling of Arthur's legend. The story is written from Queen Guinevere's point of view and brings old characters to a new life. It is a beautifully written novel which any fan of King Arthur and his court will love. The story is told in a light and fun way which keeps the readers interested from start till end.
After the Boy-King Arthur defeats Guinevere's people, in a war which resulted in the deaths of her mother, brothers and fiance, he demanded to marry her. So she lefts her father and kingdom behind and goes to a strange land to marry a boy she hates. Things doesn't turn out as she had expected and she finds that she may not hate Arthur as much as she thought. As she tries to learn the customs of this new kingdom and be a Queen she also learns to like Arthur.
The story gives a unique perspective to an old tale. I found it extremely enjoyable read. Its a 5-star read. I hope the next two books will be as good as this one.

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Elven Jewel (book 1 in the Hunters of Reloria series) By Kasper Beaumont

This fantasy adventure begins when the magical continent of Reloria is threatened by cruel, scaly invaders called Vergai from the wastelands of Vergash. These invaders are barbaric and are intent on destroying the protective elven forcefield and conquering peaceful Reloria. The Vergais’ plan is to steal the Elven Jewel which is the key to the Relorian defence system.

Halfling friends Randir and Fendi and their bond-fairies are the first to discover the invaders and they embark on a quest to save the Elven Jewel. They leave their peaceful farm village with their fairies and race against time to stop the invaders. They join forces with dwarves, elves, men and a mysterious dragon, and call themselves the Hunters of Reloria.

The quest is perilous, with numerous encounters with the ruthless Vergai, who are determined to fulfil their mission. The Elven Jewel is stolen and the quest becomes a race to the portal to retrieve the jewel before it can be taken to Vergash. A battle for Reloria ensues where the consequences for the Relorians is death, unless Vergai are stopped.

I must say that it has been a long time since I read a fantasy as good as Lords of The Rings. I simply loved this book and cannot wait to start reading the next one. Elves, halflings, fairies, lizard-like-scaly creatures, a plan for invasion, a quest to save a land, and what not! This books has it all. It is a fantasy worth reading and I applaud the author for writing such an original, refreshing tale, which will lead the readers to a mystical land they will never want to leave.
Two Halflings and their fairies are the first one to see the scaly invaders, and now it is their task to reach Elves and warn them of the impending danger. Their land is rich in food and the fear of invasion is the reason why elves used their magic to build a shield around it. Now these invaders have found a way to penetrate through it and their mission is to break the shield and lead their army in. They want to capture this rich in resources land. But will they succeed in their evil plans or not is yet to be seen.....
This book is so well written that once started reading you will not be able to put it down. Fantasy is one of my preferred genre and Elven Jewel did not disappoint me in any way. I will recommend this book to any fantasy lover. In fact even if you weren't a fantasy lover, read this, and you may change your opinion about fantasies.

Kasper's Bio
Kasper J. Beaumont was born and raised in Australia and lives a quiet life with the family in a seaside town. Kasper has combined a love of fantasy and a penchant for travel in this trilogy. Kasper started to write on the urging of friends and family and enjoys watching readers become immersed in the magical world of Reloria.

Cover Reveal: Secret Alpha by Laurel Ulen Curtis

Expected Release Date: 
April 29, 2014

I’m Dan Smith, and I’m currently living two lives. Maybe even three if you really look into it. Haley, Allison, Hunter, Wade, Sergio, and Isla all exist in one or more of them somehow.

Am I a supporting role in their stories, or are they merely characters in mine?
You decide.

Haley told her story. Now I’ll tell mine.

She said. He said.

This is my story.

Warning: Some explicit language and sexual content.

Note: This is the second book in a series and will be best-received if read after A is for Alpha Male.

Secret Alpha is the companion novel to A is for Alpha Male.
Pick up your copy today while it's only 99 Pennies!

Buy A is for Alpha Male

Secret Alpha Excerpt
Once again, Allison had no answer, but that didn’t get Haley down at all.
I could feel my feet start to walk in their direction, straight down the bar and stopping right in front of them, as though I was having an out of body experience.
“As far as loosening up, I meant alcohol.....Shot time!”
Perfect. Cue me.
She looked away from her mom right at that moment, honing in like a laser beam on my exact location.
And then, looked right through me.
“Two shots of fireball, please,” Haley requested sweetly, but I could tell she didn’t notice me at all.
If anything, that made her even cuter. She was completely there, in that moment, with her mom. Clearly, they had a strong, close, vibrant relationship, and a respect that I hardly ever saw between people anymore.
Living in such a technologically driven era, people rarely interacted with one another without an outside distraction like a cell phone going at the same time.
Don’t worry, I’m not anti-technology, but I am pro-personal connection. The kind of camaraderie that’s strong enough to hold a person’s entire interest. It’s probably a lifetime lacking in close connections that drives my philosophical approach to conversational engagement, but I couldn’t tell you for sure because I’m not a psychologist.
“You got it, sweetheart,” I said, and then began thoroughly kicking my own ass for adding on a term of endearment. I seriously didn’t know what the fuck was wrong with me. I didn’t know what is was about this girl that had me tied in knots, and I didn’t know why in the fuck I kept letting myself forget I was in the middle of a very serious, extremely dangerous investigation.
There was probably a price on my head at that exact moment, for fuck’s sake.
I pulled my lips back over my teeth immediately, putting away the dimples and effectively putting the kabash on my smile. But it didn’t even matter because she still hadn’t even really looked at me. In fact, another man, someone I wasn’t familiar with, had just approached her and started flirting.
He was a cocksucking dork, I could tell, but she flirted back. The really disgusting part is that I felt an immediate flare of fire in my belly, the edges of my flaming jealousy licking the lining of my stomach and burning me alive.
Placing the shots on the bar in front of them, I redirected my mind and energy and moved to the other end of the bar, keen to do any other work I could come up with.
But as I left, I allowed myself one last look, startling noticeably when Allison’s keen blue eyes found mine and a knowing smile crept sweetly onto her face.
Fuck. Me.


About The Author
Laurel Ulen Curtis is a 27 year old mother of one. She lives with her husband and son (and cat and two fish!) in New Jersey, but grew up all over the United States. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, and puts that to almost no use other than forecasting for her friends and writing a storm chasing heroine! She has a passion for her family, laughing, and reading and writing Romance novels. She’s also addicted to Coke. The drink, not the drug.
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Little Women and Me by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Emily March is sick and tired of being a middle sister. So when she gets an assignment to describe one thing she'd change about a classic novel,Little Women is an easy choice. After all, if Emily can't fix things in her own family, she might as well bring a little justice to the other March sisters. Perhaps she can--spoiler alert!--keep Beth from dying? Or maybe she can prevent the boy next door from winding up with Amy instead of Jo?

But when Emily gets mysteriously transported into the 1860s world of the March sisters, she discovers that righting fictional wrongs won't be as easy as she thought... especially when she develops a crush on the very boy she planned to save for Jo. After being immersed in a time and place so different from her own, Emily--and not the March sisters--may be the one who undergoes the most surprising change of all.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted's winning confection is a journey of self-discovery that will appeal to fans of Little Women as well as anyone who enjoys time travel or a modern twist on an old favourite.

“There’s no such thing as a perfect book,”
As a reader I have often come across books which, even if I liked them, I want to change in one way or another. So this quote completely got my attention, and within seconds of starting to read, I was fully engrossed in it. I wanted to see what will happen next? What one thing will Emily change about her favourite book? and I must say that she didn't disappoint me in any way.
Emily is middle child and she has often felt that she comes "last" in everything. She doesn't appreciate the fact that boy she had huge crush on is crushing on her sisters and never paying attention to her at all. When she chooses "Little Women" as the book to write her assignment on, things go crazy. she is literally sucked into the books and now all the characters not only talk to her but she is in fact living with them.
(This was the best part, I have always wondered what it would be like to live in a book. I loved this idea).
She ended up as fifth (and middle) March sister.

"Emily, my middle March , 
know that even when you feel 
there is no clear place for you, 
there is always in my heart."

When she realises that she was there to stay she decided to change one thing about the book. That will be saving Beth's life. She hopes that after that she will be able to go back to her world again. Hence, her struggle to fit into with her new world begins....
At fist it is not easy to like Emily. She seems like a brat but that is not a big issue as it only gives uniqueness to a lead character. I also think that in many ways she was hilarious. The way she thinks, acts, it was quite entertaining as well. Story is funny and interesting. As far as stories based on classics goes, I think it is pretty unconventional. As the author actually changes somethings from the original version. The completely unexpected ending was also a nice twist in the story, which made it all the more enjoyable. I can see how the fans of original work will dislike this book. We (readers) tend to be emotional when it comes to our favourite characters. But as I have never read Little Women, I can give objective opinion on this book. I enjoyed reading it a lot and will recommend to those readers who believe that they can take a little "messing around" with the original characters and how they are portrayed.

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Tour Stop: Forget Me Not by Stacey Nash

Title: Forget Me Not
Series: Collective #1
Author: Stacey Nash
Genre/Age Range: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Publisher: Entranced Publishing
Release Date: February 17, 2014


Since her mother vanished nine years ago, Anamae and her father have shared a quiet life. But when Anamae discovers a brooch identical to her mother's favorite pendant, she unknowingly invites a slew of trouble into their world. When the brooch and the pendant are worn together they're no longer pretty pieces of jewelry -- they're part of a highly developed technology capable of cloaking the human form. Triggering the jewelry's power attracts the attention of a secret society determined to confiscate the device -- and silence everyone who is aware of its existence. Anamae knows too much, and now she's Enemy Number One.

She's forced to leave her father behind when she's taken in by a group determined to keep her safe. Here Anamae searches for answers about this hidden world. With her father kidnapped and her own life on the line, Anamae must decide if saving her dad is worth risking her new friends’ lives. No matter what she does, somebody is going to get hurt. 

Fiction is Fact. Know the Truth.

5-Star Review
A book full of suspense and adventure. I had so much fun reading this book that now I can't wait for the next one :)
Anamae still misses her mother after all these years. Since the day her mother disappeared, her father and she has never been the same. But they have each other at least, so that's something. Until one day even that is lost. She must go live at a safe house to escape the Collective. The Collective want their tech back and also get rid of Mae now that she knows their secret. 
She is not alone in her fight though, for one her best friend Will is with her and he'll go wherever she goes. he loves her, they've been best friends for a long time and that can never change. So they are together in this. Anyway he is already too involved since Mae told him about the tech as well. For another she has crazy Al and other resistance fighters to help her cause. Especially Jax, who tried hard to be indifferent but he is not!
Jax has been with the resistance for some years now. He is one of their best fighters and he happens to know a lot about The Collective. With his help Mae can fight them and clear her name so that she may go back to her life.
On their adventure Mae. Jax, Will and Lilly uncover a lot of things. They learn more about The Collective and possibly a way to fight them. Its not easy though and they still have to go along way before things can get any better....
There is also an attraction between Mae and Jax, which Will seems to hate. Although things are not too clear but at times it feels as if Will has feelings for Mae too but at other (i.e. most of the time) he just seems like an over protective friend to me (wishful thinking, maybe). I hope the later is the case as I am not a fan of love triangles. ;)
All the side characters in this book are awesome too. I especially liked Al and Lilly. The story is well written and intriguing. Mostly I loved the adventure and the thrill of it all. There are a lot of things we get an answer to in this book 1 but still a lot remained unanswered. One good thing tough is that there isn't any cliffhanger.
P.S. I can see I've used "a lot" a lot but what can I say I just liked it a lot ;) I'll recommend it to anyone interested in reading a fun, adventurous and full of suspense book. 

About the Author:
Stacey Nash writes adventure filled stories for Young Adults in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. When her head isn’t stuck in a fictional world, she calls the Hunter Valley of New South Wales home. It is an area nestled between mountains and vineyards, full of history and culture that all comes together to create an abundance of writing inspiration. Stacey loves nothing more than spending her days being a stay at home mum with the flexibility of writing when inspiration strikes.

Author Links: